17 Interesting & Fun Facts About Left Handed People

interesting and fun facts about being a
lefty and a southpaw attention all south pause this one’s for
you are you a lefty do you know anyone that’s left-handed if you don’t you
shouldn’t feel too bad about it because only a small percentage of the
population is left-handed it’s unclear what factors determine whether you’ll be
born left-handed or right-handed however researchers believe there is a link
between the environment and genetics now keep watching for interesting things you
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number 17 where the word left came from according to the site the word detective
the use of right as opposed to left came from the simple fact that most humans
are right-handed it was considered the proper or correct hand because it was
generally the stronger and more dexterous a word which comes from the
Latin Dexter meaning both skillful and right as in right-handed this use of
right as a relative direction arose in English in the early 13th century right
went on to develop dozens of meanings in all of the senses stronger hand morally
upright individual rights was a smashing popular success left on
the other end has a bit of a hard time the word left itself comes from the old
English roots meaning weak or foolish and it wasn’t known as the opposite of
right until the 13th century interestingly left replaced the old
english when estra as the common term for the side of the body opposite to the
right oddly enough the old one estra also meant friendlier and the name is
thought to have been a euphemism employed to avoid antagonizing the evil
spirits that were thought to dwell on the left side of the body number 16
tennis according to the Telegraph some of the most famous tennis players in the
world were lefties in fact seven of the first seventeen champions in the open
era were left-handed Rod Laver Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe in addition to
that and as recently as 1998 left-handers made up three of the top
four men seeds Marcelo Rios Peter kurta and Greg Rusedski and left-handers won
the title in 2001 2008 in 2010 fifteen they have their own day they
have a day of their own to celebrate their left-handedness August 13 is
International left-handers day not sure if anyone actually celebrates it but hey
now you know maybe get your left-handed friend a gift and let them know you
appreciate them and all of their left-handed glory do you know what
percentage of the population is left-handed
we’ll keep watching until the end to find out number 14
animals apparently animals can also be left pod according to studies for
example one study performed by researchers at Turkey’s Ataturk
University found that the majority of domestic cats are right pawed fifty
percent ten percent are ambidextrous and the remaining 40 percent are left pod
according to another study by the University of Manchester dogs tend to be
more evenly split fifty percent being right pawed and the other fifty percent
being left pod number 13 astronaut facts according to NASA more than 20% of
Apollo astronauts were left-handed this is either a coincidence or NASA
specifically selects left-handed people that means that if you’re a southpaw
maybe you should consider a career as an astronaut they have a cool job and as we
understand it it makes pretty well number twelve creativity a study
proposed by University College London psychologist Chris McManus suggests that
left-handed people have a highly developed right hemisphere which is
associated with creativity and inventiveness in fact some research has
found that lefties are better at divergent thinking the ability to think
of many solutions to a single problem an indicator of creativity number 11
it may be hereditary there is a hereditary and genetic aspect to being
left-handed the Daily Mail reports that queen mother Queen Elizabeth the second
Prince Charles and Prince William were all left-handed as if they needed
another trait to distinguish themselves from us commoners if you’re a south
father you can tell people that you have something in common with the Royals
number ten criminals according to an article published by The New Yorker many
of the world’s most notorious criminals and killers are left-handed here are
some examples Osama bin Laden the Boston Strangler and
Jack the river so now that we’ve told you to celebrate your left-handed
friends we are now telling you to be suspicious of them because apparently
they have a murderous streak number nine twins
studies state that twins are more likely to be lefties according to a study
conducted by sweet Chi Dean the prevalence of left handedness is higher
in twins compared to Singleton’s for several hypothesized reasons including
intruder in crowded mirror imaging and pre and or prenatal damage another study
suggests that twin populations may include two types of left-handers
natural and pathological number eight mental health according to a study
conducted by researchers at the University of Belgrade left-handedness
has been linked to neuroses the study concluded that from a public health
point of view left-handed men may be regarded as a relatively for horrible
population category concerning mental health number seven physical health
handedness seems to also be associated with physical health issues according to
studies a research study published in 2007 by the British Journal of cancer
found that lefties have a higher risk of breast cancer than right-handed people
this is especially prevalent in cancer that occurs after menopause while those
two factors seem entirely unrelated both could be a result of something affecting
the meatus in its early development number 6 intelligence according to a
study conducted by Giovanni Salah and Fernanda khob a professor of
decision-making and expertise at the University of Liverpool left-handed
people are good at math architecture and spatial awareness all three of these
things make an excellent architect number five sports lefties are good at
golf boxing baseball and tennis according to
linguist Rik Smits in his book the puzzle of left handedness he explains
that athletes left and right-handed usually train against right-handed
opponents however when facing a lefty southpaw is can easily adjust but
right-handed people are at a disadvantage number four Bert
Stanley Coren an experimental psychologist at the University of
British Columbia found that women that give birth in their 40s have a 128
percent higher chance of giving birth to a left-handed baby why is that the case
Turin explains that the various stress factors are common among women over 40
and they could produce a left-handed child including prolonged labor
breathing difficulty at birth low birth weight and the biological trauma of
being a twin or triplet number three arthritis and ulcers it isn’t all bad
health-wise in 2005 a study published in the journal laterality found that being
left-handed was linked to lower rates of arthritis and ulcers Gena Grimshaw PhD
director of the cognitive and affective neuroscience laboratory at Victoria
University of Wellington reveals that the most likely explanation to me is
that both handedness and disease risk depends on genetics and the interaction
of hundreds of genes she also states that we’ve mostly given up on the idea
that one or two genes explain any of these things and they have some of those
genes in common genetics are much more complicated than that
folks number to sleep if you are left-handed a disruptive sleep disorder
may influence your sleep differently according to studies a study by Donna
lead to our Hernandez a professor of medicine at the University of Toledo
Medical Center in Ohio found that among people who have a sleep disorder that
cause rhythmic movements in the night the left handed are more likely to move
both sides of their body now that you know some pretty interesting fun facts
about left-handed people here are the percentage of the population that is
left-handed number one according to an article published on the MSN only about
10 percent of the population is thought to be left-handed so what causes someone
to be left-handed or right-handed a DNA cork or an inherited trait scientists
are still unsure about the answer if you do happen to have a left-handed person
in your life cherish them there are so few in this world
interesting right are you left-handed which fun facts from this video are true
about you what did you find the most interesting let us know in the comment
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  3. Im strange in that
    Writing R
    Mouse R
    Eating …fork, spoon R, knife L
    Games, sports L
    Messaging…Contraption R, typing L

  4. So I’m a lefty and your telling me I could die from breast cancer and I’m not a twin so I’m part of 10 percent and I’m smart and spostsed to be carried

  5. Is it just me and does anyone else think that writing with your right hand just hurts? I've always been left handed and im proud

  6. I’m a lefty,
    I’d say I’m more artistic than smart, or athletic, did not intend for that to rhyme. Anyway, I’m the only lefty in my immediate family, it’s not the worst thing ever but eating at tables kinda stinks, always bumping elbows.

  7. 10% of population is leftie…bruh in my class theres 6 people who are leftie including me…thats just a classroom of 22 people…imagine the whole world? leftie aint that rare anymore 🙂 fun fact : it took my friend 5 years to realise im a leftie lmao

  8. Woah. Im a lefty! I'm a singleton- My mom gave birth to me at 28.. I'm so.. special.. And i like staying up late! And yeah i have troublebsleeping.

  9. Teacher: the school should have thought of you since you are left handed
    Me: Wow right handed are better the lefties?
    Me: Am i the only left handed one in class
    Teacher: yes
    Me:I'm Lonely 😛

  10. I’m a lefty and I am more creative than my siblings my son is ambidextrous my granddaughter is left-handed so I do think it is the genetic

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