2019 Commencement Celebration

Graduates, family members, friends. Good evening
and welcome to the fifty-third annual spring commencement ceremony at Bucks County Community
College. Tonight we formally celebrate the educational
achievement of our two thousand and nineteen graduating class. The two thousand and nineteen class has an
amazing, distinguishing mark. We have more graduates this year than we have
ever had in the college’s over fifty-year history. Please join me in a warm welcome for our speaker
of honor this evening, Mr. Brian Delate. (applause)
When I came to Bucks, I felt hopeless and broken. As my commitment deepened here as a student. I felt I entered into a new normal and found
a purpose for living. To be here today, is a way of coming full
circle. It’s no accident that Bucks is called a community
college. Why? Because it’s something we do together. Group energy is very, very powerful. Here at Bucks, I was lead to discover that
which I would not have discovered on my own. Lucky me, lucky us. Thank you Bucks County Community College for
saving my life and to the class of two thousand nineteen – Go get um! (applause). Thank you Chef Earl Arrowood, I’ve learned
so much from you, on the food emphasis program. You are amazing, and filled with knowledge. I couldn’t have become the chef I am today
or aspire to be without you. I’m ready. Thank you Bucks County Community College. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to
present to you and outstanding representative of the class of twenty nineteen,
Miss Sylvia Salas. Who am I to stand here and convince you that
you’re special, that you’re capable, that you’re strong. You need to tell yourself that you can be
virtuous, that you can innovate, that you can be selfless, that your mistakes are human,
that things are going to be great, that your voice matters, your life is valuable, what
you need matters, your tranquility matters, and that the world is yours. It doesn’t matter what I say up here. It doesn’t matter at all, unless you believe
it for yourself. Thank you. Would the graduates please stand. (applause) By the power vested in me as president by
the board of trustees of Bucks County Community college and by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
I hereby confer upon you the appropriate certificate or associate degree with all of the honors,
responsibilities rights and privileges pertaining thereto. Now as graduates of Bucks County Community
College, you have earned the right to move your tassel from the right to the left. CONGRATULATIONS! (clapping and cheers). Congratulations to everyone out there, you
did a great job! Just keep moving forward, keep climbing, keep
striving. Reach for the stars! To the graduating class of two thousand nineteen,
go get after it. The future is ours!

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