100 New Things in WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition

So here we are at dev blog post number
100! And it would be really nice if we could mark this event by releasing the
game into early access for PC and Mac. But, sadly, life doesn’t always work out
so nicely, in that way …and we’ve still got some things to do before we’ll be at
that point. So, to mark this event instead, we put together a list of 100 new things
that are coming to WolfQuest 3! We’ve mentioned a lot of these over the past
100 dev blog posts but here we put them all together – so anyone coming in at any
point in the past 2 years, when we started doing these, can catch up and see what to
look forward to when we do finally release the game. So, here we go!

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  1. I can't wait to watch people play this! I would do anything to play it but I don't have a computer so oh well it's still going to be awesome!!!

  2. Would be cool to talk in multiplayer servers. Not just private servers. Set up like how vrchat and gta5, red dead redemption 2 have their voice chatting. But who knows, perhaps that’s already on this list as “not revealed yet” 🤔

  3. No pressure to you guys, you guys are doing an amazing job, but I'm starting to get a bit impatient. To me, the game looks pretty good. You can't expect the game to be perfect. Also, isn't the point of early access is that players tell the developers that there are bugs? I've been waiting since wolf quest 3 was revealed. It's past early 2019. I'm grateful for all the work you put into this, but after this is released, we are going to have to wait even LONGER to actually have pups. This game is taking longer to make than most movies. Again, this is in no way shape or form trying to pressure you, but I'm just expressing my opinion.

  4. You guys have come so so far from the original. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to watch just how much the game has changed and developed, and catching up with all of the updates on the new version has been such a treat. Gosh damn it, nostalgia. I love you guys so much, and I hope that you can keep up the amazing work. Thank you for blessing us animal lovers with such a fantastic gaming experience, and I look forward to the day you release this. Love you lots 💙💙💙

  5. I CANT WAIT! This looks amazing, and WolfQuest is quite possibly the best animal simulator out there. Thank you for putting so much work into this incredible game!!!

  6. Man I remember playing this game back in 2013 So many memories. Thank you for all your effort I can't wait to become a Wolf again 🌕🐺

  7. I noticed a flaw in the previous games which i personally did not like. Every time I wanted to play as a male wolf it would always be a bad experience for me, I didn’t like how me as the player of the male wolf, had to stay in the den at all times with the pups. When I played as the female on the other hand (which I enjoyed more) I would stay in the den with the pups and I’d enjoy so. I just felt like the male staying with them was unrealistic while the female spent no time with them at all and hunted. Then when I was the female it was the only semi realistic way to properly showcase their roles correctly. I just wanted to share that in hopes that it won’t be like that in WQ3 🙂

  8. Hay I had an idea for wolf quest three. I don't know if you are welcoming new ideas or not but I hope you don't mind me saying an idea. Sorry if you are not takeing ideas.

    So my idea was kinda like a den that you have for the main game kinda like a home your pack lives in like a cave or a tree maybe just some land or something like that if you know what I mean. But that's all hope I'm not being rude. And thanks for listening to what I have to say and giving up your time to make this beautiful game.

  9. Figured out about this not too long ago but I'm sure as hell gonna try and get my hands on this game.

  10. Event notice that the ravens in the lost river have scars and the ravens in other maps don’t have scars? Also, WolfQuest, are you guys still working on the updates for WolfQuest 3? Or is it basically finished? It looks amazing by the way. In the future it would be amazing to be able to play as different specific types of wolves (grey wolf, red wolf, etc). It all looks awesome also! I love how much time is spent on this, can’t wait to play!

  11. I just wanted to know can I use like a regular laptop instead of a MacBook or like is it only for pc and MacBook?

  12. god you guys are actually insane! amazing, astounding, outstanding, awesome, is there even any words in the dictionary that i could use to express how great this game is? you guys worked so hard for so long, this game deserves all the love it can get! i’m so happy and excited, more excited than i have been in what feels like forever! thanks for giving me something to look forward to, anticipation is high! ❤️🐺

  13. Can you make it so that if you made a new family with an animal that animal can come back to its first family please because I lost my wolf by accidentally making a new family

  14. I really think if you added ranks, this would add more backstory about the wolf and leaving the pack, Seeking out to look for a new Life.

  15. I make the best WolfQuest video I hate my old WolfQuest video now I make a new today I going to make a new WolfQuest video your so cool

  16. So question, will we still have the pups grow up to adult hood and grow up with us and such? I'm just a bit confused about that.

  17. Sheesh, I’ve known WQ for so long, and to see that the 3rd is turning out so great makes me realize how much time flies by.

    It looks way more realistic now, and theres so much new and improved things that were added. Its kinda like we’re getting a credits at the end of a movie. 😂

  18. I have a bit of a dumb question that I couldn’t find an answer to. I’ve seen from the videos that the new map is so much larger than the old map used to be in Amethyst Mountain. Is the Slough Creek episode going to have its own map? And Towerfall as well? Will it be possible to travel between them after completion of the game, or will exploration be strictly confined to the map that matches its episode?

    I just remember a video that said we would have more den options than before and got a little confused into thinking that Slough Creek was a permanent part of the new, much much larger map.

  19. Hey WQ!! Im trying to download the current version of Wolfquest on my PC, but I can't.. do you know any sites that will alow me to get it? love you guys!

  20. IVE JUST BEEN NOTICING THE OPEN WORLD FEATURE!!! Does that mean we can walk from amythst to slough creek and , slough creek to tower fall??❤️❤️ and we Can just keep roaming around the whole park like a real wolf??? (With our future pack as well))??

  21. So 12 not revealed that can mean… 12 NEW VIDEOS FOR UPDATING WOLF QUEST!? Well the but they have to correct the glitches and bugs… D:

  22. I cant wait to finally play with my friend!!! Oh, and if you bought the 2.0 version of wolf quest, do you have to buy the new one (wolf quest 3)

  23. When will it be ready?! First you said 2018, then Early 2019, and it’s the middle of 2019 now! Some of us want answers!

  24. Small question
    Would we be able to make a pack? For example, some wolves could join up with us and acts as a pack member. Stranger wolves that dont have a territory or a pack could join up with us after a little interaction.
    amazing vid i can't wait till the game comes out.

  25. Multiplayer people


    Also, I’m in love with these AWSOME graphics!

  26. What are the consequences of not sleeping 16 hours a day?
    Also great work on this game y’all! 22 days til early access release for my Timezone and I cannot wait! Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put into this, it’s truly inspiring!

  27. I’ve been playing this game since 2014……. to see it getting better and better without the developers giving up on it brings me so much joy. I’m totally looking forward to playing this game nonstop loll

  28. Will we ever find out what the not yet revealed things actually are, or have they already been revealed? Thank you for all your hard work, the game is fantastic! 💜

  29. Since moose and mule deer shed there antlers every year it would be really cool if you could find them on the ground!!!! or at least I think it would be 😁

  30. oh gee. It's been years since I last played this game. I miss it, ngl. Shoulda never stopped playing it. I think I was around 7-8 when I first got the game… good times. I'm 13 now, and am totally ready to start playing it again

  31. Wolf quest I am mad because it's not for mobile devices yet and your totally ignoring us and you already going to add beavers!

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