125 seconds on Jackbox Party Pack 5 NEW GAMES! [Новые игры в Pack 5]

Privet! Today we’ll talk about new games in Jackbox Party Pack 5. Text version of this video is available at the description. Earlier we talked about the first game of the Pack 5 –
«YOU DON’T KNOW JACK 2018». Up to 8 players now, with audience and lots of old fart sounds.
[FART] By the way, the Jack Attack mode was upgraded and, as developers say, became cooler and crazier.
Streamers are not forgotten – all the features are here. There’s not only Jack, but more games will be available in Pack 5!
Four more games, one of which will be announced in a couple of days… We hope it will. Now a few notes on technical side. There’re such a small change at games structure, so you still will be sticked to jackbox.tv! Stability is the guarantee of constancy, you know. Let’s move on to games. The previous four packs contained five games… Okay, Pack 4 had 5 and a half games. Looks like this pack will have five games, too. The developers mentioned “Jack and four more games” on the website. Uh-oh, there are only two out of four games, which we can talk about. Mic Drop City! Looks like Vice City, but it is the city with (or of) microphones. Jackbox Games meets rhymers at new Party Pack 5 game. However, you don’t need to throw microphones to your opponents – it’s enough to create good rhymes, and if «my words are complicated, hoping i’m not degenerated» — the game offers some help if you are in trouble. Rhyme your opponents, win the battle and become the Mic Drop King! While we’re not at Rhymes Country yet, let’s switch to the second game. Split The Room – a game, which will have some kind of ratings! And that’s all we know about it. Now it’s your turn! Leave a comment with your thoughts on new games – maybe YOU will guess the gameplay? Don’t forget to read the full article – link at the description. Good luck! Video prepared by What If? community. Voice: Vladislav Karenko

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  1. я бы хотел чтобы перевели в jackbox 5 patently stupid, я играл в английскую версию интересная игра .

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