16 Personalities at a Christmas Party

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  1. Share with a warped, frustrated old man 👴👍
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  2. OOOooooo!

    Grinch vs Frankenstein

    Both are misunderstood, so which of these misunderstood creature would win in a fight?

  3. Lol I too have a constant fear of my family obliviously descending into absolute chaos. It hasn't triggered an anxiety attack, but it has pushed me to the verge of one more than a few times xD

    I agree with the ISTJ. I consider the white elephant gift exchange to be highly inefficient, though my mom seems to think differently. She brings home garbage presents. A few months later, I donate them to Goodwill. And then she brings some more xD

    Lol My mom's ESFPness must have rubbed off on me because I love singing along to "Last Christmas." I've never acted it out, but maybe I will xD And that thing on your head ^_^ I think I'm gonna get one for myself 😀

  4. INFP but kinda related to the ISTJ one this time…but nah, I'd say that and then still go talk to the cat in the closet

  5. How can you describe me so perfectly? As an INFJ, I can confirm I never want to be in a family gathering and a party where my close friend isn't around.

  6. Guys, we have so many leftovers……………………… Why not we give them to the homeless people out there
    Omg ENFJ!. it's SOOOOOOOOO ME!

  7. INFP here, when i'm hosting, I usually hide in the kitchen, preparing food. When i'm not, then i'm in the bathroom thinking about my social anxiety

  8. I’m infj and I use breastfeeding my baby as a reason to leave places all the time lol and get a break from everyone. Lock myself in a room and I’m happy

  9. Hmm the bees are coming Hmm the bees are coming Hmm the bees are coming Hmm the bees are coming Hmm the bees are coming Hmm the bees are coming Hmm the bees are coming Hmm the bees are coming

  10. Anyone else here NONE of the 16 persobalities?!?😂😂I've taken test after test and I've gotten everything from ISFP to ENTJ!😭😂

  11. Infp

    I was at a Christmas party this week and just sat on the couch observing bc I couldn't work up the courage to ask where the bathroom was (knowing I would probably hang out there all night if I did know) and the hosts didn't have a pet that I could hang out with. I would just go through a side room as if I was getting more food when I needed a break haha

  12. Infp

    In a job interview I was asked what I do when I'm overwhelmed, and I told them I usually just go and hang out in the bathroom a lot… I think that's why I didn't get the job tbh

  13. as an ENFP, at every social event ever i flip-flop between ur ENFP and INFP representations constantly. if there are animals. u will not see me. the whole time. if there is snow. u will have no choice. but to be with me. the whole time

  14. INFP is on point😂 My whole family is pretty introverted so no one cares if I go to read in another room while everyone else is celebrating. This was so normal growing up that when I started dating my boyfriend I was shocked by the expectation to socialize THE ENTIRE TIME. Like, it's not okay to just pull out a book? People think I'm weird if I disappear for awhile?? And I'm expected to put on a fake smile and be dishonest about how I really feel???? The most exhausting part is feeling like I can't be myself

  15. That INFJ made a rookie mistake using a common bathroom. You have to wander around until you find the master or one in a basement. 🤣🤣🤣

  16. I'm INTP but I totally have that ESFJ subconscious thing going on too when I'm enjoying myself on Christmas Day. I love watching people open their presents, no matter who they're from, and enjoying themselves. I really soak it up with my senses and love seeing others being happy.

  17. Whether I can find someone to talk about something that I'm interested in , whether I'm somewhere in the house, trying to find an occupation. like, looking at my host house, stuff and trying to figure out who that person really is. Who am I?

  18. I waited this whole video for INTP to show and then I saw a tux and I'm like nahhh. Not me. But then I paid attention to what was said… And it all makes sense. I would try my best not to be there in the first place. Holy crap. How do you figure this stuff out!? Good job as usual.

  19. INFP doesn't need to sneak out…At least i always eat all the food while people are busy talking and chit chatting to each other. Then somebody try to talk to me and after that i slowly move backward while hoping noone notice lol

  20. INFJs make up one percent or less of the population. About half the comments here are by people who claim to be INFJ. Even if this is a video INFJs are attracted to it's incredibly unlikely there would be so many. If you're reading this: you are probably not INFJ, even if you think you are. Every single ESFJ and ISFJ I've known who's taken this test has turned out, despite their actual personality qualities, to be 100% INFJ.

  21. I'm INTJ but I found the INFP one relatable this time. At parties I sometimes drift away to have a look around and sometimes spend more time with the pets than the people 😁

  22. INFJ yep thats me 😆 and when I come out of the restroom I’m the perfect chameleon having “an awesome time” (yeah right).

  23. INFP here, I just realized I've been doing that since I was like two. I did it yesterday at a family wedding at the beach and I also spent some time with a random dog I found… then another dog… also some beach birds (a seagull was trying to eat a baby bird, I tried to rescue him with no success… I was gone like for an hour)

  24. I don´t think a real INFP would ever dare to disturb a cat´s piece while using their litter box. Just give a pet some space for God´s sake!

  25. As a INFx ( Yes got splited like most of us J or P )
    INFx tends to avoid social interractions, because it can be seriously draining to them (us), I mean it's like a countdown, at first you can affording it, but as the time pass, some disconfort can occurs, so WE HAVE to find a solution, to restore mental energy ( the WC/ bathroom hidding is real ) just to able to exist a little more in the party ( hidding our trueself too)

    INFx tends to avoid social Extravert situation, they usually can't dance (most of) , and if they tries they are usully too focused on others, to "let it go (so they appear as robots / stone ), the effort to dance is too evident for the others, and this lack of natural can be fun for other (Not fun really), Since INFx can feel all of this, he/she doesn't need to look the others, for him/her to KNOW about something is not right.

    They usually get back to seat and playing with their phone to like "normal/ socialized" people (INFP), but in the inside they are hurted / looking for an exit, but often you were invited to party by an extrovert, and to please him/ her you will stay for hours.
    Coupled with social anxiety and mental energy draining, a party ( supposed to be ) can become a real mental mess to INxx.
    Our lie detector never turn off, so we can see all the fake in parties, even in familly / christmas one, this can be a draining source too.

    The feel of being an alien/ misunderstood can/ will be multiplied here, as everyone seems to have fun, why not me ? ( INFP ), what's so fun in this, better gotta go think about I can do actually doing better in these… (INFJ).
    It's not rare to find Introvert seated, and a "funny" thing, Introvert can actually act like Extrovert when bored, talking about non sense to pass time, to hide frustration.

    That's explain the need INFx have to hide in rooms that no one come to ( INFJ ) and those who wants to alone BUT ALSO want to talk to someone like us, choose the WC, as you can "meet" those like you.
    It's not rare that INFP ALWAYS ask " where's the toilet" to the party host, while INFJ will investigating the zone, finally looking for the place to "medidate" then "E" energy overcome "I" energy.
    INFx will take more time to be exhausted at a party because they can leave when annoyed by the feeling, while INFJ wil stay to the dead in order to PLEASE YOU, become dangerously exhausted for the following week.

    Conclusion :
    As I said, social anxiety and mental energy draining, a party ( supposed to be ) can become a real mental mess to INxx.

    Yes for Introvert a real party is the one we can share passion, FIFA ( ahemm , game in general ) deep conversation, love ( not only sex related ) and being ourselves. Call us nerd, but that's the way it is, our energy is different, but we are all looking to the same : HARMONY.

  26. INFP will go to the party but leave early because there is a limit to how much social time we desire. Unless the conversation around the dinner table gets ecological or any cause that moves us, then we go activist mode! We DO get noticed because we tend to look extravagant. People don't ask us too much questions because they know they are in for a deep introspective answer. I do agree that we'll probably be socializing with the cat, they are part of the family after all!

  27. 0:02 LOL
    1:17 OMG xD
    I love ENFPs xDDDDD
    2:23 ESFP stops singing, drinks………. and keeps on singing by where the song would continue THEN LOL
    INFP and always avoiding the party and just satiyng outside with cats or dogs LMAO.
    ENFJs, so sweet!

  28. I’m an INFJ but I love when you do the ENFPs (my husband) because I’m like “that reminds me of my husband” and then it turns out to be an ENFP lol!

  29. INTJ spot on! What did the Grinch ever did wrong??? And yes about the people. Just 2 days ago, I asked why do people like throwing and attending parties????

  30. Female intp here! Lol True, I can never find clean clothes when I need them! Lol I do laundry 5 times a week but that's not enough! Lol

  31. INTJ here, and you're dead-on point. The Grinch is my favorite holiday character, and folks always ask me why!?!

    His heart grew 2 SIZES that day, people!!! He was shown the error of his ways and he finally CHANGED his mind and his ways…that's real growth. He became a better person, and for me that's one of the reasons to celebrate the season.

    And don't even get me started on Nestor, the long eared donkey. That silly little cartoon hits my gooey core EVERY TIME. But, tell no one, that's a secret I'm gonna take to my grave…😎

  32. Why am I not any one of these? Where is the one who is dancing on the dancefloor even though the music is super loud to ignore how she cannot have a human conversation? And also I like dancing? I think?

  33. INFP… and yeah…
    last christmas my family was chilling and eating together… i was petting one of my sis cat's till i fell asleep for 3 hours… than i woke up because it was time to unwrap the gifts..

  34. Maybe I'm not as ENFP as I thought, this is literally the only video out of like 6 where I was like ENFP ooo that one me

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