10-Year Anniversary Celebration | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition – League of Legends

Hey everyone, Joe here again
on behalf of the league dev team. Today we have a very special Riot Pls for you. Of course we’re going to tell you all about our
plans for the upcoming pre-season. We’ll also give you an update on TFT, and much more. In fact we’ve got a lot of great updates to share today. So be sure to stay tuned through the
end of the show. But before we cover any of that, I want to
talk about something important. This month marks a very special occasion. In just over a week, It’ll have been 10 years to the day since league’s official release date. For us, League has always been a game that we build together with all of you. Truth is, you’ve always been the ones who’ve made League more than just a game. You’ve made incredible art. You’ve created memes. You’ve showed us in a million different
ways that you care about League. That games matter enough to become
a meaningful part of your lives. You’ve helped us make League more than a game. For us, celebrating league’s 10 year anniversary is a chance to say thank you. To all of you who’ve helped us build league brick by brick, and to show our appreciation here’s what we’ve got planned. First up 10 days of gifting. For 10 days, starting October 17th, we’ll be celebrating you, the League community, with a small gift everyday you log in. And no it’s not just summoner icons, although of course
we’ve got to give you one of those. All you’ll need to qualify is a league account that was created before this broadcast began. We want the rest of this month to feel like a
real celebration. So expect to see SR looking a little brighter than normal. Your shop is coming back. And because it’s a special occasion for the first time ever there will be a chance that your shop contains legendary tier skins. In the past we’ve spoken about our reasons for moving away from classic URF to the all random URF mode. But this is a time
to celebrate and pull out all the stops. So for the first time in over four years we’re bringing back URF with full champion select. It’ll be available from October 28th
through November 8th. So you can keep the celebration going. Over the last decade you haven’t just helped make league a great game you’ve helped make the world a better place. All the way back in 2010, you bought the URF
Warwick skin and together we raised money to save actual manatees. In 2011, after a devastating earthquake in Japan, you and Nurse Akali raised more than one hundred sixty thousand dollars for the Red Cross. and provided relief to hundreds of thousands of people in need. The following year you banded together and through the Jaximus skin contributed to the
Make-A-Wish Foundation in honor of a league player named Joe. In 2017, we committed over two million dollars from the proceeds from Championship Ashe to three great charities that you voted for. And last year with the help of Brian, a cancer survivor who helped us design the Dark Star Cho’Gath skin, you all raised over six million dollars for 20 charities around the world. That’s the power of the League community. When we come together we can accomplish
truly remarkable things all over the world. In all of the communities we’re a part of. And we know there’s a huge appetite out
there to do even more. So today we’re announcing a new initiative called
The Riot Games Social Impact Fund. This unique non-profit will be the engine
for our collective efforts around global social impact. Since establishing the fund earlier this year we’ve already donated over four million dollars
to charities around the world. As a global game, we know it’s important
for you to choose which charities the money raised in your region goes to and that’s what this fund will make possible. Later this year, we’ll be releasing Dawnbringer Karma the first skin where all proceeds will
go to the Social Impact Fund. On behalf of everyone at Riot. Thank you
for everything you’ve done. The good we can do together is just getting started. OK. let’s hear about what we’ve got planned for preseason. Hey everyone. Jess here. Before we get into preseason I want to share a small announcement that will make
players in one particular part of the world happy. We know that there are
many League players in the Middle East and North Africa who love League and
have been playing on European and North American servers and that we can do
a better job of supporting them. We are proud to announce that we will
be supporting these players by gradually offering all Riot Games products and
services in Arabic. OK, on to preseason changes. Over the years Summoner’s Rift
has changed a lot. Sometimes in small adjustments to things you’re
already familiar with and sometimes in complete overhauls or totally new additions. We’ve always thought of Summoner’s Rift as a living breathing place with enough
depth to be fun and interesting whether it’s your first time playing
or if you’re a seasoned veteran. And to that end preseason 2020,
Rise of the Elements, will introduce new emergent gameplay opportunities on the map meant
to open fresh strategies to master outplay and win. The biggest change
here is the new elemental rift system. As teams take down elemental drakes,
one element will eventually dominate the rift permanently altering the map. Each elemental rift impacts teamfights, rotations, vision, and objective control, in a unique way. Meaning no one game will play out the same
as the last. Even if everyone’s on the same champ. Infernal knocks down walls and burns down brush. Mountain adds new terrain to play around. Ocean makes brush grow
larger and spawn extra Honeyfruit. And cloud turns pathways into wind
tunnels that increase movement speed. Elemental buffs are also getting an
overhaul with the final stack of each element offering powerful effects that aren’t just stats. Plus Cloud Drakes should be more satisfying now that
we’ve switched it to grant CDR on your ult. And don’t worry we’re not letting Elder Dragon
be one-upped by its younger siblings. When the game gets to Elder,
We know the game’s progressed pretty far. And to that end we want to
change the invisible parts of Elder buff into power that more clearly tells you to
fight and push through to the end. Elder buff is keeping its burn effect,
but instead of the large passive stat stick Elder currently gives, it’ll now grant an execute against enemies below a
certain health threshold. Dragons aside, we’re also making a few
map changes to add more outplay opportunities. Top and bot are getting new alcoves to shake up vision control and ganks. And we’re adding some new brush by the blue buff river entrances. That’s just the start of what preseason has to offer. We’ll be publishing a dev blog shortly
after the stream with more info on these changes plus a ton of others
we didn’t have the time to get to here.

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