20,000 subscriber celebration video!

Wow! My drawing channel has reached 20,000
subscribers! I’d like to thank everyone who has helped and encouraged me to carry on.
I thought I should draw something special to celebrate, but couldn’t think what. I asked
for ideas on twitter (you can follow me @shoorayner) – @jakehenley123 suggested I should “give
all your subs 20 pounds. Lol :D” Well, much as I’d love to, I’m afraid I can’t afford
to do that! But it gave me an idea… I’m a great one for affirmations to cheer
me up when things are aren’t going right, so I thought I would give you a special affirmation
in the style of a joke banknote. The message on it reads, “I wish the bearer of this note
to have a fabulous life and to become Really good at drawing through practice, practice,
practice! with best wishes Shoo Rayner.” Go to the address in the comments box below,
click the download file, print out the page and cut out the note. Then keep it in your
purse or wallet or put it up where you can see it so you can read it every time you feel
like giving up on a drawing or just can’t get yourself started. Read the note and tell
yourself, “I’ll start and I’ll finish.” You know, so much of getting better at drawing
is just about getting in the habit of drawing something each day and completing it. Don’t
try to do a masterpiece in one sitting – just do something small that you can finish and
be proud of. Good luck and thanks for following me so far.
Now – on to the next 20,000 subs! Take care – see you next time – bye bye!

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  1. Congratulations! I still remember when you only had 1000 subscribers and didn't speed up your drawing videos :')

  2. Practice, Practice, Practice works on so many things. LOl, I am trying to be a indie game designer myself, and it took me practice to just figure out what I can or cannot do with my programs for designing. Heck still learning how to make music.

  3. I'll surely do that!
    By the way, quick question:
    Does your dyslexia affect your drawings, or have you adapted to it?

  4. Oh my gosh 0.0! I Can be a linguistic genius!!! (And as fun as it is, I checked that linguistic genius from google translator :))

  5. Truly something to celebrate! Congrats Shoo, you worked very hard to make it happen.
    Thank you for all that hard work to help all of us.

  6. Hey Shoo Congrats!!! glad you got 20,000 subs…Can you subcribe me? because I want 20,000 too and every sub counts you know 🙂

  7. How lovely, I will get my copy in a mo thank you. So pleased you have so many subscribers now, I joined last year when I had just picked up a pencil – you taught me so much, but above all I can always hear your words, practice, practice, practice..

  8. You're amazing Shoo! I hope one day I could draw as awesome as you :). Your videos are amazing! Greetings from Peru :).

  9. Shoo rayner you are my artist inspiration I am only 10 years old but everyone in my school says I am the best artist in my school and all because of you THank you shoo and please make more videos FOr my birthday I would want to meet you GO SHOO

  10. I have been a fan from the beginning and you have helped me to draw things for birthadys, mothers day, fathers day and even the books that I am writing!
    You are a very inspirational person. I will be your fan forever!!

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