2019 WEGO Health Awards Celebration

– My story matters because
it has the power to teach, to heal, to give hope and to change lives. (triumphant music) – I share my story in order
to provide information, inspiration and hope to
those touched by cancer. – Our story matters
because all kids matter, including those with Down syndrome. – My story matters because
incredible things happen when we understand each other. – My story matters because having autism doesn’t mean you can’t live a full life. – My story matters because
we should all advocate for those who can’t
advocate for themselves. (triumphant music) – Growing up with a
nonverbal, autistic brother taught me to speak up for those who aren’t able to speak for themselves. – Research gives me hope, it is my light at the end of the tunnel and I will use my voice and
our story to drive us there. – I wanna show the strength
that exists in struggle, and be a positive, genuine and supportive voice for those around me. – My story matters because
not everyone has words, but everybody has a voice and that voice deserves to be heard. – I share my story because rock bottom is where I found hope, healing and my purpose to use my education through my story. – I share my story and give others a platform to share theirs, to
give voice to the voiceless, and visibility to the invisible. – I don’t want others
to have to go through the long years of pain and
suffering I had to endure. We all have the capacity
to overcome adversity. – My story matters to
me because I want people to have the opportunities
that I know that they can get. – I share my health story because I’m exactly like everyone else. – Our stories matter– – Because humor breaks down barriers. – I share my story because
more needs to be done to help the millions affected by myalgic encephalomyelitis
around the world. – I realize that what started
as something therapeutic for myself actually helped
others and made a difference. – By sharing my story,
I amplify the community of needed voices to
tell their own stories, despite the isolation of illness. – We need you to be aware
and need you to know we are there for you and your families. – My story matters
because I’m here to give the patients back their power,
and support fibromyalgia. – My story matters. – My story matters. – My story matters. – My story matters. – My story matters. – My story matters. – My story matters. – My story matters, because everyone’s story matters. (triumphant music)

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