$230 Steak Dinner in Tokyo – Akita Beef Teppanyaki

*Speaking with a heavy Japanese accent* Just put it over here, yes. So if you want the juice a little bit come out, then you set it down over there, 200 degrees, over here, not over 70 degrees and first I cook it on this side and this side. You can see the juice here, first you want the juice a little bit come out. But don’t want too much to lose the juice. If I first cook it over here Maybe the juice from the face lose, *inaudible*. And slowly, slowly cook, yes. Inside the umami more come out, yes. Yes, just slowly. mmm.. I just want the outside out slowly cooking yes. This is a fresh wasabi. Cooking for the tenderloin, the tenderloin is very soft I will go grate this for you. If I cook in a *inaudible*. I have to grate this through. The two is different You know what’s different, the power different. For soft, go softer power. If cooking in the… *inaudible* more many marble, many fat, I have the more power, but over here back to use power for soft. Yes. This is the juice. So now I will cook it. Just a minute. Then just put over here… You see this is the juice, yes. First I didn’t put any salt to taste. Now I put a little bit salt Because you know why? If we’re cutting the skin you put some salt it’s slippy, so you want the juice closed back inside, yes. So now I will cook it for the steak. Just put the non-salted butter. But later we’ll take out the butter. We don’t wanna keep the butter for too long. See, the colour, they will like, er, change. Then. first cook it on this side, and this side. Fresh wasabi. Salt, from Akita, sea salt. Right, onto the *inaudible*. Then, now, I… We will put some air inside, We want it in the rice, making the *inaudible*. Because if we don’t put some air inside and keep a long time, the rice will be very hot. Just a little bit of Gobo (burdock), the root. You can see egg yellow, very rich. Because the chicken every two days, born one egg. So the name… the name we call, erm, er, *inaudible*, yeah. Yes! Mix that… First time, when we cook it (red beans) a little bit soft, take half outside. Then more by the time cooked, then put that half back. Then you can feel… Hard, soft, hard, soft. You can make it a good taste. If all hard, if all soft, maybe no good taste. Yes. The feel (texture) will change the taste. Dorayaki. (Red-bean stuffed pancake) Okay. Let me just make a pancake. Yes. Yes. Just waiting for some air to come out so I have *inaudible*. See, some air come out. Take care, little bit hot. Okay.

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  1. I will never eat anything this expensive in my life. That's almost 1/4 of one thousand dollars. For a little slab of meat that isn't even worth $50, a few more thinner-than-bacon strips of meat drenched in soy sauce, a tiny bowl of rice, a little bit of vegetables, a little bit of soup, one egg, two bite-sized pancakes, less than a teaspoon of (wasabi?), a pinch of sea salt and a few other cheap, easy-to-make and dirt-cheap-to-supply things. I'd price it at $75. What a waste of money, time and energy.

    (Before all of the pathetic comments appear, YES I have money, but I don't waste it on unnecessarily priced food.)

  2. See – this guy gets it. He uses the fat juices to send more flavor to the beef. He doesn't just discard it as soon as it leaves the steak.

  3. Paying $230 a steak in Japan would be like paying $230 a sushi meal in Bolivia. Just don't. Go to Brazil or Argentina if you want to enjoy a proper steak dinner. $230 will let you eat meat for a week

  4. fuuu, raw meat…
    is to eazy to do that.

    Make food for one person, adn focus only for this..

    other chefs nee to do food for over 50people in short time, have much harder job to do..

  5. Terrible. For 230 bucks its nor even actually cooked properly. I like my meats rare, but to qoute the one and only gordon ramsay: "its RAW"

  6. Thank god its not you cooking it this time. Wouldnt want your dumbass to ruin another $200 piece of meat like the kobe beef and the campfire.

  7. 💉💉🍮🍮🚹🎈📎📎🎶🎵🍮🍮📎📎🚾🚽🚽🚾🛀🛁🐧🐰💍♨💍🍷🍷

  8. 0:37 "juicy from the face, first close to face, slowly slowly cooking, inside of mommy, more come out, yeess"
    WAIT WHAT?! misheard lyrics all over again

  9. Watching this as i'm microwaving leftover takeout rice-and-beef-in-a-plastic-bowl dinner from last night.
    But i poured some water in there so it steams while in the microwave, and salted and peppered it and added some pinches of parsely. MASTER CHEF!

  10. 7:50 Phycisists: "You can't lift and pour liquids with a flat tool, the laws of fluid dynamics wont allow it."
    Master Chef: does it anyway, and doesnt spill a single drop
    This chef probably eats soup with chopsticks. Only us amateurs need a spoon.

  11. Наплевать сколько оно стоит, стейк по итогу получился сырым.

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    Does someone here knows what are the other two parts of Mozart K550?

  13. Ебаная Лёля -дочего эти япошки умеют поднести обычный кусок мяса ! Ебать их в голову ! Класс

  14. Beautiful looking steak! Now back to my food. I'm eating water on cup. Hey I might even splash out and get another cup of water woo o.o/

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