2019 Battle of the Brains Finalist Celebration

(upbeat music) – I am so excited to
present the $15,000 grant. That’s going to go to
“Welcome to Den-CITY”. (applause) – It was amazing. I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced anything else like that. It was incredible to see
their hard work pay off. I know they put a lot of time
and effort into this project, and I think getting in the top five definitely validated all that hard work. They’re definitely going
to be walking the halls with some pride today. – Like the nerves and excitement and stuff didn’t really hit me until I sat down. We spent a long time
working on our project, and we put a lot of hard work in it, so it’s cool to see it all worked out and we got such a good place. – [Student] We are
Cordill-Mason Elementary, and our exhibit is
EchoLocation Exploration. (applause) – This experience is incredibly fun. You know, it’s a lot of
hard work on the front end, but it’s all worth it when you come here and you see the kids kind of
mingling with their friends and getting to really get to enjoy all of the excitement surrounding them. (upbeat music)

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