230th Anniversary of the Department of State

SECRETARY POMPEO: Thank you all. And good afternoon. I hope everybody’s enjoying this birthday
celebration. That was a stirring video, and I want to thank
all of the former Secretaries for participating in it. Each of them was kind enough to share with
me their advice. I called them after I was nominated. I called every single one of them. And they all began with: Listen more than
you talk. I hope I’ve done that. I try to do it every day. Show up in-person as much as you can, be everywhere,
and don’t forget to sleep. (Laughter.) Working on the last one. This is the second important birthday that
I’ve had the chance to celebrate this month. The first one was America’s. This past 4th of July, Susan and I were here
at the State Department, with members of our team, watching the fireworks light up the
sky, and ambassadors from all across the world. It was a beautiful sight, and it had a greater
significance too. On July 4th, 1776, our Founders laid down
the proposition that all men are created equal. They said we all possess certain unalienable
rights. And four score and seven years later – 87,
for those who aren’t up on 19th century math – (laughter) – Abraham Lincoln reaffirmed
those ideals in the Gettysburg Address. He told the world that the United States was
engaged in a Civil War to protect those very rights. Now, here we sit 155 after that. We at the State Department follow in the footsteps
of our forefathers. We use diplomacy to defend that very set of
unalienable rights – not just for Americans, but for people all across the world: We negotiate agreements with friends and foes
alike to avert military conflict, and thereby prevent innocent civilians from dying. We should take this mission seriously every
moment. We assist nations eager to preserve their
independence from foreign influence. And we are blessed in that we stand grounded
in the unique moral authority of American values, in defense of the voiceless, when
we see human rights abuses. There is no other federal agency – none,
and I served in the Department of Defense and I was a member of Congress. There is no other federal agency that can
do this around the world like the United States Department of State. None. Ours is a very special mission, and today’s
anniversary is an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to it. I want to take a minute, and I want to hear
from Dr. Kissinger too. But I want to take a minute by looking back
at our history. You’ll see what we’ve always stood for. In 1814, a man named Stephen Pleasonton was
a clerk at the State Department. When the British invaded Washington, he was
there. At that time, the State Department was the
keeper of all of the nation’s documents, so Mr. Pleasanton took it upon himself to
smuggle the Declaration, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and all of our nation’s
treaties to safety outside of the city of Washington, D.C. Pretty remarkable. Think too of men who have not been recorded
so much in history, a man named George Waller. He was our charge d’affaires in Luxembourg
at the outbreak of World War II. And when the Germans invaded Luxembourg, Mr.
Waller refused to evacuate. Many Jews were still seeking visas to the
United States, and he wanted to help them. The problem was, his post was not a visa-issuing
consulate. You know, the bureaucracy was in his way. (Laughter.) So Mr. Waller drove five hours to Antwerp
in the dark of night to retrieve visa forms and a stamping machine. It sounds old school, but he made it back
to Luxembourg and proceeded to issue life-saving visas to hundreds of Jews. We all know this as we sit here today: Our
family members are the hidden heroes of diplomacy. Take family member Kitty Herrick. She was the wife of our Ambassador to France
at the outbreak of World War I. She helped launch the American Ambulance Hospital
in Paris. Parisians called her “The American Angel.” I wanted to tell those three stories today
for a reason. These folks show what the State Department
– and the mission of American diplomacy ‒ is truly all about. These diplomatic heroes laid a foundation
for each of us – not just by protecting freedom through their good works, but by being
a true example of service. Now the conn is ours. It’s our turn to pave the way for those
who will come after us. And we’re doing this too by defining what
it means to be a member of the Department of State. As you can see from behind me, we must be
One Team, on One Mission, dedicated towards One Future. This was the vision behind the department-wide
effort to create the Professional Ethos, which we rolled out this past April. The Ethos simply lays out commitments that
unite every single person who is working on behalf of the State Department. This should happen across administrations
and generations and, indeed, jobs and roles. It includes, of course, a commitment to our
Constitution, to protecting the American people, to serving with professionalism and integrity,
and to taking responsibility for each and every action that each of us takes. You heard a little bit earlier today from
Counselor Brechbuhl on how and why the Ethos was developed. It’s a critical part of reinvesting in the
Department and will serve us for decades to come. There are two immediate ways that the Ethos
will impact each one of us. First, it will be the new training course
and the “One Team Award.” Regarding the “One Team” course, supervisors,
let me be clear: Tremendous effort has gone into creating this course and I expect all
new hires to attend. That’s all, every one of them. Existing team members will be engaged in the
coming weeks and months by their leadership team in the Ethos discussions and workshops. And regarding the “One Team Award,” Carol
Perez mentioned this – we’ll start soliciting nominations for it immediately. Please give your full attention to ensure
that the people who best exemplify what it is we’re trying to do, what our Ethos shall
be, are recognized in this process. Let me close with the last piece of the puzzle,
which is “One Future.” Every morning when I get to work, I walk through
a hallway lined with paintings of my predecessors. My son jokes that mine will look out of place
after Madison and Jefferson and Monroe. It’s nothing like our family members to
keep us humble. (Laughter.) Some of the pictures are of the people we
just saw in that video, and it is a vivid reminder that the State Department’s story
began long before we got here. And it will extend long after we are gone. Our future diplomats will look back on us
like we look back on our forefathers. They’ll consider our deeds and tell our
stories. And I hope for their sake they don’t have
to look at a painting of me every day. Let’s set a shining example for them. Let’s protect the American principles that
have made our nation the greatest in the history of the world. And let’s do that as One Team, One Mission,
and One Future. Thank you. (Applause.) I now have the – I get the incredible honor
to introduce our next presentation – a conversation with the Dean of America’s Secretaries of
State: Dr. Henry Kissinger, led by his official biographer, Dr. Niall Ferguson. It’s difficult to do justice, Dr. Kissinger. I know you can see – you’re staring at
me. (Laughter.) It is difficult to do justice to the impact
that you had on the State Department and on America, and indeed, on the world. The influence of Secretary Kissinger’s tenure
can still be felt in places like China and Russia and to – in the Middle East. And even today he continues to influence current
events effectively. At 96 years old, he’s a globetrotter and
an active advisor to so many – including me. Thank you, sir. And Dr. Kissinger found a worthy biographer
as well in Dr. Niall Ferguson. A brilliant historian, Dr. Ferguson has taught
at Oxford and Harvard and NYU. He’s currently a senior fellow at the Hoover
Institution. We’re grateful for each of you being with
us today. Please, join me in welcoming Dr. Kissinger
and Dr. Ferguson to the stage. (Applause.)

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