1st Birthday Cake Ideas | Fondant Cake Decorating Tutorial

With just a couple simple tools, I’ll show
you how to make this adorable owl-themed 1st Birthday Cake!
Hey, I’m Joshua John Russell, I’m starting with my cake covered in fondant so next step
to make our owl. First, roll out a piece of fondant and cut
an oval using an oval cutter set. Now let’s add some eyes. Cut two circles. 
Then use the cutter again to cut a small picece from one eye and then join the two cirles
together to make them look like one piece. Now, make two small black circles for the
pupils and a small triangle for the beak. We can make the illusion of feathers by cutting
a smaller oval and use a circle cutter to leave space for the eyes. 
Now I will texture this area with a dresden tool.
Let’s put him together! I’ll use piping gel to build the owl onto the cake.
For the finishing touches, I will add some colorful letters using a letter cutter set
and some piping. Now a popular add on is a matching smash cake.
To make this, simply cut a small round of cake and ice it in white buttercream.
Then pipe a “1” on top in a pastel color. Colored buttercream on a smash cake can make
for a tough clean up, ao I prefer a simple white cake, but that’s totally up to you!
And there you have it, a cute 1st birthday cake and matching smash cake. Can you believe
how easy that was? Thanks for watching, and don’t forget you
can click the “i” in the top-right corner of this video to learn more Cake Decorating
techniques or to find the supplies I’ve been using in this video.

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