2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS Celebration in Public + HUGE GIVEAWAY ($2000, IPhone X,, Yeezys)

We hit two million! Two million subscribers! Thank you guys so much, I couldn’t have done this without you! i am so excited! Knubby is really excited too. Knubby how excited are you? Alright, we’ll probably get a neighbor complaint really soon so Knubby shhh shh Alright, alright Thank you guys so much. Oh okey [Edith] Knubby has a message for Q Squad? So Knubby, tell the Q Squad that we couldn’t have done this without them! What else do you have to say? So I probably can’t say it better than Knubbby already just said it himself but you guys inspire me to keep on making videos. You guys leave like the best comments You guys leave awesome suggestions. and i just really enjoy making you guys laugh. We are one of the fastest growing Squads on Youtube! Yeah, we are strong yeah We are a strong ass family. and we are just getting stronger. You guys so much love that makes me just want to keep on going out there provides fuel for my twerking. It really does. Thank you guys so much as my way of showing appreciation for that I want to do a giveaway for you guys. This giveaway is going to be dope. we are doing the special 2 million giveaway so I’m going to give details on that in a bit. But before we get to that, I’ve have been saving this moment for you guys. This is the 1 million subscriber plaque. I haven’t opened it yet because i wanted to share it with you guys at the right moment. This is that moment and we also have the 100K plague which i never opened because we have been grinding so hard out here. We are growing so fast. We got 2 million from 100k to 2 million so fast. So we are going to open both of them right now. i just wanted to share that with you guys. because honestly this wouldn’t have happened without all you guys. So thank you. Let’s get to it! [Edith] What are these muscles for? [Q] Absolutely nothing. For Twerking and popping booty. Alright, ready? WOOO Ya’ll ready for this? oh here’s a nice thank you note. We’ll read that later. There we go baby. This one is for you guys, Q Squad. Thank you, guys. But wait there’s more! Presenting Oh yeahh The gold button! uummm gold! uh, please excuse that. Yes, that was very weird. So this is the new style of button. [Edith off camera] Q Squad are we going to get to 10? Yo diamond is next baby! Get in the QSQUAD before we hit 10! cuz once we hit 10, doors are closed Ya’ll not welcomed that come in after 10. [Edith Off camera] We are going to speak to Youtube We are going to close the doors at 10. We are going to be at 10 forever on the dot. [Edith] ohmygawd i can see you staring at them. What are you planning? What are you planning? Please tell me you are not going to do anything crazy! [Q] I will not do anything crazy We just hit 2 million subscribers! QSQUAD we did it! We hit 2 million subscribers ! QSQUAD we did it ! Alright, i guess it is obvious I am really excited about 2 million and you guys should be too because without you guys, the QSQUAD we wouldn’t have been here so thank you guys so much. I know i keep saying it but i really really do appreciate it, and in order to show you guys how much i appreciate you I am doing a big giveaway. Bigger than the last time because it’s 2 million, baby! So we are giving double the prizes. Double the big prizes. So the first prize is mula. Who doesn’t like mula? I like mula. So we are giving away 2 1 thousand dollar prizes. mhm. Prize number 2, the sony a6500. Yeah, this is the camera that Edith and I use to film all our stuff. It is a dope camera. We are giving away 2 of those. We are also giving away, my favorite prize, 2 iphone X with a personalized shout out from yours truly on it. So whoever wins get the chances to tell me what you want me to make a video shout out of. You want to say happy birthday to you out in public? I’ll do it. You want me to just scream at the top of my lungs and say your name in a room full of people? I will do it. Just no naked stuff or weird you know weird stuff. Leave that at home. But other than that, I’m at your service. So two of you guys are going to win that. Finally the fourth prize we are giving away 2 pairs of yeezys in the heezys. cuz i know people like to rock yeezys nowadays. I know i do. So we are going to give away two pairs of yeezys. How do we win? Everyone wants to know, how do we win? It’s only a few simple steps. Step number 1, subscribe to this channel. Hopefully you are already subscribed and supporting the movement already. Part of the QSQUAD. But if you are not get in the family now before we hit 10 million. Number 2, turn on those post notifications. You know that bell icon? I love the post notification squad. I know not all of you guys are on the post notification squad. So make sure you have step number 2 done. Because you need to have all the step in order to win. Step number 3, we just launched a spotify. Follow our spotify. The link is going to be in the description A lot of you guys have been asking for a playlist of the songs that we been putting out. and so we are going to be putting out some dope playlist that you can like , you know, get your jam on. so make sure you follow that spotify. That’s step number 3. and for the final step, which is the most important step. Make sure you go to the link down in the description and enter in your information. because thats is how we contact the winners. So you can’t win the prize, if you don’t enter in your information. Make sure you enter in your information correctly. Because some of you guys mistyped your email address and the emails got bounced back when we were contacting the winners. So ya’ll almost won the prize But you know, you didn’t enter in your information correctly. I’ll hate to see that happen to one of you guys. So make sure you get that. And make sure you get all the steps done because if you don’t get all the steps done. Then unfortunately you are disqualified. So i don’t want that to happen to any of you guys either. That’s all you really need to do. As long as you do those steps, ya’ll are entered to win these prizes and we also have a couple of bonus entries. In the description, there’s going to be a couple of extra steps that you can take to have additional entries into the contest. Make sure to check the description, we are going to have those bonus steps in there and you are going to get a couple of additional entries if you complete those as well. So good luck to you guys. We are going to choose 6 winners. Hopefully it will be you. We are giving away some big prizes this time so good luck to you guys. Hopefully i will be contacting you, make sure you get your contact information correct. Thank you guys so much for two million. I want to be able to this every single, we are going to hit 3 million before you know it. Then 10 million, we are on the, Qsquad is on the road to 10 million . and then i don’t know, I’m i going to have to give 10 of these prizes each. Maybe. I don’t know. We’ll get there when we get there. But thank you guys so much for this huge landmark. 2 million. I never like i really did not expect to hit 2 million so quickly. We lit We lit ya’ll. Thank you so much. Adios churritos. That was Toight.

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  1. QSQUAD WE DID IT!!! Hay subtitulos en espaรฑol! As a huge thank you, we are giving away huge prizes to you guys! Steps to win are here https://www.wildkpop.com/qpark-in-public-giveaway/
    Love you guys so much!!!!๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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  7. You know what you've earned my subscription because you did justice by celebrating publicly for reaching 2 Million Subscribers. ๐Ÿคฃ

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    Your show is great
    If I sad…
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  14. QPARK, I gotta give lots credits bro… And you know how to give away Really good awards… Not cheesy gifts… Most Youtubers just sell some cheesy clothing that nobody wants to wear… Anyways, Congratulations bro…You've earned it. It's Original & hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Btw, the 7 month old I babysit, bouncy dances to you when I watch you..

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  19. I've been drinking continuously since the last few days coz of depression but today I saw your channel for the first time & thanks for bringing lightening up my mood! U are amazing! Keep up with the good work! Love from India!

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