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  1. Kabir Bedi was a casonova in 70s… Praveen Babi.. promati … And many more..and his built.. could easily attract.. women of any age… He was playboy. Once upon a time..

  2. Was really badly for suhasini mulay when I read the news that she found the love of her life!!! #agenobarrier

  3. What friggin next? 12 bollywood stars who never played tennis, 13 bollywood stars who were born in the same hospital, 14 bollywood stars who were pakistani double agents, 15 bollywood stars who went to live abroad, 16 bollywood stars who had 4 mistresses???
    Whether they married at 40 or in Switzerland or were totally drunk on honeymoon or had illegitimate child in Dubai, are they really important facts for people???
    On the other hand 2 rupee per view equals 700000 rupees income for the uploader, not bad for absolutely useless bullshit information.

  4. Kuchh to lucky log hote hain jo aisi zindegi jii sakte hain..hum uun me se nahi hain..God bless them all..😊

  5. Marriage r once in a lifetime, whatever happens twice or a number of times are adjustments. Your list says"Bollywood Stars Who Got Married After 40 Years of Age" so it should have been stars who got married in their late life for first time. ABove all, U forget Dilip Sab who got Married to Saira Bano at the age of 44 who started this Trend of getting married late in life. According to me Half of your entries don't qualify to this list of "Bollywood Stars Who Got Married After 40 Years of Age" like Saif-Kareena, Sanjay Dutt-Manyata, Saif-Kareena, Boney-Sridevi, Kabir Bedi-Parveen Dusanj, these all where or to be precise one of the partner was married before getting married to partner in this list. Like Saif got married to Amrita Singh at his age of 21, Boney was having the happily married family before getting married to Sridevi, Sanjay Dutt was also having a family before he got married to Manyatta at an older age and Above all Kabir Bedi got married thrice or four times I don't remember.

  6. Let them get married n be happy 😃. What’s your problem. You n man Indians are very closed minded. I seen in western countries people married Age50,60 ,70. I think it’s very very good because they need companionship. But in eastern countries think it’s wrong, sex. They think get married so have legal licenses to have a sex. But marriage is not that about it it’s goes very deep, ❤️,care, nice companionships, help each other’s.laugh, cry, walk, exercise, raised kids with love ❤️,disciplines, values. Help needy families, people,Make society better

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