2019 Veterans Day Celebration

while this event is the Veterans Day
celebration and the celebration is important for Murray State to hold for
two parts one it creates awareness with the student body of the veteran presence
and veteran students that we have here two it honors all the veterans that have
served currently serving and that have passed during their service to the
country we placed a hundred and eleven miniature
American flags in the quad 111 flags actually signify the 111 Kentuckians
that have given all since post 9-11 from there we’re also doing a hotdog giveaway
so we want to give hot dogs chips as well as a support button to all the
students and personnel that are passing by just to make sure that we’re aware
that hey today is Veterans Day and let’s celebrate our veterans we’re going to
have a ceremony the ceremony is going to entail the men’s choir who’s going to
sing the national anthem the ROTC is going to do the color ceremony and then
we’re gonna have our keynote speaker dr. fret who’s in from the University of
Michigan and a veteran himself and we’re going to conclude our ceremony or
celebration in the quad with the playing of taps and then they’ll remove all of
the American flags there’s a lot of veterans right there all changed by
their service and sacrifice most get on with their lives successfully but many
struggle visibly or invisibly and some are literally dying for a tribe so we
can all start working our way backwards up that chain finding those in need and
bringing them to the larger tribe and as many resources

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