10k EXTRAVAGANZA | 10 Thousand Subscribers Celebration | ANNOUNCEMENT

hello guys, Cadu here
and today I have a very special announcement to do some of you may know already, but whatever so I’m with more than 10k subscribers yeah, so cool, we did it, I reached that milestone and, honestly, thank you so much for all my subscribers for following, for believing on this channel for keep watching, specially those who started watching since the beginning and are watching still, so thanks for your patience with me because, well… right? obviously, I needed to do something special for 10k subs, and this time will be interesting, because I expect you to check this channel’s Community tab for those who don’t know, that’s a part you can see posts of mine I’ll be doing special posts with polls and asking for suggestions for the videos in the making for this ‘extravaganza’ and some polls will make a huge difference so keep checking, it’ll be one post each day a final post will be released, saying when there won’t be more polls starting tomorrow from when this video was posted the polls start and there will be some announcements on social media about a very special community remix and other things that may come once again, thank you so much for 10k subs, thank you for following me who knows, soon I’ll be reaching 100k, receiving the Play button, crying a lot… with your help, please but, honestly, thank you so much so, that’s it, don’t forget to loot at this channel’s community tab see ya and don’t forget to be nice to your mates

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