20 Ways to Annoy Your Guests at Holiday Dinner

(upbeat rock music) (loud belch) (upbeat rock music) – Hey guys, it’s Kimmy from
the Kamri Noel Channel! And today, I’m going to show you how to annoy your guests
at a holiday dinner. But before we get started,
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Kamri on musical.ly. Now onto the video! (fun playful music) – [Narrator] The first
way to annoy your guests is to pick out the food you
want before dinner starts, lick it and put it back. That way nobody else
will be able to touch it. Pick and flick is so first grade. If you really want to annoy your guests, pick your nose and wipe
it on their napkin. They’ll have a wonderful surprise waiting when they get ready to eat. You can’t go wrong with a classic, so make sure you reach over
people sitting next to you. (fun playful music) Does your family hate
it when you double dip? Wait until they find out
that you double licked! (maniacal laughter) The fancier the dinner, the
less you need your napkin. So toss it over your shoulder and use the tablecloth instead. (playful guitar music) Next step to annoying your guests, play with toys at the dinner table. Make sure you make lots
of awesome sound effects that will distract your guests
from their conversations. (monster growling)
(silly gun shooting) If you really want to disgust your guests, stuff your face before talking to them. – Hey Bella.
– What? – What did the turkey say to the pilgrim? – Huh?
– Don’t eat me! (giggles) – [Narrator] They won’t
be able to understand you, but the faces that they
give you will be worth it. (playful music) (loud slurping) Slurping your drink is
sure to annoy your guests especially the ones sitting close to you. In some countries, burping
is considered a compliment, and that’s good enough for me! (loud belch) This next step is quite easy actually. Just pretend that you’re a caveman that hasn’t eaten for two weeks. (loud grunting) If you don’t like your food, just spit it out onto your plate. The chef will like your feedback. – That is disgusting! – [Narrator] If you get tired of wiping your hands on the tablecloth, you can always just lick them clean. (playful music) My guests hate it when I
steal food off their plate, but because I’m such a sneaky ninja I can always complete my mission. (playful rock music) Your guests might be
yelling at you to give them their food back, so throw it back at them. (loud ninja yell) Put your stinky feet on the table, it’ll add a sweet smell to
the turkey and biscuits. (flies buzzing) Chomping on ice annoys
everybody in my family, especially if your uncle’s a dentist! (ice chomping) Never cover your mouth when sneezing! (sneeze) Your guests will appreciate
the added protein. (farting noise) Farting during dinner is a must do! Fan the stinky air towards your guests so they have to smell it, not you. (squishing noise) Do your best impression
of a popping pimple by squishing mashed
potatoes between your teeth. (squishing noise) Mashed potatoes are the perfect
weapon for your catapult, so load it, fire and hit your victim. (squishing noise) One of my personal favorites
is building a sculpture out of your food. You can even go the extra
mile by taking the foods that everybody needs like butter or salt. That’ll definitely be annoying. – Brady!
(knocking) Come here!
Oh, there you are! You’re underneath the table! – [Narrator] At least once during dinner, be sure to let any four legged animal up to have snack too. We have common food interests. Never touch the green stuff. – Give me a kiss. (quiet giggling) I hope you guys learned
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