10 Year Old Throws Her Own Birthday Party

– Morning!
– Good morning! – [Mom] What’s up with
the special breakfast? – It’s my birthday, I’m 10! (upbeat music) Did you bring me a birthday card? (kids chattering excitedly)
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! Oh! Oh! (laughs) (through teeth) This is exciting! I love decorating. (upbeat music) – [Girls] Happy birthday, Hannah! – [Hannah] Thank you! (laughs) – Our baby turned 10 early this morning. Hard to believe that we’ve
been parents for 10 years now. (upbeat music) – [Mom] Toby, do you know
what you’re face looks like? Come look at yourself. (laughter) How was breakfast? – Good, it was delicious! Oh, did you bring me a birthday card? (children chattering)
She wrote a 10 on my card. – I made a mistake.
– Hannah! – Oh, is that a cupcake? – (laughs) uh-huh.
– Yes, she wrote cupcake. – There’s dots on–
– It says happy birthday. – Candy.
– That’s written in candy? – Yeah!
– That’s cool, Toby. Look, he drew a flamingo. – Touch it, touch it!
– And Toby. – [Mom] That’s a big gift. – [Dad] You bought that
with your own boat money, didn’t you? – Its a little llama! We can play with it. Thank you, Zeke! – Hannah has been looking forward to today for a long time. She’s been reminding us very often and for a while that her birthday’s coming, and she’s so excited about it. – Look what she, she
gave me her ultra-rare five surprise thing. Okay, part of this peacock
Hatchimal that I really like, and she also gave me
her peacock squish candy from the zoo. – [Mom] Wow, Halle. – Thank you! (bright music)
Oh, I knew I got this! – She’s been really fun to watch grow up, because since she was little, I think I remember her most at Karys and Chloe’s age, of just like life was awesome and
everything was exciting and she was so pumped to do everything. And she was like our little cheerleader. And I feel like Chloe is
getting to be like that as well. And it’s just her personality
is just a lot of fun. She loves life and
lives it to the fullest. – (gasps) Its a hair
dolls thing that I got. Awesome! A little shampoo bottle, and you have a little doll inside of here! – I think one of my favorite things to watch Hannah do on her
birthday is opening gifts. She is just so fun to watch. Her expressions, and she’s
just so grateful for things. – “The Mayflower Secret”. – Ooh!
– That sounds cool. – With pilgrims and stuff. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! – I can’t wait to see her just enjoy all the gifts
that she was given today, and just love ’em and
use ’em and get creative. She got a lot creative stuff and a lot of fun things that
she’s making videos with. You’ll have to go check out our kids’ One Family Team channel and go see what videos
that they make over there ’cause they’re in the process
of making one right now! – [Hannah] Look at these! – [Mom] This is so you can
make an unboxing video– – [Zeke] Oh, I got this guy. – [Mom] On your kid channel, okay? Hannah, where can everyone go
to see your unboxing video? – One Family Team, the channel. – The first thing that
happened this morning when we woke up is Hannah
came into our room, jumped on our bed in between
the middle of the both of us and just wanted to cuddle. She was so excited she was 10 years old, and that’s kind of when it hit me. I’m like, “She’s 10 years old!” She is halfway to age 20. We are over halfway done parenting her in her childhood years, and it’s like, “Halfway done already? “Where did all that time go?” – Ultimate surprises? (gasps) Oh, my word! – No, it’s like, in eight more years, she’ll be 18! That just kind of hit me, in terms of we don’t have as much time with her left in terms of maybe living in our house. We don’t know when
she’s going to move out, what she’s going to do
education-wise, or whatever. I don’t know how else to put it. – You’re making me sad.
– I am sad! (laughter)
– That’s why I was like, “Aw.” – I was all excited about their birthday, now I’m–
– I was excited, too, but now I’m just kind of,
the mid-way point kicking in. We are halfway, maybe approximately.
– She even, this morning, was like, “I’ve been alive for a whole decade now!” (laughs) And so excited about it. – (gasps) This is a water balloon one! – I was so excited for her, too. Now, you made me sad.
– I am excited for her. – (gasps) Oh, what?
– So, is that the pink flamingo?
– Yeah! – [Mom] And what’s your
birthday theme today? – Flamingos! (laughs)
– Is it squishy? – [Mom] That was perfect, and
we’re gonna have watermelon. – It smells really good!
– It really does! – [Chloe] This is a bright bag! – Go watch the Family YouTube Channel when we unbox all of these rainbow corns! They’re so fun, look!
(Mom chuckles) – I think this moment, right now, might be Hannah’s favorite
part of your birthday. – Okay, cupcakes!
– I don’t know, opening presents was pretty good, but you haven’t decorated cupcakes before, and Hannah baked these.
– By herself. – All by herself. She even read the instructions on the box. She did it all by herself. I didn’t help one bit. – And look, how good these look! – [Mom] They’re beautiful! (upbeat music) – (laughs) I did it! What?
– You’re going super small! Tim doesn’t like eating artificial colors, and I’m not a huge fan of
our family eating it, either. So, we can keep some of
’em without color on ’em, but we bought color spray.
– Because there’s only enough for everybody to have one cupcake. – Hannah and I had a
lot of fun picking out sprinkles for her to put on her cupcakes. And kind of thinking through, we know Tim doesn’t really
like eating colored stuff, so we knew we needed an icing
that he would be able to eat. – But then, we found the–
– Artificially colored stuff. – That’s true.
– Yeah. – These are the, I have
some pineapple sprinkles with cute little sprinkles in it. I have these sparkly sprinkles, which we had at home already. We have the spray stuff. And we have some flamingo sprinkles. Like that?
– Sure. That’s actually really pretty! I think you did a good job on that one. – I don’t like feeling
like I’m eating paint. – (laughs) Which was
what people ate tonight. It was like a spray can of paint that we (laughs) decorated
the cupcakes with! It was really cool! We haven’t ever used it before, and it was a lot of fun to get a little bit of coloring on it. First, I need to go order pizza, though. Why don’t you go ahead and have fun– – Decorating? (claps)
– Figuring out what you’re going to be
able to do with sprinkles. – Yes! (through clenched teeth) This is exciting! Oh, good, okay! (upbeat music) Slowly but surely. Mm, that looks good! – Sprinkles that she picked out, and she had the design in her head of how she wanted to
put ’em, and everything. It was just great! It was a lot of fun to see her just shine in that area, ’cause she doesn’t get
a lot of opportunities to decorate cupcakes
and decorate the house. Well, I guess decorating
the house, she’s done quite a bit, for parties, ’cause there’s a lot of us in here. But it’s just fun to
just kind of unleash her, and to just say, “Go for it! “Have fun, let’s do this!” – [Hannah] Okay, not the
best decorating job ever. – I felt bad at some parts,
because I needed to go and tend to other kids,
and help with other areas around the house, and so she
was doing some of the work by herself, but she didn’t
seem to mind that too much. I think that’s part of
just being in a big family that I’m learning, that
sometimes, you get some one-on-one time, sometimes
you gotta step away from one-on-one time. It’s not ideal, in my
head, of what I want, but I’m just learning how to balance that, and just I think a really
important part of that is just checking in, and just asking questions, like, “Hey, do you want to decorate, “or would you rather me do this for you?” And usually, kids are really honest, and will let you know. These are looking so cute, Hannah! – Like yummy, yummy, yummy! Yummy, yummy, yummy! I love decorating! It’s so fun! (upbeat music) – For everyone else’s birthday, Hannah has been my go-to girl
when it comes to decorating, and for her birthday, she was
excited to decorate again. I had to stop and ask her, “Are you enjoying doing this,
or would you rather have me “do this for you?” Because, as a mom, I feel
like I should do it for her! I’m the mom. It’s her birthday, I should
serve her and do these things, but for her, getting to
decorate was such a joy, and she wanted to do it, and she likes decorating. That’s one of her favorite things to do. – Last but not least, my cupcake! – Instead of me gifting her
with decorating for her, it was more of a gift to let her decorate, and the same went along with her cupcakes. I didn’t do anything. She made ’em all, which was awesome. That’s one of my favorite
ways to teach kids how to read, and follow instructions and know how important it
is to follow instructions is give them a cake box, and
let them make some cupcakes and see if they can follow instructions. ‘Cause if they can, they turn out good, and if they can’t, they
don’t turn out so well! – That looks delicious!
– Mm hm. Those are so fun, Hannah! That was such a good idea. I like the sprinkles that we found for it. – They’re probably the
best cupcakes in our house that we’ve ever made. – I agree!
– The cutest. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday, dear Hannah ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – [Mom] Woo hoo! (upbeat music) – Happy birthday, Hannah! – Happy birthday, Dannah! – [Woman] Not Dannah! Say, “Happy birthday, Hannah!” – Happy birthday, Dannah and Hannah! – [Woman] (laughs) It’s not my birthday! You’re a goofball! (laughter)
– Happy birthday, Hannah! – [Mom] We have more
birthday fun coming next week with Toby’s birthday, and that’s
gonna be a lot of fun, too. I’m excited to see how he reacts, being the center of the day.
– He’ll love it. – And what he thinks about
that, and everything. I think we told him
earlier today that he had a week left, and he was like (gasps)! Like, so, so astonished
that it’s gonna be so soon, and he’s gonna have a day. I’m looking forward to that, and we’re gonna have a lot of fun, lots of new toys to play with. We’re getting into rhythms around here, ’cause this’ll be our first
school year in this house. It’ll be good, and it’ll be fun, and I keep having to just take a deep breath and give myself time. Say, “Happy birthday, Hannah!” – [Girls] Happy birthday, Hannah! – [Hannah] Thank you! (laughs)

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