1998 NCAA Division III National Champions – 20th Anniversary

The 1998 Washington College men’s lacrosse
team won their program’s first NCAA Division III National Championship when they defeated
Nazareth College, 16-10. Their championship win was years in the making
after falling short the previous two years with overtime losses to Nazareth. After a 6-4 advantage at half, the Golden
Flyers fought back to pull ahead, 9-8 in the third quarter, but the Shoremen responded
with a remarkable 8-1 run in the fourth to capture the national championship. Senior attackman Andy Lopatin was named the
Most Outstanding Player with a game-high four goals. The team finished the season with a 14-4 record
and had eight players named as All-Americans. Fans, please welcome the 1998 NCAA Division
III Men’s Lacrosse National Championship team – the Washington College Shoremen! The Shoremen join us this weekend to celebrate
the anniversary of their 16-10 victory over Nazareth College which crowned them champions
20 years ago. Now let’s go down to the field to Mark Sherman,
who’s with Coach Haus for a few words.>>Down here with Coach Haus … Coach, first
of all, congratulations on being here for the 20th anniversary, thanks for joining us.>>Thank you.>>Absolutely. Well, what is it like to be back in this atmosphere
20 years later? Does it bring back some good memories?>>Uh, powerful memories. An incredible group of young men that did
an outstanding job in 1998. I’m so very proud of them.>>And what’s it like to be back … back with
the crew, back with the guys, back together again?>>It’s the greatest thing ever. It’s my family and their my boys.>>Well, what have you guys been doing? What do you got planned for the night? What do we, what do we got going?>>Well, we, uh, had a little tailgate outside
and then, uh, when we finish the game here, I’ll let those guys go on their way and the
old coach will leave.>>The old coach? You look great, coach, what are you talking
about? All right. You might make some enemies and friends right
now, but I got to, you’re a coach, you know the game. What’s your prediction, what do we got for
the second half?>>I hate to say this, but Washington College
has not really been fond of Salisbury, so we’ll go with Wesleyan.>>And we’re gonna leave it with that. He says, “Go Wesleyan.” Guys, round of applause for Coach Haus and
the 20th anniversary of the national champions from Washington College!

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