Namaskar Ashish Mittal again from Aarsun I’m showing you an 8 by 4, 8 seater
dining set in teak wood and walnut finish now let’s talk about the chair
first a very heavy chair very nice finishing
and a carved chair at the back this one is fully carved few chairs have a cushion at
the back this one is carved from the front as well as the back the double
carving concept I have explained earlier also double carving means when you have
carving on the front as well as back of the unit
now the dining sets there is a point that Dining’s are generally kept in the
middle of the room or if not exactly in the middle it has got space from all the
sides to move so it’s visible from all the sides now once you have something
like this a heavy dining set then the double carving do look very beautiful
and this double carving is not possible by any machine, this is the work of hand
handwork and speciality of our city this one is an 8 seater set which has got two
master chairs when I talk about master master means the chair with the handles
and this is a chair without handle same design same model this is with handles
this is without handles handle one is the master chair so it has got eight
units now we will talk about the table now let’s see how beautifully carved the
table is now this table is 100% wood it has got no ply or other material the top
is also good if you see you can see the texture of the wood everywhere on the
unit very clearly visible these are all
wood textures the natural wood design that you see in the wood it is not
visible in any MDF or play and this would require a glass to put on
top the side of the unit is completely carved very simple very neatly
carved design and the highlight is here let’s see the pillar of this unit a very
heavy flower pot design looking like a vase at the bottom very nicely an
intricately carved all hand carving down this unit and a solid wood piece now
this unit is in three parts the top the pillars and then this base it’s in DIY
folding structure very easy to assemble we place the base on the ground wherever
we want it then place the pillars in the slots here if you see it’s right in the
middle of this round area and then on the top it gets fixed in these slots
just need to put it properly and place the top part on the slots and this unit
is fixed you can see it’s not moving at all so very easily fixed very simple
installation and easy to carry once we have a DIY folding unit like this if you
make it a fixed unit it would be very difficult to transport as well as to
move inside your home now the colors can be changed as per your requirements the
fabric if you need something else we can make it we can change it to your
requirement if you want the back to be covered that can be done with the
cushion if you want single carving that can be done double carving or some other
chair design but this table that can also be done we provide 100%
customization as per your choice because these things are not bought every day
you keep such stuff for 10, 15, 20 years and that’s why we give you all the
options available so you are very sure what you want and you are happy with
your purchase that I got what you wanted you
got the same stuff all in all a very unit very heavy very well defined very
well crafted unit all handwork the work of master artisans from Aarsun in 8 chair
unit solid wood double curved chair in light walnut finish and a very
beautifully hand-carved design quality of Aarsun you can see right here art of
India in front of you know imported stuff we are making in India and
delivering globally I hope you like it if you’ve drop a few comments I would be
highly obliged and if you want to see more stuff please subscribe our Channel
Thank You

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