[2015MAMAxMPD] BTS 진 생일축하 몰래카메라 Jin’s surprise party 151210

Jin’s surprise birthday party hidden camera Plan 1: acrostic poem battle Plan 2: MPD picks Jin as the winner of the best acrostic poem Plan 3: leaves the hotel with Jin to have a date (?) Plan 4: the rest of the members hide in the toilet and prepare the cake Plan 5: A young woman lying in the bed… Jin’s reaction would be?? Let’s begin!! BTS is taking a break in the hotel Mission: ‘Hong Kong’ acrostic poem BTS: Hi~ JH: You came to our room~ S: We see each other every day. RM: We see MPD more often than our mothers S: We see him everyday S: He’s suffocated (mission: make acrostic poem with ‘Hong Kong’) J: Hong Kong acrostic poem mission JH: Do it, quick V: I will do it first! V: Please say the rhyme for me Hong V: Our Jin hyung’s visual exists, even without any promotion. It’s his birthday today. It’s his birthday later Kong V: Congratulations~ (OMG!) J. It’s not my birthday today, but thank you (v accidentally mentioned Jin’s birthday) V: I thought of it as soon as I saw that J. Thank you~ (production crew is also flustered… but luckily he didn’t notice) JH: BTS is attending MAMA in Hong Kong ‘Kong’ JH: My kidney… JM: My turn~ J: Jiminie, ‘Hong’ JM: The flood is overwhelming… ‘Kong’ JM: Kong… Kong… Kong… JM: When I see MPD nim, my feels just overflows… J: I’m in Hong Kong ‘Kong’ J: I will only be eating beans JH: OMG hyung nim JH: Why did you say that? JH: You didn’t have to say that. Hyung nim~ ‘Hong’ RM: Having a comeback in Hong Kong ‘Kong!’ RM: Even Kongbap tastes delicious (rice with beans) V: I have another one ‘Hong’ V: After eating a ripe persimmon, my big eyes… ‘Kong’ V: Turned into beans eyes~ ‘Hong’ JK: I…I honestly can’t think of anything S: I will do it then JK: Suga hyung do it S: When you mention Hong Kong, there are 3 characters that are so obvious ‘Hong’ S: Sammo Hung ‘Kong’ S: Sammo Hung ( he just changed the surname) (anyway the winner is going to be Jin) V: Just cut everything out V: Please say Kong for me ‘Hong’ V: In Hong Kong ‘Kong’ V: We came to have our Kongback (comeback) (this is pretty funny…kk) JK: That one was good S: Let me do it again, I will use it as mine RM: Ok, lastly is your turn S: Lastly is Min Suga~ ‘Hong’ S: In Hong Kong ‘Kong’ S: We came to have our Kongback (comeback) RM: OMG, my stomach! JM: Ok. MPD nim please pick your favorite one JH: The acrostic poem J: Please pick your favorite member’s acrostic poem JH: Which one did you think,” Oh! This is good!” (zero nervousness…kk) (picks Jin!!) (me?) (flustered) J: Why me? (the winner will go out to have a date(?) with MPD nim) J: It’s such an honor V: Bye~ RM: Bye~ See you later J: Bye kids J: Wow, I’m going to have such an honorable date (?) with MPD nim. I never thought you’d pick me Production crew: When Jin comes back, the lights are all off PC: The members are not here and there is a woman lying in the bed JH: Really? Haha (goes to hide in the restroom) JH: Will Jin hyung fall for this (plan)? RM: This feels somewhat grief-stricken JK: V hyung mentioned birthday just a while ago RM: He mentioned it twice! (today is your birthday, your birthday is later) (ahh…right…the hidden camera) (let’s hope that Jin didn’t notice it ^^) RM: When Jin hyung comes back, the beautiful woman will take off her robe, lying in the bed naked (?) PC: She’s wearing a robe JH: why did you say taking off the robe? JK: That’s too erotic RM: Mnet follows the strict regulations so… RM: She will be lying in the bed JK: When she screams, I will light the candles and we will go out JM: Somehow, I feel that Jin hyung might like it… RM: Whistling like… (these two are having a date out of the blue) (aren’t you being a bit too affectionate?) (waiting) (come quickly… you will fall for it right??) J: Ah~ Thanks to you, I had a great date J: Where is our room? Here (Jin’s reaction???) (enters) J: Is this the right room? J: No it’s not… J: What, what, what’s going on??? BTS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~ (luckily Jin completely fell for it) BTS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BELOVED JIN HYUNG~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY S: That was good, good~ J: I was so startled JH: That was daebak! J: I was like what? Who’s that? J: Who is that? I was so startled JH: Did you fall for our plan? J: I did J: I was like who is that? (abruptly leaves) J: I was thinking why he picked me as the winner… JH: How do you feel? J: To be honest, I was a bit disappointing J: On the last day of our concert, I thought we were going to have a birthday party J: I thought you guys were going to give a surprise party on the last day of our concert J: I even invited my parents to the concert J: But you guys didn’t do anything, so I was a bit disappointed JH: Our MPD nim did this for you~ J: Thank you so much MPD nim J: My M-baby~(pun) JH: M-baby… J: M-baby JH: M-baby J: It has got to be out members when it comes to taking care of me J: MPD nim also takes care of me, I’m so touched J: Thank you for celebrating with me in Hong Kong J: Last year, it was also my birthday when we were here for MAMA J: Thank you for preparing it so overwhelmingly J: I’m really grateful J: Our fans also wished me a happy birthday, thank you so much~ J: We will show you a better BTS in the future BTS: Bye~ JK: This was so fun~ ^0^

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  1. Ahh that's why i love jin so much he's such a gentleman so sweet as soon as he saw the girl he quickly turned and stopped MPD aww such a sweetheart 😘

  2. 6:32 did noobe notice the way jin oppa stops that mnet guy to step further.. Shows how much of a gentleman he is… A noble man… I am so proud.. Of hoe he will protect his girl.. 💜🖤

  3. One namjoon is so dirty minded 😂 2 did anywon notic jungkook and jimin in the back wean v look back😂

  4. 아.. 진짜 여성 분 말고 방탄 멤버 오빠들 중 한 분이 여장하고 가운입고 누웠어야 하는데..

  5. Indeed a worldwide handsome not just because of his handsome face but because of being a pure man.. Insert lisa's I DON'T NEED A BOY I NEED A MAN…

    I'm so proud to watched bangtan's videos long time ago….

  6. Jimin: I think he's going to like it, and he is going be like Ooh yeah

    Namjoon: lol Yeah *whistling*

    Jin: *walks in to find the woman screaming in his bed* AAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAH!!!!! *intense screaming x3*

  7. 내가 MPD님이었다면 좋았겠당
    석진이 오빠한테 쓰담해주는거 겁나 다정해버려요ㅠㅜ💜

  8. 4:25 Who are those girls infront of bts’s room? If they’re not some staff then I’m guessing they’re saesangs… or maybe some weird girls hanging out in the hotel hallways?

  9. i just have been in jungkooks 1st bday celebrations now im here, but its september 1st 2019 today, so….happy bday kookie even tho this is jins bday -.- sorry jin-ssi T-T

  10. Girl:AHHHHHHHH


    Members:he’s probably gonna be whistling

    What actually happening


  11. While rm and jimin imagining to what jin’s reaction and there’s V in the bathtub 😂 my cutiii bwui 😍 sorry for my broken english hahaha

  12. Bts being Bts. Jin is such a gentleman! also have seen all of this guys? i wonder how it feels like to be that good looking. sigh.

  13. What a dirty surprise
    I think thats girl is "Expensive girl"
    Anddd he's soo good he was like this is not our room and stopped mdpdnim so tgat he doesnt film her 😭😭😭😭 I wish I was her

  14. 어떻게든 깔라고 여시에서 몰려든 폐미들아 여기 외국팬들도 같이 욕하지 그래ㅠ 꼴초에서 모여서 한남이미지 씌우려고 발악하고 선동하려하지 말고ㅠㅠ 곧죽어고 니들이 옳은거고 빼액거려야지ㅠㅠ 잘생긴 남자 사진 올리고 고놈 맛있겠네 쩝 이딴 댓이나 올리는 것들이 무슨~

  15. jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love jin love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. هالكائن الحي مو طبيعي والله يعني معقولة في انسان بهاذي اللطافة؟!!! اقسم بالله احبك😭💜❤💙

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