10th Anniversary of Parts Europe

Many years ago this was just an idea… Fred Fox founded the LeMans Corporation at the age of 30 Years, in 1966. Brands like Parts Unlimited, Drag Specialties, Thor, Moose, Parts Canada and others, have been established or purchased during the evolving history of his company. In 2006 the decision was made to start Parts Europe! The company was registered July 2006, and we purchased an 80.000 qm site in December 2006. The planning of the facility begun. After the building permit was obtained and the bidding process was completed, the construction started right away in July 2008. Towards the end of 2009 the first shipments were processed
in the Warehouse without all the automation. That part of the building was
still under constructions. In 2019 we are celebrating
our 10th anniversary. We have an internal team of nearly 300 people from 38 countries, speaking 27 languages. We have 60 sales experts representing us in their home countries. Present in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa we sell 600 brands
on the aftermarket of V-Twin, Street, Offroad, Scooter, ATV/UTV, personal watercraft and snowmobile. Today from our headquarters
in Wasserliesch, Germany we serve more than 15.000 dealers. We are proud of
what we already have achieved. It is the result of our efforts and the trust of our dealers. We believe that we are on the right way and we will continue to grow
following this approach. We Support The Sport We work in our Warehouse, at Sales, Purchasing and in all the other departments of Parts Europe to fulfil our customers’ needs. We are here to do our best every day. We Support The Sport We are Parts Europe!

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