2016 Hispanic Heritage Celebration at Montgomery Knolls ES

♫♫ This is an MCPS Moment. Students, parents, and members of the Montgomery Knolls and Pine Crest elementary schools community held a special event, October 6, 2016 in celebration of national Hispanic heritage month. We’re very excited this evening to host our first Hispanic heritage celebration and we have invited our entire community out to have a night of cultural celebration where we see the fashions that take place in all of the different countries that make up Latin America and our Hispanic population. My wife is from Ecuador and I am from the Dominican Republic so we remind children about our heritage, we teach them songs from where we come from, and we cook the foods that we eat from where we come from. A diverse group of community members attended the event which featured a book fair, food demonstrations, a traditional dress parade, and dances. To celebrate the food which is probably the best part but it’s also an exciting opportunity for our kids to just celebrate who they are, to feel that they are fully part of our community, and to ensure that everyone is excited about the differences that we bring but they were so alike in so many ways and how we celebrate our culture. It is a wonderful event and it highlights the importance of the Hispanic culture and the contributions made socially and culturally to the United States. I feel passionate because it’s from my culture and I really liked dancing things that I know about my culture. I really like dancing and I really think it’s really nice that I get to learn about my culture and i just love it. I like it because um, we… since i’m not in my country right now it’s like I’m doing something for my country so yeah I encourage other people to do it too it’s really fun ♫♫ This has been an MCPS moment

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