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  1. Great job Parker with your backhand spring I just got me round off double backhand spring back flip. I think it is amazing the progress with a back hand spring at a very young age. Amazing job🤩🤩🤩


  3. Praying for you guys and sure love you all! You are a blessing to watch and ALWAYS make our family smile :O) Bailey sparkled like the STAR she is!!!!!

  4. Parker should do a gymnastic collab with Rebecca Zamolo since she was a level 8 or 9 gymnast and a coach! I know that she used to be a family friend so maybe that is a possibility?????

  5. Happy New Year Ballinger Family! Your son Parker is very talented at gymnastics. You might want to get him private lessons. I've seen this before ,and children like him can go on to become Olympic Gold medalist. Best wishes for the year ahead. Love from ,Ontario, Canada. 💕🍃💕🍃💕🍃

  6. wow! that is so cool that Jacob and Bailey do ninja training!! Maybe they could be on American Ninja Warrior someday!! MUch love, Wats fam

  7. That back handspring is looking so good Parker! I remember trying for mine in middle school, lots of work, but it pays off!

  8. Happy new year, Ballinger family! Love watching your vlogs! When my kids were growing up, we always hosted New Year’s Eve with games and snacks. One fun tip, I always took our decorations off the Christmas tree, leaving just the lights and added hats and party noisemakers for our party. Some I’ve had for years. It’s so cute and when people arrived, they had fun things they could wear all night.

  9. I love you Duncan Parker Jacob And Bailey Jessica and Christopher I love the Ballinger Family Happy New Year 2019

  10. so ive always watched the odd video on your channel but I never subscribed or even went o you channel.as soon as vlogmas day 20 was out I binged the who vlogmas and loads of other videos and I've ever smiled, laughed and just get good about a youtube family in so long. im so glad I came across you guys! subscribed and always ready for a new video. lots of love xoxoxoxoxo

  11. You r son reminds me of my son when he was 6 till he was 14 he would either put on shows for us or he would dance an sing Britney spears songs he has loved her since he was 6 years old an its still his favorite singer to this day an he is 28 an in his room I here him singing an dancing still to this day sometimes he will put it on Facebook or. Instagram

  12. Parker is an absolute a superstar, the world would be so much better if everyone took a lesson out of Parker’s book!

  13. Every new year's Eve my family has a board/card game night.

    You should play Bloc by Bloc. It is a lot of fun and really challenging.

  14. Oh my goodness, Bailey's already a teenager?!?! 😀 👸✊🌻 Too soon, but she's gonna save the world, so who are we to stop her? 😀 ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 💚

  15. Yep these people are definitely blind because Parker is wearing girls clothing and makeup! #theballingersareblind

  16. Besides all of the new year stuff in this video and all that jazz
    Happy New Year to all of you by the way! May this year be yet another amazing year full of love and happiness!
    Anyhow, can I just say Parker’s flexibility tho…🤭

    I guess I’ll see him on the 2032 olympics?
    Cuz this kid has got talent for such a young age, noticed it already last year in his update video on his gymnastics by which I already noticed his flexibility (of course Chris & Jess noticed it already long before that) and now he’s doing all these tricks and I am mind blown.

    Once again, Parker, my fella, I’ll see you on the 2032 Olympics hopping by – literally- ‘cuz you got potential! Cannot wait to see how you’ll proceed (is that how you say it? Idk, I’m Dutch so de groetjes naar alle nederlandse reaguurders🤗) your talent and how you’ll be getting on in the future!!!

    I know that it’s too early to judge, maybe when he’ll reach puberty he’ll hate it, or maybe (God forbid) something’ll happen causing him to quit- I don’t know nor does anyone, but in these gymnastics videos of Parker all I can see is great, massive, huuuuge potential for his future (and America’s if you think about it: he could go to the 2032 olympics and win a medal🤷🏽‍♀️)

    My sincerest apologies for this hella long comment but I just had to get this of my chest!

    If your reading this omg you’ve gotten this far, kuddos to you I would like to wish you a very nice day and once again a very happy new year to you and your friends and family and if that doesn’t apply to you for whatever reason or your going through some hardships, you are a strong person who will get through this! No highlights in life without reaching rock bottom!

    Okay I’mma stop for now.. jeez jet lag hit me hard in the face but that’s a whole other story😅

    De groetjes🇳🇱

  17. Im really Happy That the family and mostly Chris Doesnt say anytging about Parker's Personality. No hate please. im just happy

  18. Gosh what a fun party Happy New year. I looked up 25 words or less. Gosh it’s so expensive on Amazon.
    I loved the wooden game and the dragon game. You’ve sorted my gifts for three people this year.

  19. The kids waiting to make yell and make noise at midnight reminded me of when my brother, my best friend and I would do that. We would run to my room open the window and scream happy new year to our neighbors and to the night sky. One year one of our neighbors yelled happy new year back and that made us so happy we giggled. Thank you for bringing back that nice fun memory. I hope you all have a wonderful new year.

  20. when Jake said he saw the ball drop in New York . time-zones hello. the ball drop three hours before it was New Years for them. so there was no way he could see the ball drop.

  21. Please make sure Parker always has a place to excel in gymnastics.
    I was a gymnast for many many years and i quit when i stopped feeling challenged and i felt like i had met my limits at the gym. Years later i still regret giving up! My passion for it was as strong as his so dont let him give up!

  22. What if Parker goes into cheer? It's a combination of 3 things he loves: gymnastics, performance, and sparkly things. Oh and bows.

  23. Jacob is a freaking comedic genius 😂😂 I laughed so hard when he appeared out of nowhere covered in bows and said "did I mention it was the grand finale" with a serious face. You have an amazing family, bless you 💕

  24. I wonder this with my 6yr old sis, what is Parker gonna look like when he is teen. These are the things I think about lol 😂

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