16th Birthday Dinner Party🎉

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Oh my gosh! Fighting is like our favorite
past time when we’re like waiting for food,
and to be seated. It’s Shari’s birthday today! Why did you do that? I think I’m following along. There is a faker in this room, and everyone thought
it was Chad, but it wasn’t. So the faker is still at large. We need water. Julie? Hello. Is this a prank call? Who is this? Who’s calling– Oh, it was Eve. Eve got your Gizmo watch. Okay, can we just take a second. Look at how lit that thing is. No one uses
our CD holders anymore. So they made an attachment
that goes in it. Because no one uses
a CD player anymore. That is crazy. And they have like
a suction cup one, and then adhesive, and one that goes
like in your vent. So like, they’re all in there. That’s cool. Hey, get your seatbelt on. We are picking up Brevin. Yeah? We are? We’re picking up Brevin? So I’m not alone. We’re thirdwheeling. Alone? You’re with your friends. I didn’t bring my camera. Do we need to go
back and get it? Yeah. Okay, [inaudible]. Okay. Now, it’s time to go. I don’t know
how Kevin does this. Oh, now the wall goes away. Now, the wall is gone away. But when the wall is
like right here, and a car is right there, he just like passes
in this big old van. I don’t know how you do
it like– Is that bigger? Yeah, but that’s
the whole point. I think, I keep thinking
I’m going to run into the wall. I’m big enough. I’m smart enough. Gosh, darn it. People like me. Mom, when I drove this down
to Grandma’s house, and I was in this lane,
I got so claustrophobic, they’re like, I started going
to the other lane, and all the cars
started looking at me, right in this point. Do you remember that? Yeah, I’ve done– It was like I’m not touching the wall,
I’m gonna run into the wall. You just watch
the line right here, and you just put the line
right on your hip. Yeah, but they
do like [inaudible] up and down, and they make scary
noises, and then… But you– Okay, that’s easy to say
when you can see the line. But– What if you’re short, and can’t see
over the dashboard? Slump down five inches, and then tell me
how easy it is. Maybe you shouldn’t drive then. Well, it just makes it hard. It just makes it harder. Do you see the steering wheel? Outside? No, when you’re looking at this? Yeah, it’s right here. I can get you a [inaudible],
and set it to [inaudible]. All I’m saying is that I think it’s harder
when you’re shorter. That’s all. That’s all I’m saying. Hey Chad, take
a lesson from Brevin. You’re such a gentleman. Thanks for holding
the door for everyone. Chad! Okay, mom, no one’s got their sit yet. Perfect. Fighting is like
our favorite pastime while we’re like
waiting for food, and to be seated. It’s a little crazy. Yeah. Crazy, Eve’s down there. I just got Olivia’s number, and I’m outside so she can hear me, and I’m gonna call her. This is the very first phone
call Julie’s made on her Gizmo. She’s gonna be so
excited to hear you. I wonder if she’s in bed. Is she asleep already? I don’t know. Maybe her mom has her– Push or try. Do you want to get on my– Do you want to get on my back? Let’s go in. Together. I don’t want to go in. What a gentleman. Does she not answer?
I don’t wanna go in. It said, Hi, this is Emma Watts. Please call– Please call back,
and I’ll answer you later. Oh, that’s weird. We’ll try again. Let’s try it again. It’s Shari’s birthday today! Why did you do that? [everyone singing Happy Birthday] You guys are so cute. Is that your idea? I’m like– I’m all, tell them
it’s Shari’s birthday. Dinner was amazing. We are done with dinner, and we are heading over to Cory
and Shanna’s house. Bonnie just sent
me a text message, and I was like, Bonnie, are you sure that you gave me
the right number for Olivia? Because we’ve been trying
to call Olivia’s number, and it’s like the wrong number, and she just texts
me, she’s like, I’m an idiot. Olivia has been texting Julie
and is so sad she won’t answer. Because we haven’t figured out
how to make that connection. We’re gonna fix the number, and hopefully, Julie
can make a connection. Did you hear that Julie? We have the right number
for Olivia now. See if we can fix it
when we get in the house. It’s almost loaded. It’s almost loaded. Everyone has a phone. So everyone has a phone
that they’re gonna play, Yet I get it– I hopefully want to get
one for my birthday. What is Jackbox? I have no idea. It’s like a pack
of games, and… So there’s this game
called Fakin’ It, and then Trivia Murder Party, and like things like that, and they’re kind of just like
things you use on your phone. It’s almost like cahoot. If anyone’s– I’m like what’s cahoot. I don’t know. Welcome to Fakin’ It. I’ll be your spirit
guide through all this. Everyone’s gonna get a task
that involves raising your hand. Okay, sending the task
to your devices now. Oh, that’s a good one. The task was,
Raise your hand if you have a hidden tattoo. I’m glad no one does. That’s why no one
raised their hand. I think I’m following along. There is a faker in this room, and everyone thought
it was Chad, but it wasn’t. So the faker is still at large. I know who it is. Okay, everyone has a vote
for us to lock in. There it go. Okay, lock in your votes. I think I know who it is. We have to all like– I knew it, I voted– It was Abby! Good job, Abby. Good job faking. I knew Abby was the faker. Time to go. No. Yeah. Say goodbye to your friends. No. Yes. No. Oh, that’s nice. Chad’s vacuuming. Time to say goodbye to Lucy. Bye Lucy. Say goodbye. Did you ever get
a hold of Olivia? What’s up? Is that– Is that all it was? What’s up? And then we had emojis, and then we have
voice messages and stuff. We mostly do voice messages, because we can’t exactly say
everything we want on the text. So we do messages. Got it. All fun. Okay, ready. Yeah.
Yeah, that’s true. We needs water. I can’t see anything. I can’t see anything,
like literally. This is real life Walking Dead.>>And it honestly scares me. It scares me. Kesley, it’s scary. Go run, and show Kevin. Quick. Is this [inaudible]? Abby. That’s Ruby. Walk out like a zombie. Oh, hi. Oh my gosh. You look just
like the Walking Dead. Yeah, I can’t see anything. Now, you know why
the zombies don’t know where they’re going. Yes, that’s exactly why. That’s why they put
their hands in front of them. So they– If they
run into something. Such a fun fun night. And Kevin unfortunately
is not feeling very well. So I get to drive home. Where’s Chad? Is Chad in here? We will text him to come out. Chad is hiding and Kesley’s not. He has your purse. Oh, I forgot my purse. Thank you, Chad. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. All right, say goodbye. Thanks for watching. Thanks for watching.

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