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  1. Bence vidyoların hepsinde alt yazı koyarmısın. SENI ÇOK SEVIYORUM. OYUNCULUĞÜN MÜKEMMMELLLLL

  2. Omg I just need to say that I absolutely love you and your personality! Your personality I so genuine and contagious that I feel like I already know you! Please don’t lose your fun and carefree personality because I will literally cry. I just wanted to say that because I thought you should know that from another person’s perspective. Thank you for making it seem like I already know you just based off the aura you give off. Love you, your personality and character, and bomb acting skills! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. as a makeup artist, I feel like I do learn a bit watching your glam team– and I just absolutely enjoy these videos so much, and hope to see more of your glam team :)<3

  4. No meu celular o título tá em português no de vcs tb?? I love you Madelaine Petsh❤️❤️

  5. I love watching you but I can’t because I know I will never look that beautiful and I just hate myself, I’m sorry that some people had to read this but I had to say this,and no I’m not looking for attention but I have anxiety, and hate my body, so if anyone knows something that can help please comment.

    Edit:please no hate I’d rather not need to deal with that to.

  6. я и не представляла что в жизни, ты такая весёлая и игривая😍💛, Madelaine you perfect girl😍💔, i love you so much🇷🇺💘

  7. If u look in the mirror when Marc and the other girl(srry I dont know her name) u can see a shadow running through there

  8. Omg my heart seized when I saw that she plays the new Harry Potter app! She should do a video about her character 💗

  9. I wanted to tell you create shop on Riverdale movie and by where you’re my favourite actor in Riverdale I wanted to tell you Craig shop on Riverdale movie and by where you’re my favourite actor in Riverdale

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