2020 : Bonne année Happy new year – 50th anniversary Stand 21

– Hello, already 50 years… It is at the same time, far back, and much… But it is also a short time span It is a lifetime: it is Stand 21’s life.
So, it is my life. 50 years is a lot A lot of time, focused onto safety. We dedicate them to you,
our customers, our friends I would say, friends before customers. And I wish that in the next 50 years the Stand 21 name will remain above the fray As we always have seeked to keep it And when I will be on Cloud 21 in the sky I will check things below and say:
Romain, congratulations, it’s great Happy New Year and Good Health
to you all – My mission is to continue… It is far more than a wish: It is a duty to continue
what we began 50 years ago A great story, a beautiful adventure… An adventure rich in human relations
with all of you And as I always say: My most satisfying reward,
is your faithful trust. This is what keeps us motivated
every day, it is the crux itself of our passion
and our will to keep going. We wish you a great New Year for 2020 And in any case, enjoy your racing
the world over. We will always be there to provide you
with the finest of protection. A great year to you all. – Be safe, that’s the most important.

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