2015 Harvest Celebration – Sunday, November 8

wine growers in Temecula California are
harvesting this seasons grapes early although yields are historically low
around the West Coast, a special vintage is expected it’s because of rarely seen elements
throughout the year an unseasonably warm winter contributed to an early bud-
break followed by cooler weather in the spring which causes uneven ripening
growers will have to work harder to separate the right and highly
concentrated flavors from the green berries in many cases from the same
cluster. And so the vintners found themselves doing an uneasy trade with
mother nature a lower crop yeald in exchange for a depth of flavor and elegance that isn’t typically seen this all culminates to Temecula wine
country’s 2015 harvest celebration tour featuring new experiences in this once a
year hallmark event Sunday November eight
join us on an exclusive tour to eight wineries each featuring a special
combination of delectable food and featured wines barrel samples new releases and popular
favorites will be paired with chef’s creations at each of the featured wineries. all day deluxe transportation will be
provided for most area hotels and from Old Town Temecula to learn more visit www.gogrape.com/Temecula or call 1 888 894 6379 for more information 2015 Harvest Celebration, Sunday Nov 8. Reserve your tour today

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