12 Zodiac Signs At Reunion Dinner

[Music] let’s go shall we order are you ready I’m ready with that do you have a set menu we’ll take a seven you let me do a calculation so if we take the reunion set right plus two a la carte items excuse me you do mention this combo with the dinners right wait today is no with the cash I will just come back another day Oh what I have crossed your everybody schedule today so only with everybody can make it except must stop feel because because one of you offended me last year and now I can’t I can’t even stand being the same farmers let me give you a high scope you guys we only think of ourselves right because I’m gonna go to order soup on a la carte menu yeah and no drinks so for the group fish do you want tomato broth boss each one spicy or non spicy nothing spice is good what non spicy everybody likes spicy spicy please this is good we’re guys it cheaply this non-spicy right because it’s not Chili’s on it yeah oh it’s the same face oh then I’ll take the spicy cause got free chili right maybe you can have both spicy a non spicy he could do that you could do that ignore him hey so it’s Evans new resolution ah for me right I’m gonna eat the oranges no chewing is such a private question no we’re telling you guys if Terrence I plan to a plane oh is this really fun game I’ll play only if you make me the team leader a hollow hollow is a free-to-play it’s like a in-app purchase an honor all right that’s order guys drinks drinks beer beer for everybody I wanna have beer as well you’re not even here are you say bitches last hey Scorpio you want me know about dreams are you Oh tonight wine wine always makes me feel so romantic I don’t think why do be a better wine what sanitizer and bring some desert I will have a Wow this interesting okay you pick up non spicy for me was can someone check out please he’s so many your so many if you looking at me yes he is an yes [Music] or the full-back fancy our guys how much is this huh how much is that one the pups free or not answer me guys let’s have a toast someone said : I brought my toes everyone oh I have to excuse me can I have a new glass cause I don’t know what am i oh I’m feeling romantic already if you drink with one around okay banana [Applause] [Music] okay great have a great day thanks guys let it all out this February on Comedy Central


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