2018 Tribute Dinner (Vihaan)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Vihaan Agnihotri and I’m here to to introduce you to the future of investing — me! I’m a fifth grader at PS 174 and I’m very
happy to be here today. I want to thank my teachers Ms. Russell and Ms. Torrossian, my principal, Mrs. Kelly, my family, the SIFMA Foundation, and to all of you, for
believing in students like me who just want to make their mark on this world. I always knew that investing was
important because my mom and dad talk about it sometimes while at home, but I really started getting into it when my older brother participated in the Stock Market Game. He made it seem like so much fun and I was excited to get “my” chance. He always gets to do things first but that’s okay. I get to do them better. I started the game last year in fourth
grade and it taught me to pay attention or you’ll lose opportunities. You have to
watch the markets, follow the news and look at a company’s website to avoid a
MASSIVE loss. Research is key! What does the company do? What are their policies? How have they performed over time? But I don’t have to tell you guys. You
know this — Well I hope you do! The Stock Market Game taught me how to pace myself. You can’t make decisions too quickly just because it seems like a good price
or a popular company. My friends, Aaron and Daniel, did that and it helped get them to second place for a little while and then their company suffered a major loss.
They’re not second place anymore. My team determined whether to invest in a
company by collecting data like beta values and p/e ratios for each company
and also creating a list of pros and cons. This helped us to focus on the
important details. It makes decisions we were comfortable
with. Then we came together to vote on top companies. We worked well together
until we needed a team name. I wanted us to be called, “The Good Investors” but I was outvoted. We are now “Warriors Inc.” But I say, “We’re Warriors Inc. the good
investors.” See compromise! I don’t plan to ever stop researching and I’ll definitely
invest in the future. When I grow up I want to be a businessman and maybe
develop an app since I love coding. Perhaps one day Stock Market Game
students will have my company in their portfolio, and I’ll even compete with
Microsoft. Hopefully they can keep up with me. Investing is important because it helps
you plan for your future. If I invest and get a great return on my investments, it
can help support me during times of loss. But I don’t plan on losing not with what
I’ve learned. I plan to make smart investment decisions that help me save
toward retirement. When I retire I want to be in a huge house with the golf
course, tennis courts, indoor skiing — the works! The Stock Market Game isn’t just
something I do in class, it’s my future, and I’m making sure it’s bright. Thank

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