20 years of Tomb Raider/ Rise of the Anniversary (Animation Parody) [ENG/ PT-BR/ PL Sub]

“I could use a coffee. How about you?” Big Spring Clean-Up ? “You’re a big boy. You can handle it.” “You may excuse my trainee incompetence, don’t hesitate to reprimand him” I do not deal with garbages ! “Excuse me, powerful mistress !” No! “I need to breathe!” Welcome back to my humble abode… Hey ! My name’s Lawa Crott! And I’ll relate you my last adventure! It appears that no later than last week… Lawa! Lawa!! My god !!! Quick!! It’s terrible!! Jean-Yves?! What is terrible ? What is going on? I do not have time to explain to you! Come, quick! You must come with me !! Could you at least tell me where we’re heading to ?! You’ll guess pretty soon! I hope your heart is hanging at the right place! There! It’s here !! oh! my god !!!! Wait … I came all the way here just for that ? Yep, that’s fine ! We can go back home now ! Seriously Jean-Yves… you’ve gone too far ! SURPRISE!! What’s that bullshit ? Well, we came to celebrate … your 20th … Anniversary! “Feast your eyes on this, Lara.” “How does that make your wallet rumble?” I don’t give a f*ck! “I am you, with the flaws removed” Just, there is a little mistake … My birthday was last month … None of you remembered it ! Better late than never !! Let’s go!! Everybody on the couch!! You’re beautiful Miss… TV !! TV !! TV !!! … and my birthday cake?! OOh! Who cares about the cake!! Exactly! What’s a man got to do to get that kinda attention from ya? I don’t know… Some people must know… No, I’m kidding ! I brought it with me ! Wait, I’ll take it out of my bag! Janice made it! Yumy … That … This looks delicious … Wooow! So good, he even kept the candles lit ! This is glorious! it’s pathetic … be careful honey! … and now, the cherry on the cake! He Ho! When are we watching TV?! “Someday you will get a speeding ticket for that tongue.” Oh! Yes sorry… Where is the remote? He! Lawa! Ha Ha Ha! You’re so dumb!! I’ll teach you about good manners! Lara? Stop fooling around! How old are you?! He started off! You’re twenty! Stop that behaviour… petty fool. What ever… I am not a fool. That’s ancient history, been there, done that Who d’you think you’re kidding
He’s the earth and heaven to you Try to keep it hidden
Honey we can see right through you (Oh nooo) Girl, you can’t conceal it
We know how you’re feeling
Who you thinking of? No chance, no way, I won’t say it, no, no You swoon, you sigh, why deny it, oh, oh It’s too cliché, I won’t say I’m in love You bitch! No, it’s not right… Go back to the start and try again Gosh! That was my best time yet! Hi! I am Spyro, what are you? some kind of goat? Hands on your head! Bring in on shorty! Rude individual Rude individual “I think we are facing a serial killer!” “What?” “I think we are facing a serial killer!” “a what?” “Serial killer!” “What?” “a Serial Killer! a murderer.” “aaah…. Serial Killer!” Do you know that we have ever met each other? Really? Yes I don’t remember… In Egypt… 25 centuries ago you were a camel but since then, you evolved a lot! Thank you! Make a leap backward, then 2 leaps forward… look at your partner, in the eyes gently… Pinch his two cheeks… and give him a titou! How do you feel ? Do you suffer? They’re all dead ! A lot of my patients come to see me, because of a loss they had in their life … Oh no !! Your husband ? Was he really sad ? Accept the paine… Amanda? The kind of lady I like ! Definitely… there is bullshit on TV! Oh Yeah! It was passionating! We can finally eat the cake ! OH, thinking about this! I invited my whole familly to eat the cake! Your WHAT?! Come on! Come children!! Dad ! Dad !! Dad !!! She turned completely crazy!! Flee you fool! Scandalous! You can’t bump off me and my brood so easy, Lara!
(shut your fucking mouth and run for your life honey!) Where have they been? You made them flee ! What ?…. and my presents!? Vanished …oh.. There ..? How dare they to do this to me? They haven’t realised how much … How much I … … How much I’m sensitive! Well, at least, the cake is still here !

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Zellphie! Your work is always amazing and very well thought out, I love it 😀 This one in particular made me laugh a lot. Bravo!

  2. J'en reste bouche bée :O
    C'était PARFAIT 😀 !!!
    Tu peux pas savoir comment je me suis marré avec ta vidéo PARFAITE 😀 !!!!
    Je me suis pas marrée comme ça depuis bien longtemps X)
    Bonne continuation pour tes futurs projets 😀 !!!!!

  3. Hi Zellphie! This video is realy incredible, it makes me laught a lot of times XD. My favourite part is when Lara try to escape of Winston xD. PD: How do you do this? I hope your answer! 🙂

  4. Haha I love this whole thing so – damn – much! It was so hilarious I can't even choose which part I love the most! XD

  5. 3:50 onwards, don't you try to deny it, Lara, you're in love! (Yes, I ship AOD Lara with Kurtis, what of it? :P)

  6. A cool and amusing animation. I loved it. I found the bit with the butler funny, when he was following Lara around with the tray, so she freaked out and ran away screaming. Hilarious stuff! Brilliant animations! A fun way to celebrate 20 years of tomb raider.

  7. Zellphie I love your videos they are so amazing and funny! Love your channel! You are my favourite youtuber! Stay awesome!

  8. Pas mal du tout 😀 et moi qui me disait qu'il n'y avait que des anims xna et qu'il fallait que j'en fasse une sur 3dsMax, je tombe là dessus. gg t'as du t'amuser, c'est cool et c'est bien fun, continues comme ça ! 😉

  9. Excellent !! J'étais pliée tout le long haha !! Toutes ces références (+ 1 point pour le "REDFIELD !!" d'ailleurs :') ) et ces animations c'est juste génial, merci <3

  10. omg its so funny 😂😂 I love it. Im so grateful for polish subtitles, why polish? You have could do italian, german, spanish… so many languages. and you did polish , its nice thanks. 😘😘😘

  11. Dès l’intro on est déjà chez nous, les petits pets de Winston, les références au film, mais Jean-Yves vient bouleverser ce petit ménage de printemps ^^  Les permutations de voix entre ton doublage et celle Lara TRL je suis dead XDDD Je pourrais commenter chaque seconde tout est drôle et savamment orchestré, ces perso improbables qui se rencontrent, l’autre qui dégueule le gâteau roooh mais sympa la p'tite dédicace a Animated Croft -J'avais eu la chance de voir le début de la première chanson, c’est ultra bien animé Lara est juste parfaite mais Janice qui s'excite et se frotte contre la statue en chantant j’en pleure XD et le petit « sale p*te » bien placé j’approuve lol -C'est flippant le passage ou Lara essaye d’échapper a Winston le stalker :O

  12. La séquence Lara x Sam c’est trop yuri kawai XD ce que j’adore c’est qu'elles sont collées à 2cm les yeux dans les yeux et continue a gueuler  comme des malades leurs noms mdr -Trop fier de t’avoir vu en vrai faire le passage « ahaaaa un serial killer ? » ^^ -Winston au piano mééééééé fait une version 10h mdr -Lara trop vulgaire contre la pauvre raie XD avec "what is love" qui redémarre, ça doit son thème pour les moments psychopathe lol -Miku qui chante avec Amanda crevée par terre, le détail qui tue loule -Woaaa encore ma tronche et sur le bureau de Natla la nymphomane :O c’est un honneur vraiment <3 -Ça me touche que tu aies repris le moment mélancolique d’Amanda chez la psy pour en faire quelque chose encore mieux, plus émouvant encore et la ça dérape tu t’y attends pas Lara explose le crane de sa vieille amie okkkk … Natla a le bon mot pour la fin lol

  13. – le passage avec la danse de crash, j’en connais un qui a du apprécier :D -Genial le passage avec Mr TREX ^^ et j'en profite pour te féliciter sur des animations qui sont assez bluffantes ! quand elle est étonnée par exemple. -Maiiiis on voulait une adaptation de la reine des neiges par Winstoonnnn, Lara t'es relou XD -Tu tes lâché pour la musique des immigrés roumain, cette mise en scène avec le scion amazing so much wow -Maité qui regarde l’impact de balle dans le portrait excellleeeeent ^^
    Une de tes meilleures vidéo, vraiment bravo !!

  14. can .,, someone make a English version of this please, I have dyslexia so I can't read su subtitles very well. please p c an someone do thus

  15. Natla: "You can't bump off me and my brood so easy, Lara!"
    (Shut your fucking mouth and run for your life honey!)

  16. French+English+Romanian(Dragostea din tei), three of my favorite languages and this is so funny and well made. Nice job!

  17. I'm watch this video
    me:SHUT UP!!!
    mom:What do you say? no lunch 1 month
    me:oww stupid Y girl game make me have a bad luck😳

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