11-year-old forgoes birthday gifts to help people in need

My name is Alex and my eleventh birthday was
last week and instead of birthday gifts I donated money to United Way.
I like the feeling of helping people and I don’t need more toys and stuff but these children
and stuff, they need food and they need money and stuff to help.
It makes me feel great to give back to my community and help all these children.
My name is Steve, I’m Alex’s dad. I certainly didn’t initiate any of her own
decision-making when it came to donating her … her birthday presents to United Way. That
was something that she, an idea that she brought to us and we supported and all the kids that
came to the party were very excited by it. She created a little donation box so the kids
could put their money in anonymously so nobody felt that they were giving less or more and
after birthday cake the big was to take the money and count the money and they were all
cheering and excited that they raised two hundred and forty dollars from their, from
their birthday party and we’re quite excited by it. So, we’re all very proud of Alex but
it was completely her own doing. Everyone can make a difference in our community.

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