$100 Whole Foods 365 Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Challenge | Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Lacey: Hey, guys. Lacey here, and we are at Whole Foods Market
365 in Cedar Park today. They’ve asked me to see what I can do with
100 bucks to make a Thanksgiving dinner for five people. So I’m super excited and I hope you are too. We’re just about ready to go inside. So the first place you wanna start when on
a budget is with the proteins. This is Thanksgiving dinner, we want one turkey. I found an 11-pound turkey at $10 [inaudible
00:00:40] pound. Great deal. So we’re starting about 22 bucks. Now, we have all the rest of the 100 bucks
to work with. So I wanna get stuff for our mashed cauliflower
potatoes with cranberries, sweet potato casserole, and of course, my parmesan green beans. So we’re gonna go ahead and grab all that
stuff right now. Okay. So we’re gonna be making pumpkin pie, of course. So for our pumpkin, I’m actually going to
be making my own homemade pumpkin puree with the [inaudible 00:01:20] pumpkin. But if you wanna do that, you wanna do a little
quicker option. You can always pick up pumpkin puree. It’s canned, but make sure you don’t get the
pumpkin spices in there. You don’t want pumpkin pie mints in a pumpkin
puree. And you want only ingredient to be pumpkin
in there. Organic is the best, but any of these will
work as long as you don’t have any added sugars there. Okay. So we have our cart full. We’re ready to go. We’re really close to 100 bucks so we had
to put back a couple of things. I had to swap out a parmesan for a little
bit of a cheaper parmesan, but same brand, just less of it. And then I also had to put back a couple of
sweet potatoes. We should be fine. And I’m so excited to see what it comes out
to at the register. Now we’re back at home, ready to cook all
of our recipes for our Thanksgiving feast. So let’s talk about what we bought. So we bought everything we need except for
the pantry items that would be normally in your pantry, like spices, salt, pepper, and
olive oil. So let’s talk about what we have for our produce
first. I have some celery, some sweet potatoes for
our sweet potato casserole, a pie pumpkin to roast for our pumpkin pie, some fresh green
beans, some oranges, two yellow onions, some cremini mushrooms, a bulb of garlic, some
fresh cauliflower, and some fresh cranberries. That’s our produce. Then for our spices and baking items, we got
some whole wheat pastry flour, some coconut sugar, and then we also got some coconut milk
which is full fat coconut milk, low sodium chicken broth, coconut oil, raw honey, and
some bread. This is whole wheat bread that we’re gonna
be using for our stuffing. Then for our milks and dairy, we have some
unsweetened almond milk, whole-fat Greek yogurt that’s plain, parmesan cheese. Then for our proteins, we have our turkey. We wound up with an 11.11-pound of turkey,
and some eggs, and raw pecans. And that’s all that we bought and that is
all we need to make everything. I’m happy to say that at Whole Foods Market
365, we only spent 91.87. So we had money to spare from our $100 for
our challenge. All of these ingredients are gonna go towards
turkey, fresh cranberry sauce, mashed cauliflower potatoes, parmesan green beans, all source
of good stuff. And of course, a pumpkin pie. So let’s get started. Normally, Dustin and I like to make a few
of the recipes ahead of time. If we have a chance, we do it the day before
Thanksgiving. We’ll make the sweet potato casserole, the
pumpkin pie, and the fresh cranberries. The cranberries and the pie have to be served
cold, anyway, so that’s easy. And then the casserole reheats really easily,
so let’s do that first. So first, we’re gonna start by roasting our
pumpkins so that we can get started on our pumpkin pie. We’re gonna be making fresh pumpkin puree
so we’re gonna go ahead and take our pumpkin and slice it in half and we’re gonna remove
all of those seeds. Once we have the seeds removed, we’re gonna
lay it cut side down on a sheet of parchment paper on a baking sheet. And then we’re gonna put it in the oven and
bake it for about 60 minutes or so at 375 degrees Fahrenheit or until the skin of the
pumpkin is very easily pierced with a fork. Now that the pumpkin is in the oven and roasting,
we can get started with our sweet potato casserole. First, we need to start peeling the sweet
potatoes. So go ahead and peel all of them. And then we’re gonna dice them into diced
cubes. And then that way, they’re gonna cook a lot
faster. So go ahead and dice everything up and then
put that into a steamer basket. We’re gonna steam all of that until it’s nice
and tender. It should take about 10 to 15 minutes. Next, we can get started on our fresh cranberry
sauce. This is so easy and probably my favorite part
of thanksgiving. So go ahead and in a saucepan, we’re gonna
combine our fresh cranberries, and then we’re gonna add a little bit of fresh orange zest,
some freshly squeezed orange juice from that same orange, and we’re gonna add a little
bit of raw honey. Remember to keep those orange wedges because
we’re gonna use those later as some aromatics for our turkey. So keep those. We’re gonna heat the cranberry sauce over
medium-high heat until the cranberries get nice and bubbly and start to break down a
little bit. You’ll see the sauce starts to thicken a little
bit. Once it’s that way, it’s ready to pop in the
refrigerator and let cool. And if you wanna let it cool overnight, that’s
perfect too. We like to let it cool the day before and
in that way, it’s ready and cold and easy to grab. Remember though, it does tend to get a little
bit more tart as it cools. So you might want to check it before you serve
the next day or whenever you have it because it does stay very well. And just add a little bit of raw honey if
you have…if you find that it’s not very sweet. Okay, now that our sweet potatoes are tender
from steaming, we’re gonna go ahead and add them to a large mixing bowl, followed by coconut
sugar, an egg, melted coconut oil, ground cinnamon, pure vanilla extract, and sea salt. We’re gonna stir all of these together and
you’ll notice that some of the sweet potatoes kind of break down as you’re stirring. That’s perfect. We want about half of the sweet potatoes to
be broken down. Now we’re gonna just take that sweet potato
mixture and we’re gonna pour it into our casserole dish. And then we’re gonna set that aside while
we make our pecan crumbly topping. In order to get started with that, we need
to chop our pecans. So go ahead and chop them until they’re all
roughly in even size so that way they’re gonna cook evenly. Then go ahead and add the chopped pecans into
another mixing bowl, followed by the coconut sugar, whole wheat pastry flour, melted coconut
oil, and ground cinnamon. Now we’re gonna mix all that until it’s nicely
incorporated. Then we’re gonna take that pecan mixture and
we’re gonna spread it out over the top of our sweet potato mixture until everything
is nicely covered. And then we’re gonna set that aside because
we’re not gonna cook it yet. We’re gonna set it in the fridge for right
now because we’re gonna cook that later with our Thanksgiving stuffing because it reheats
perfectly and this way, we can have more stuff going on at the same time. And it’s just gonna make Thanksgiving so much
easier. Now, the pumpkin is done, it’s roasted, and
it’s soft, and it’s ready to be turned into puree. So go ahead and scoop out all of the meat
from inside the skin of the pumpkin and we’re gonna put that into a food processor. Our goal here is to puree this pumpkin to
be completely smooth. So go ahead and puree until it’s completely
smooth and it looks just like the pumpkin puree you’re used to buying. Now we’re gonna transfer that pumpkin puree
into a large mixing bowl. And on top of that, we’re gonna add Greek
yogurt, coconut sugar, eggs, sea salts, melted coconut oil, unsweetened almond milk, vanilla
extract, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, ground nutmeg, cloves, and some allspice. Then we’re gonna stir all of that until it’s
super smooth and creamy. And you might need to use a whisk to break
down the Greek yogurt in there. So we got enough stuff to make our butterless
pie crust using just a few ingredients. It’s super easy. We use our coconut oil, our whole wheat pastry
flour, some salt, and coconut sugar, and that’s pretty much it. So in order to do that, head over to my butterless
pie crust recipe video to find out how to do it. And then once you have it, come on back and
we’re gonna put our pumpkin pie mix into our pumpkin pie crust. Okay. So now we’re gonna put our pumpkin pie mix
into our prepared pie crust. And we’re gonna pop it in the oven very carefully
so it doesn’t spill. And we’re gonna have it cook for about 45
to 65 minutes. You’ll know it’s ready when it isn’t super
jiggly in the middle when you kinda gently jiggle it. Once the pie is fully baked, go ahead and
carefully remove it from the oven. Allow it to cool to room temperature and then
store it in the fridge until it’s nice and completely cold. Okay. So now it’s time to get our stuffing prepared
now that our oven is free. So go ahead and dice up your whole wheat loaf. We’re gonna dice this into about one-inch
cubes. If you want them smaller, that’s fine, bigger,
that’s fine, just whatever you prefer. We like about one-inch cubes for our Thanksgiving
stuffing. Then we’re gonna place that out onto a parchment-lined
rimmed baking sheet. We’re gonna place that rimmed baking sheet
into the oven and we’re gonna bake them for about 15 to 20 minutes. Once the bread cubes are nice and golden and
look more like croutons than pieces of bread, go ahead and remove them from the oven and
set them aside. And increase the heat in the oven to 375 degrees
Fahrenheit and it’s time to prep our turkey. In order to prepare the turkey, I’m gonna
be using those leftover orange wedges that we had from our cranberry sauce plus a few
more. I’m gonna have some quartered yellow onion,
some garlic cloves, and a little bit of dried thyme, and dried rosemary. I’m gonna put that in both cavities of the
turkey and that’s gonna be nice aromatics while the turkey bakes to make it taste really
yummy. Then to prepare the outside of the turkey,
we’re gonna drizzle it with some olive oil and then we’re gonna liberally season it with
salt and pepper around the entire turkey so that every part is covered. If you would rather stuff your turkey with
your stuffing, that’s completely up to you. We choose to cook our stuffing on the side
rather than inside the turkey because, in order to get the stuffing to the appropriate
temperature so that it’s safe to eat, you kinda have to overcook the turkey. So we’ve always just cooked it separately. Either way is fine. Just whatever you’d like. Now go ahead and place the turkey into the
oven and we’re gonna bake for about two to three hours or until the internal temperature
is about a 165 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have a meat thermometer that’s
fine. All you have to do is stick a fork into the
thigh of the turkey and if the juices run clear, it’s ready. If the juices run a little bit pink, keep
it in there. In order to get the skin delicious and crispy,
about 10 minutes before the bird is ready to be removed from the oven, go ahead and
increase the temperature in the oven to 450 degrees and then cook it that way and for
10 minutes. And that will make it nice and crispy when
it’s ready to come out. In order to prepare the cauliflower for our
cauliflower mashed potatoes, we have to first break the head of cauliflower into flowerets. So remove the stem and then break the cauliflower
into flowerets using your hands. Then we’re gonna add that into a steamer basket
followed by some whole garlic cloves. And then all we have to do is steam that until
it’s really tender. So go ahead and pop it into the steamer and
then let it be and we’ll work on some other stuff. Now that the cauliflower and garlic cloves
are nice and tender from steaming, it’s time to add them to the bowl of a food processor
so that we can turn them into cauliflower mashed potatoes. These are so good you won’t even miss mashed
potatoes. I promise. Once you’ve added the cauliflower and the
garlic to the food processor, we’re gonna add the unsweetened almond milk, grated parmesan
cheese, sea salt, and black pepper. Then we’re gonna pulse the processor a few
times to get everything broken up. We want the mixture to be kind of a mashed
potato texture, not puree. So you definitely don’t wanna just let it
keep going and turn into kind of a soupy puree. Instead, let it have a little bit of texture
and kinda think what would mashed potatoes look like and that’s how you want it to look. Right. Our turkey is ready so we’re gonna remove
it from the oven and we’re gonna allow it to sit for about 20 minutes on the counter
and rest. This is gonna allow it to recollect all of
its juices, it’s gonna still continue to cook a little bit, and it’s also gonna allow us
to put a few more things in the oven and get everything ready. To make our stuffing, we’re going to sautee
some cremini mushrooms that had been diced in some olive oil along with some sea salt
and black pepper until they’re nice and golden. Then add in some sliced celery, diced yellow
onion, and dried thyme, and stir to combine. We’re gonna cook that until it’s nice and
tender. And then after that, we’re gonna add in our
low-sodium chicken broth. All we wanna do here is to mix it all together
and heat it through. We’re gonna grab our toasted and cubed whole
wheat loaf and we’re gonna put that into a large mixing bowl. Then we’re gonna dump in all of that stuff
that we just made with the celery and the onions and all the chicken broth has been
heated through. We’re gonna stir that together and then spread
that mixture out into a 9 by 16 casserole dish. So we can reduce the heat in the oven to 350
degrees now and we’re gonna put in our prepared sweet potato casserole and our prepared Thanksgiving
stuffing. We’re gonna put those in. We’re gonna let them cook for about 30 to
40 minutes until they’re completely heated through. If you see that the tops of either of them
starts to get a little bit too darkened or brown, it looks like it might burn, just put
a little bit of tinfoil over the top of them and they’ll be good to go. All right, so now it’s time to make our garlic
parmesan green beans. So we’re gonna add some olive oil into a skillet
over medium-high heat. Then we’re gonna add in some minced garlic. We’re just gonna cook this for about a minute
so that it gets nice and fragrant. Then add in our fresh green beans followed
by some sea salt and black pepper. We’re gonna toss that. We’re gonna cook it for about six to eight
minutes until it’s almost completely cooked through. Then turn the heat off, toss in that freshly
grated parmesan cheese and then it’s ready to plate. Okay. So in order to make our turkey gravy, I have
started cooking the rest of our yellow onion. I just diced that up and a couple of garlic
cloves, minced those and I’ve cooked them over medium heat in some olive oil until they’re
nice and tender. Then we’re gonna add in some whole wheat pastry
flour, sea salt, and black pepper, and then stir to combine. You’re gonna notice that the flour gets absorbed
by the onion and everything and that’s exactly what we want. Then we’re gonna add in our reserved turkey
drippings, followed by a little bit of our low sodium chicken broth. And we’re gonna stir all of that together. We wanna cook it over medium-high heat until
it simmers. And then we’re gonna have it cook for a little
bit. We want it to cook down and get a little bit
thicker with that whole wheat pastry flour in there so it starts to resemble gravy. Once it’s nice and bubbly and it’s cooked
for a while and it’s starting to thicken, we’re gonna transfer that into a blender and
we’re gonna blend that until it’s perfectly smooth and then that is ready to be our tasty
turkey gravy. All right. So now we have our last piece for our pumpkin
pie which is, of course, our whipped cream. And I want you to head over to my strawberry
shortcake video so you can check out how to make it. It’s so easy, it’s just three ingredients
and takes like five minutes. So once we have that, we’re gonna have that
ready to put on our pumpkin pie. Then we get to put this whole, little feast
together. I am so excited we got to do this Thanksgiving
feast. And thanks so much to Whole Foods Market 365
for challenging us. We did it in under a $100, we have all these
delicious food and I am so ready for Thanksgiving. If you wanna make this exact dinner, make
sure to check out the PDF below where I have every recipe we’ve made today plus a download
of all grocery list for you. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and
I will see you later. Bye-bye.

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