19 Sweet Things To Do For Your Girl – Tricks to Easily Make Her Day

Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence. today we’re showing you 19 romantic things
to do for your girlfriend. A lot of guys think that big, romantic gestures
are all a girl wants to see, and while those can definitely be a nice surprise
when you do them right, to women, it’s the little things you do
that add up to show her how much you really care. So… here are 19 sweet things to do for your
girlfriend to let her know how special she is to you. #1: Cook Her Something Want to show her that you care, that you know what she likes, and show off your skills? Cooking her a meal she’s going to love is
a great way to do all three at the same time. Whether it’s breakfast in bed, a fun dinner,
or some homemade cookies, getting in the kitchen for her will quickly
show how much you like taking care of her. #2: Call or Text Her, Spontaneously Take a moment to surprise her with a call or text just to say hey,
or tell her you’re thinking about her. This simple act can easily brighten up the
middle of a long day at work or in class, and she’ll likely be pretty happy knowing
that you’re thinking about her enough to reach out. #3: Do Some of Her Chores One of the sweetest and most thoughtful things you can do for your girl,
is to take care of stuff around the house, that she hasn’t gotten around to doing. Whether it’s because she may not like to clean
or she just might not have the time, doing the dishes, a load of laundry, or sweeping
up is an opportunity to show her that you care,
and will instantly make her life a little bit easier. #4: Go Back to The Basics: Take Her on a Date This one may seem obvious, but if you’re looking to do something sweet for your girl,
taking her out on a fun date is probably a great place to start. Whether it’s just dinner and a movie, a fancy
date, or a long day trip to a nearby destination, taking her out and showing her a good time
is an easy a way to make her happy. #5: Comment When You Notice She Changes Something If you want to compliment how your girlfriend looks, that doesn’t sound like all the others,
compliment her when you notice she’s deliberately changed something about herself. By letting her know she looks good after she
recently changed her hair or got a new dress, not only will you be acknowledging how great
she looks, but you’re also showing her you pay enough
attention to notice that she’s has changed something. #6: Give Her a Real Compliment While it’s great to be in the habit of letting your girl know she looks good,
if you want to show her that you really think the world of her,
try to remember to give her compliments about all the other things that make her great. What exactly do I mean by this? Maybe she’s reached a milestone that she’s
proud of, or maybe she’s just really smart… Whatever it is, your compliments should not
be limited to how she looks. So next time you notice something great about
her judgment or her intellect… let her know! #7. Brag About Her You can even take complimenting her a step further, by bragging about her to others. Your girlfriend might be humble about her
talents or accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean you have to be! So if she’s done something that impressed
you, don’t keep it a secret… let everyone know you how highly you think
of her and talk her up! #8: Write Her a Letter One of the most classic and romantic things to do for your girlfriend,
is taking the time to handwrite her a letter. Actually writing a letter with pen and paper
is intimate and personal, and not only will it give you an opportunity
to tell her how you feel in a really sweet way,
but the effort it takes to organize and handwrite a letter that she can hold and keep
will also show her that you care enough to communicate with her in a really personal
way. #9: Flirt with Her in Public As you’re starting to see, it’s hugely important to let your girl know how much you like her. And one of the best ways to do that, is to
playfully flirt with her in public. Flirting is something that happens a lot in
the beginning of a relationship, but as time goes on,
a lot of guys feel that they’re “shown her all their moves”, and do it much less
frequently. But it’s still something almost all women
love from their boyfriend. So if it seems like you haven’t flirted with
her as much as you once did, try it out and let her know she’s still as
special as the day she first caught your eye. #10: Dance with Her Probably one of the sweetest things you can do for your girlfriend,
is to spontaneously take her hand and start slow dancing with her. It only takes a minute or two, and it’s
incredibly romantic. So try it out the next time she’s in the
kitchen, or doing stuff around the house. And to make it more romantic, do it while
she’s telling you about her long day. #11: Send Her Job Opportunities If you’ve ever had to do it, you know that looking for jobs can be pretty stressful. So if she’s looking for a new job, a nice
way you can let her know you’re looking out for her,
is to help her by sending her job postings of opportunities you think she’d be a good
fit for. Not only will she see that you understand
her goals and abilities, which is sweet all by itself,
but she’ll also know for sure that you care about her and her future. #12: Think of the Thing you DON’T Want to
do… and Suggest Doing It Whether it’s swing dancing, dressing up for
a costume party or maybe going to a play, for a lot of guys, there is probably something
that their girlfriends are dying to do, but that they really don’t want to do. So if you really want to show her you can
put her happiness first, think of the thing you know she wants to do,
and suggest doing it. Not only will she be surprised by your suggestion,
but she’ll also be elated to see you set aside your reservations in order to make her happy. #13: Make Her Coffee Ahead of a Long Day One hugely romantic (and helpful) thing you can do for your girlfriend,
is to make her a cup of coffee ahead of a long day. Some mornings are crazier than others and
sometimes, she may not even have the time to
make herself that all-important cup of coffee. So if you see that happening, you can step
in with a quick cup of coffee to send her off with. Not only will she leave ready for the day
ahead, but also with every sip of the warm coffee
you made for her, she’ll be reminded of you. 14: Surprise Her with Something Sweet in the
Fridge After a Tough Day Just like it’s nice to make her coffee ahead
of a long day, leaving her something to enjoy when she gets
home from a tough day is a simple but sweet thing to do. Maybe it’s a piece of tiramisu or a cupcake
from her favorite bakery. whatever it is that she likes,
opening the fridge after a long day and seeing it waiting for her will definitely make her
smile. #15: Surprise Her with Something
That You Remember She Likes Surprisingly, a lot of guys don’t make the
effort to remember the stuff that their girlfriends say. But for the guys who does, it can be a hugely
romantic gesture in his girlfriend’s eyes. Maybe she once said something was cute in
a store, but didn’t buy it. Or maybe she mentioned how she wanted to try
out a new cafe or see a new movie. Whatever it was, remembering the things your
girlfriend passively mentions and acting on them
is probably one of the sweetest things you can do for your girlfriend. #16: If There’s a Show You Both Like, Don’t
Watch It Without Her You may think, “So what if we don’t get
to watch every episode of a TV show together? …I mean, last week’s episode ended on
a pretty big cliffhanger.” Now, while it’s obviously not a big deal
to watch one episode without her, choosing to wait for your girlfriend, is not
only a super considerate, sweet thing to do for her,
but it also gives you consistent fun thing to do together every week. #17: Treat Her Like a Princess Whether or not they admit it, every girl likes being treated like a princess. So do specific little things like:
Opening the door for her, carrying her bag, or getting her flowers. It shows her how important she is to you,
and is always a really sweet way to surprise her. #18. Shake Up the Routine You obviously don’t want your girlfriend to be bored in your relationship,
so if things seem like they’ve gotten a little routine,
change them up by adding some variety to your typical schedule. Take a day off to play hooky together, Have
a longer-than-usual lunch, or doing go something instead of your standard
happy hour. This fun thing to do will add some flavor
to your typical week, and will help break the monotony. #19. When You Go to the Store,
Pick Up Something For Her Not only does grabbing something for her clearly
show her that you’re thinking about her, but it also shows her that you know what she
likes and you care about her enough to get it. Maybe it’s something small she needs like
her shampoo, maybe it’s her favorite donut, or maybe you’re about to go big and get
her that espresso machine she’s been wanting. Whatever it is, surprising her with something
she needs or wants, is a sweet, romantic thing to do for your
girlfriend, and one that she’ll definitely appreciate. That’s 19 incredibly nice things you can do
for your girlfriend. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to let
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  1. ive gotten my first girlfriend, tbh she is the first person that has actually fallen for me, she loves me and i love her, and i hope to make her the happiest person alive!

  2. 11? help her look for a job?? Tell her look for her own damn job like I did……Honestly probably like all of us youtubers probably did.

  3. LISTEN UP LADIES, as much as we are happy to treat you like a queen. It goes both ways. Do something nice for your man and treat em like a king. Because then it feels like we are doing things for you without being appreciated

  4. Marry her multiple times. Warp her reality. Leave her questioning her age. How old am I. How many children do I have. How many husbands do I have.

  5. Get her parents to get one of the cards that have a voice saying I love you get them a giant teddy to go with it and when one of her parents pass give it to her on the next valentines Christmas or whatever is close especially her bday

  6. if you need advice theeen you're doing it wrong. The lady for you will probably be attracted to you regardless of how you act or what you do. Not 15 random ass things some monotone lady says. Be confident in yourself and it works out.

  7. No one:
    Me: here’s your Louis Vuitton bag you wanted along with the Gucci slides you also really wanted and by the way I left you 500 on the table for coffee. "She knew I was thinking of her"😂

  8. 07:33 u mean marry her a away to random french noble and make her do all the housework as a slave?. It would be nice but ehmm

  9. Who else already has a gf, but is still watching? Also, try to put a twist, or something that makes these that make them different than the basics.

  10. Some good tips, but 17 really depends on what type of girl you're in a relationship with. My gf likes to take control in her own hands and doesn't want me to open the door for her or carry her bag (which I really admire and appreciate). Also, she did nr 16 to me with Stranger Things, so goes both ways..

  11. "13. Make her coffee ahead of a long day"
    Coffee includes Caffeine which can cause insomnia, Stomach Irritation, increase heart rate and respiration and more.

  12. Number 5 give her a compliment Number 6 give a real compliment
    insert Jim from the office saying “different but not really”

  13. I treated my girlfriend like a queen but she treated me like a cunt be there for her but yet she always talking about ther fucked up friend lol

  14. Thank you for this, I am done watching those alpha male crap and being mean to your girl because you want her to chase you. That almost cost a brake up in our relationship. I don’t like being mean to a lady I love, I prefer talking about our flaws and make amends, than distancing myself from her so that she will chase me and adore me and all that crap sh*t we love each other and that is what matters to me, women needs care, affection and understanding if you care for them enough you will be in there head all the time.

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