12 Week Marriage Saving System Overview | Paul Friedman

Hi, I’m Paul Friedman. I’m the founder of
The Marriage Foundation. Today, and in this video what I’m going to do is
describe to you the system that I developed for helping marriages and
you’ll see that it’s quite different from pretty much everything else you
have found out there. Maybe it’s because I was a divorce mediator before and I
wasn’t stuck in the psychological world of helping people. I don’t know why. No
one else has come across what I think is perfectly logical. But I think it’s very
important for you to properly evaluate whatever system and method you choose to
help your marriage so that you know exactly what you’re getting into. This is
no time for fooling around you might say. Now there’s a short version and there’s
a long version, and I’m going to give you the short version right now and then
I’ll get into the longer version it can take some time but I want you to
thoroughly understand my approach. So the short version is I used universal
principles, I made sure that we were goal-oriented that what we would do is
address your marriage as a whole. I see the problems that you’re having as
symptoms that truthfully you do not know how to be married. I don’t care how long
you have been married. Marriage is something we’re not taught so we don’t
know how to be married. Also, another one of my strong premises is that marriage
when it’s properly functioning is going to be joyous and that’s been proven
thousands of times by the people who have used my program. And so that’s the
only result that is acceptable and I impressed that upon the people who take
the course who very very happy just to get past the problems they’re
experiencing now and no. Another part of the short version is that my process is
simple, it doesn’t mean it’s always easy there are some difficult things not
difficult for you to learn but oftentimes, difficult for you to embrace
not because they’re like lofty come complex ideas but because we’re victims
of our own habits. So part of my system is to address you as an individual first,
give you a true full understanding of how your mind works, how our minds work
so you know what you’re dealing with because really it’s a battle. It’s a
battle between you, your soul, and your mind which is driven by habits which are
oftentimes driven by the drive to survive which is your body, which is
biological so we addressed that first. Then I explained the principles of
marriage to you in a way that totally makes sense becomes clear and using the
tools that I give you in the first part of addressing the mind and how you have
to battle it and make it yours. You are able to bring your marriage to a nice
place and then the last thing that we work on is bringing your marriage to the
very very high level of happiness that comes from a joyous marriage, and a
joyous marriage comes from love so that’s it in a nutshell. I’ve developed a
process that you learn over the course of 12 weeks and then you study it for
the rest of your life, and you maintain it. Why the rest of your life? Because you
have a body for the rest of your life and your body is your biggest enemy so
you learn how to control the mind, taking that control away from the body. You’ll
learn the prince you need and that’s really it, that’s it.
So my work is all guaranteed there’s nothing about my work that can hurt you
which is really not the same as many other methods; it can only help you. I’d
make it easy for you, we’re a non-profit, we start out by giving it to you for a 5-day free trial and then you shift over to the paid part, and the paid part is
guaranteed for 90 days so it’s a no brainer and that’s it in simple
form that’s my method. Now, what I’m going to do is I’m going to end this video and
then I’m going to go into at length how I came up with the system, how I came up
with the processes, what it looks like and for some of you it’s important to
learn. For others what I’ve shared with you is enough, but we’re going to make
sure you really know what you’re getting into
so that you’re very comfortable with it and you want to move forward. My whole
goal, my whole goal is to make your marriage happy if at all possible. It’s
very rare that we run into situations where it’s not possible just so you know. Now, if you want to share this with
others, please do so. Please like it, it helps spread the word and if you’re
ready for the longer version I hope you go to the video. Thank you!

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