18 Bizzare Marriage Rituals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist !

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  1. Wow @ the broom jumping. If you are going to give info about peoples cultures and reasoning makes sure you tell the whole truth.

  2. in my country if they disect a chicken they have to kill all the chickens but in the end they can't find the healthy chicken

  3. HEY DICK HEAD IM FROM Australia and we don't do THAT bitch where u form cause that just sad IMA search that up now!!!

  4. fucm

    fuck people agree here with OK,one how do u know huh like do u go up to An Australian or a Italy , China person or some shit and say"hey I'm soo fucked up in the head do u just do this shit and that shit on ur wedding bla bla bla some crap " BC like FUCK

  5. If a man marries a little girl that's pedofilia, if they marry an animal is called beastially, and the rest are just mentally ill.

  6. I am 100% Puerto Rican and I have NEVER Heard of the Doll. So hasn’t My Mother 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. I'm not from Puerto Rico but i like a wedding party.
    Somewhere in the world they use a doll at the end of the table. But we will never know in what country.

  8. The part of Puerto Rico does not and has never existed. Putting that label on Puerto Rican culture is wrong. It makes us look stupid. Not right!! Correct your errors.

  9. I am from Zagreb, Croatia and it's true, we do have a Museum of Broken Relationships but it has nothing to do with a marriage rituals… It is just a museum… 😀

  10. At 1:10 into the video, the narrator tells viewers about weddings resulting from kidnapping "brides" and says it was (believed to be) better if the bride was crying. This is predominantly Muslim country that is continuing an old Muslim custom apparently learned from Muhammad or other Muslims copying the barbaric practices of their ancestors, like INFIBULATION and CLITORIDECTOMY. https://youtu.be/f-wLG2dCS18

  11. At 1:29 the video deals with "marrying trees" in India and says it's done because the women are believed to be cursed because they were born during an unlucky astrological sign. Being born on a certain day is not a curse. Being born in sin and continuing in disobedience to the Word of God is a curse. https://youtu.be/smdARhF3Ec4

  12. This video didn't mention the practice of Orthodox Jews having a sheet with a hole between the couple during their consummation ritual. And the video didn't mention the early Catholic practice of allowing their clergy to be "married" or live with a wife while still encouraging the couple to avoid intercourse, which contradicts what the Bible teaches. (1st Timothy 4:3, 1st Timothy 3:1-5, Luke 1:5-18)

  13. How about getting Married. Getting cheated on in 5 years. Divorcing. Then marrying another cheating broad.

    Oh wait. That isn't a bizarre ritual at all.

  14. I bet half of the people to first say these crazy things would look down at us and go "Are you all idiots?! It was just a joke, not to be taken seriously!" and the other half go "I can't believe they bought the thing about the toilet LMAO they're so stupid!".
    Or maybe the editors of this clip are the ones to go laughing about these things

  15. Jump over a broom as they looked forward to their new lives…at first I heard it as looked forward to their demise 😂…as, unfortunately alot of marriages end up badly.

  16. I read a lot of the comments and lots of different people commented that were from the country so they would know that these rituals DO NOT EXIST NOW. Maybe long time ago they may have done some of these things in the video but only in certain parts of each of the Worlds… I live in America maybe there's some weird things that people do hear that you are not aware of ??? I say to each his own have a awesome day everyone

  17. Australia one is not entirely true, when we celebrate there are barbecues, beer and if your in the country there would be Rodio.. But even we mostly have wedding by the beach only few are in he outback.

  18. I'm from Puerto Rico and we definitely have the dolls. No wait, my bad. I married a Mexican man and he had a mistress on the side.

  19. OK some real facts brides and grooms do not pelt each other with dirt, gretna green foes not marry anyone under 16 its illegal to do so and finally because parts of Scotland were remote in the days before transport and a minister could take weeks to get to a village they would jump a broom stick and this was considered as being married. Love from Scotland

  20. Am french n truth be told i have never heard not see such tradition as drinking the alcool leftovers of a wedding in a replicate toilet bowl ? Where did you Her your sources ?

  21. Jumping over broom stick actually came from tribes in Africa. Slaves used this tradition die to not being able to have a grand wedding. After slavery couples still did the tradition but, they did go to court and got their legal marriage document as well. Today, some blacks include the jumping over a broomstick ritual but it's done after they do they have done the actual modern traditional wedding.

  22. Am a Canadian of "French" descent..to this day..the eldest single adult(s), (unmarried) sibblings(s) of the Bride and Groom, dance together in hand made, from their elders', hand me downs (for the occasion) woolen socks ..said to encourage the unmarried sibblings to find a mate within the year..fun time..moi, Canada 🇨🇦

  23. lol This is some of the dumbest shit I've ever heard… How would or why would anyone ever do or think of shit like this. Fuck, they've gotta be bored as shit.

  24. What ever happened to kneeling down, popping the question, and being ready for her to rip your heart out with a "NO!"?

  25. The Indian tradition you have discussed isn’t restricted only to women. Even men born “manglik” go through this ritual.

  26. i am from india and we tye rope around the tree not because women are cursed its because its a good luck charm an a blessing from nature to the newly weds.

  27. Humm…everyone so far is introduced as people of whatever location, but when jumping the broom is introduced it's the black south and the blacks…what happen to the political correctness there? Fell off the planet I guess.

  28. Poor girls. If there was a legitimate use for Navy Seals and the rest here it is. Bring in the mini guns and show grand dad what a perv he is, God's waitin for him.

  29. Im from papua new guinea and what they said is true. .. but not only in that village it happens in other areas as well …every village has their own songs for every different occasions and events with their own face paint 😃😃
    👍like if u dont know where papua new guinea is..

  30. There are laws too how young you have to be to get married in Scotland, people started to elope there when England changed the law to that you had to have your parents permission to marry if you were under 21 and it had to be in a church…. get your facts right.
    Also learn how to pronounce women properly.

  31. In India a manglik girl have to marry a tree to be fucking pure. This fucking bullshit still exists. Such an Idiot illiterate people we are. Being an Indian I don't believe in such shitty things😠😡

  32. No2 – Eloping in Scotland because there’s no age restriction to marriage?!
    Did these people do NO research?
    Young couples from ENGLAND used to elope to Scotland because the marriage age was lower. Gretna Green is right on the border so was the first place in Scotland that most of these couples came to… That is why it’s known for runaway marriages. It was always English couples that got married there.
    Nowadays people from all over the world marry in Gretna because of the romantic history.

    Makes me suspect that all the other ‘traditions’ are also a pile of horsepoo! Especially the other Scottish one. Although the wife carrying contests in Finland (?) really do happen.

  33. I would advise anyone to look at the comments below before watching any Facts Verse videos. They are clickbait trash and full of misinformation.

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  35. I,m from Puerto Rico, never heard, nothing about having a couple of dolls,…..we celebrate weddings as usual, …..neither as tradition, and I'm a senior citizen, and is first news to me, we put couple of dolls

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