2017 Servco Family Fun Day

It’s something many kids dream of. Taking over a carnival with just their family and friends. It’s a really fun experience and I
like how we brought my little cousins here this time, so they all can experience
with us and I can ride rides with them. It’s really fun because you get to spend
more time with them and it’s just like you can hang out with them and stuff.
It was Servco Pacific who made it all happen, partnering with E.K. Fernandez to
transform the 50th State Fair to an exclusive playground for their Family
Fun Day. Servco Family Fun Day, we get out all of our employees and their guests
and their family, extended ohana, and we just have a really good time together.
It is great to be amongst fellow employees and to have everything private
to us, so shorter lines and everything, so looking forward to that.
Each of the 4,200 attendees received a generous amount of scripts to be used on
games for all ages, thrilling rides, tasty food, and even to try their hand at the
Executive Ring Toss Booth, where their bosses declared everyone a winner. it’s just a way to say thank you, you
know certainly our customers are very important to us, we
try to say thank you to them. This is our chance to say thank you to our employees
as well. They work really hard, they do a great job taking care of our
customers, so it’s just one time a year where we really try to do that and something a little extra special and we’ve done a number of different things, but the
last couple times have been here at the 50th State Fair.

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