24 Hours inside a DOLLHOUSE Escape Room in Real Life! (Game Master vs Quadrant Battle Royale)

– Is that a camera? RZ Twin wanted to trap me for the event this might be part of their plan. What do you guys want with us? – [Daniel] They’re coming,
they’re coming, they’re coming! – [Rebecca] It’s locked! Check that one! Oh my gosh! We just have
to get out of the room. – [Daniel] Rebecca,
Rebecca, Rebecca. Wake up. – Wait, where are we? – [Daniel] I don’t know. I
think the RZ Twin took us here. I woke up and this was on the camera. – It says don’t forget
to document your stay. Look, okay my – [Daniel] Oh, you’re bag. – [Rebecca] My backpack’s here. – [Daniel] Why would, you
just left your bag here? – I don’t know, where are we? – [Daniel] It’s like a giant
dollhouse in real life. – Okay Zamfam, you guys
remember in my last video that we went to the game
master’s top secret laboratory because we needed to make the lie detector potion for the event. Daniel, today’s the
23rd, it’s February 23rd. – [Daniel] Today’s the event? – Today’s the event, and you remember they were trying to get me for the event. Maybe this is part of it. – [Daniel] We gotta check
out what’s going on right? – Okay so, they gave us the
backpack and your camera. Let me get outta here. – [Daniel] Careful, careful. – This must have all
been part of the plan. You remember at the secret meeting that Matt attended the Quadrant said that they needed me for the event. – Right
– Right? So I’m obviously worried about us in here, but I’m also worried about Matt. Comment below where Matt is right now and let him now that we are here. – [Daniel] I hope he
still has the lockbox. – Oh my gosh, yes, the button, to stop the event is in the lockbox and we don’t have it, which means we can’t stop the event. – [Daniel] I woke up here. – [Rebecca] And I was up here. – [Daniel] And you were up there. – This is a giant doll
house in real life, Daniel. This is creepy. – [Daniel] Look at this. – What is this? I don’t know what that is. Okay, let’s take a look around here and see if there’s some way we can escape. There’s a door. – [Daniel] Door here. It’s locked. – Wait, look. It’s a heart. – [Daniel] It’s like glowing kind of. – Like a chandelier and remotes. Like for Fortnite to play
some type of video game. And look, it’s a tea party set. I have never seen a house like this, have you guys ever seen a house like this? What does this remind you of? It’s almost like magical,
but creepy at the same time. There’s another mirror with a heart. This one doesn’t light
up like the other one. – [Daniel] Not like the one by that door. So how do you think we
need to get out of here? – There’s doors there,
but that one’s locked, so Did you hear that? – [Daniel] What? What is that? – Someone’s coming. – [Daniel] Who is that? – Wait, I think that’ Ro Pansino, what is she doing here? Kurt, Kurt Hugo Schneider,
you guys remember Matt did that song with him. Lizzy? And Carter Sharer they’re all here in the doll house,
Daniel, what is going on? What are they staring at? – [Daniel] What was that bell? – I don’t know, what was that? That’s so weird, Daniel,
I know all of them they didn’t even acknowledge us! It’s like it’s not really them. It’s like they would
have definitely said hi. Daniel it’s so weird,
they’re like playing a game, but it’s just their YouTube videos. – [Daniel] It’s like they’re practicing themselves to play themselves It’s weird.
– It’s really weird. And then Kurt’s on the piano you guys, I’ve done escape room with Kurt and he’s just on the piano,
he hasn’t even said hi. – [Daniel] What if they’re not real? I don’t know maybe they’re hypnotized? – I have no idea, but we
need to get out of here because this is just creepy. – [Daniel] Your backpack,
do you have any spy gadgets? – I have the glasses! – [Daniel] Okay, get the glasses! – Glasses, right, okay. There was a clue at the laboratory Zamfam, do you remember what the clue was? It was something about
these glasses, Daniel do you remember? – [Daniel] Yeah, something
about the color red, right? – It was like red is real, or something? You guys comment in the comment section below what it was, it was something about seeing red and not being real. I’m not sure but, maybe these glasses are like a black light,
when you look through them, you see something different
than you normally see. – [Daniel] Oh good idea, good play, yeah. – Because they’re spy gadget glasses. – [Daniel] Alright, see
if you can see anything. – Alright Zamfam, I
really hope you can find that comment to know what this means, but let’s take a look. Wait, their eyes are like red
when I put these glasses on. It’s only with the glasses on that their eyes are red. Daniel, they’re turning this way, look. These glasses show if
they’re the real person or if they’re clones, I think. Let me see if Kurt, he’s
wearing glasses I can’t tell. Those are red eyes, that
means that’s no the real Ro. – I told you guys the RZ Twin was lying and that the even was real. – Yeah you were right, ’cause she didn’t want us to know that it
was actually happening. – But it is happening. – It’s happening right now. – Wait, what is she doing? – Here, let me look again. – Okay. – She’s coming over. – Muffin? – No, I’m good.
– No, no, no. – Are you ready for another 24 hour challenge in the doll house? – What happens if we complete it? – We do it again, and
again, and again, and again. And again. Breakfast! You better wear your dress. – I don’t wanna wear this. – Quadrant doesn’t like when
you don’t do what you’re told. – [Daniel] Rebecca, are you alright? – There’s like, my head is throbbing! – [Daniel] Maybe you gotta listen to her. Just put the dress on. – Okay, I don’t want to. I’m dressed like a doll. – [Daniel] Kinda creepy, Rebecca, right? – Should we go to breakfast? – [Daniel] I guess. – Okay, let’s try to get
more information from them. – [Daniel] Good idea. – Have a seat. You can have a seat too. – [Daniel] Oh, no, I’m okay. Rebecca just sit down, just sit down. – Have some tea, Rebecca. – I don’t want – [Daniel] Rebecca don’t drink it, remember the 24 hours in a tiny room? – Yeah, you’re right, you’re right. – [Daniel] Don’t drink it. – So it’s weird to see you guys here too. Are you guys trapped? – We were made here, Rebecca. – Well, not this room exactly. – Carter, Carter, you
just made that movie. Vlog the Movie! – A movie? That sounds fun. Maybe we should make a movie. – No, no! – That’s a good idea! – No, the movie you did! I was at your house for the release party. Do you remember that? – Yes, a movie does
sound like a good idea. – Kurt, we just did the escape room. – Escape room? That would be great we
should do an escape room. – No, no! – That’s a great idea. – We did, we did an escape room! We did an escape room a couple weeks ago. We went together, we escaped, we solved puzzles. – Oh wow, and then we came here? – You don’t remember any of this? Ro, your sister, she just had a baby. – They haven’t made me a sister yet. Are you okay? Would you like more tea? – You should have some tea. – I don’t want tea, I just want – [Daniel] What is that? – This looks like my hair. – Rebecca, have you met my
perfect girlfriend, Lizzy? – Yeah, of course I know Lizzy! She was in the movie too! – Pass the scones, Rebecca. They go great with the tea. – Play time. – What does that – [Daniel] What does that mean? Where are they going? – I don’t know where, hold on. I’m still eating. Daniel, have you noticed that every time that bell goes off they go
into a different activity. – [Daniel] Yeah, they’re
acting so strange aren’t they? – It’s almost like the Quadrant has them on a routine and
that bell keeps them on it. – [Daniel] Yeah, like
they’re hypnotized maybe? I don’t know. – I don’t know, but I don’t think this is the real them, it
just doesn’t make sense. – [Daniel] Okay, we gotta be like spies and maybe just question them. – You guys comment below
what you think is going on with Carter, Lizzy, Ro and Kurt. They definitely have to know
how to escape from here so look, Lizzy and Carter are over there on the couch, let’s go
ask them some questions. Hey Lizzy, hey Carter! – Hi Rebecca! – Hi! – Hey, what are you guys doing? – We’re writing love
letters to each other. – Yeah look, I drew Lizzy a heart to show her she’s the perfect girlfriend. – Wow, that’s really sweet, Carter. You and Lizzy are a perfect match. – Yes we are. – So how long have you guys been here? – We’ve always been here. – We love the doll house,
we never wanna leave. – You never wanna leave here? – Everything’s perfect just the way it is. – So let’s say if you were to escape, let’s say, it’s not like you want to but if you were, what door would you go out of to leave the doll house? – Well, the hearts must touch. – Like this. – To escape? – Can you take a picture? – Oh, yeah, yeah, sure. Take a photo of you. Three, two, one. – What, what are, what are they doing? I hope you like the picture. So do you think we’re gonna
be doing anything else today? Do you guys want to maybe have more tea? They’re not talking to us. The picture, it like froze
them for like five seconds. – [Daniel] The flash, right? – Yeah, you guys remember the clue with the flash, maybe that
has something to do with it. Okay well let’s talk to Kurt ’cause they’re obviously
not talking anymore. Come on. Hey, Kurt, how’s it going? What are you doing? – I’m producing music for two YouTubers. – Kurt, have you tried to escape? – We’re not ready to escape. None of us are. – What does that mean? What do I say? Kurt, so, I know we’re
not ready to escape, but if we were to try to
escape how would we get out? – Do you like my new song? It’s called Mirror, Mirror. – [Daniel] Mirror, Mirror? – I think he’s looking over
at that mirror, Daniel. The mirror we saw earlier. – [Daniel] Oh by the door. – I’m producing a song for two YouTubers. – What, I – [Daniel] You just asked him that. – What’s going on? – [Daniel] Let’s go see what Ro’s doing. – That was so weird, Kurt is not acting like himself at all. – [Daniel] Not at all, no. – We’re gonna act like nothing is wrong and go talk to Ro because I think we might be able to get
more information out of her. – [Daniel] Good idea. – Hey, Ro! – Hello! – What are you doing? – Decorating cupcakes
for my new baking line. Recipe is from my cookbook,
and my other cookbook. – Oh, yeah, Ro, remember
you sent me this one. I got it. – Sent? – Okay, actually you know
what, I had a question. So if you were trying to escape from here, – Escape? Why would anyone want to escape? It’s perfect here! – Yeah, it is perfect,
the doll house is perfect, but where would we get
out if we wanted to? – Well you wouldn’t wanna
go to the back room. – What’s in the back room? – And don’t get the heart out. – The heart out? In the back room? Oh, you know what? I’m gonna
let you finish baking that, and I’m just gonna go over there. They look so good, Ro! Daniel, you guys, did
you hear what Ro said? She said get the heart out. Do you remember, the
game master said that. – What did you say? – I, Daniel they’re all staring at us. – [Daniel] What are they doing? – [Rebecca] Do you think it
was when I said game master? – [Daniel] We gotta get out of here. They’re coming, they’re
coming, they’re coming. Go, go, go! Okay, hold on. They’re there. Okay, we need to hurry. Ro is the one that came out of this room. I feel like she has been here the longest. – [Daniel] Doesn’t she seem
like the leader of them all. – She definitely has to be the leader. She said whatever you do,
don’t go in the back room which is where we’re here now. There must be something in
here that will help us escape. Because this is where the
quadrant is holding them, this has to be an escape
room in real life, so let’s look around for clues. Look at this room we need to hurry. – [Daniel] There’s a
bunch of dolls and toys. – Oh my gosh. – [Daniel] Look at this mirror. – Wait, mirror.
– Yeah? – Do you remember when
Kurt was playing the piano he said his new song was Mirror, Mirror. And he looked at that mirror, Zamfam. That was by the door, that door! – [Daniel] Okay, so maybe that was a clue. So what did Lizzy and Carter, – They said something
also that was strange. I asked them how to escape and they said put the hearts together, yeah. – Oh hearts!
– Hearts! – [Daniel] And then Ro said – Get the heart out which is what the game master had said, so let’s look for some hearts in here. – [Daniel] What about, I see a couple. – [Rebecca] Oh look! Okay, heart here. – [Daniel] Do you see anything there? – [Rebecca] I don’t
see anything, but maybe – [Daniel] Do you see any other heart? – [Rebecca] This is like, crazy. All of these dolls have
like, ninja gadgets. – [Daniel] Whoa, Rebecca, look above! – Heart! Wait, there’s a code. – [Daniel] Oh there’s a lock on it. – A four digit code, we
need to figure that out. We need your help right now
finding a four digit code. Whoever they are, we think they might be clones are out there, and we need to get out. So let’s see, four digit code. Oh my gosh! – [Daniel] I’m gonna look
around too, I don’t know. – I found a key, I don’t know if this is for anything,
but, I don’t know. – [Daniel] But the lock
uses a code, I don’t know. – We’ll keep it here, but
we might need it for later. Look Daniel. – [Daniel] What? – This is like the slime I made when I spent 24 hours in the tiny space when I was hiding from The Quadrant. – [Daniel] Right, right, right. – I don’t know, maybe this is a clue? – [Daniel] Yeah, I don’t know. – I feel like we’ve looked everywhere. – [Daniel] Rebecca, the
light that’s flickering. – Did those just come on? – [Daniel] Yeah, I don’t remember them being on at all when we walked in. – Is there anything there? This has to be a clue, maybe it’s like the number of times it turns on? Do you guys see anything? Oh, oh my gosh, wait! It’s a four digit code,
I think it’s for that! Daniel, here! Okay, I’ll go. – Alright, so it says 1325. – [Rebecca] Yeah, and
you’re taller than me – Got it open!
– Got it? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Rebecca] Okay, look,
there’s like a heart taped. It’s like a black heart.
– Oh yeah! Get the heart out, that’s
what they were saying. It’s just a heart, it’s a dark heart. I’ll give this to you,
I’ll take this back. – Thanks for getting that. Okay, this can’t just be a normal heart, this has to be some
type of mystery device. – [Daniel] Oh it’s like
a little like port! A port, like a computer port. – Yeah, like maybe it activates somehow we just have to figure out how to do it and what to do with it. – [Daniel] Where else haven’t we looked? – Okay look, there’s like numbers. – Oh yeah
– And tape. – [Daniel] On through four, okay. – What if we need to
find four things in here? – [Daniel] Like we gotta
put them on the numbers? – Yeah, four things, what were four things in the dollhouse Zamfam, four
things that you remember. We got hearts, maybe it’s four hearts? – [Daniel] There’s four of them out there. – Four of the clones. – [Daniel] Yeah, four of the clones. – So, okay, look look! This person is playing piano, just like the Kurt one
was playing the piano. So maybe there’s one. This dress looks exactly like the type of dress Ro was wearing. So now, all we have to do is find a Lizzy and a Carter doll. – [Daniel] So we’re looking for what, maybe two people together like a couple? – Yeah, ’cause they were
together the whole time. Doll, doll, I don’t know, maybe there’s some dolls over there? – [Daniel] Okay, we gotta hurry. – Look, Daniel! – [Daniel] That’s a couple! – This is a couple, Zamfam,
smash the thumbs up button if you think this might be the doll representation of Carter and Lizzy. – [Daniel] How do we
know how to line them up? – When they walked out, they were in a specific order, right? They all lined up and it was really creepy! – [Daniel] Ro was right next
to, was the closest to us. – We were at the bed, we looked we saw Ro, and then we saw Kurt,
right, he was next to her. Comment below the order, we
need your help right now. Was it Lizzy and then
Carter, or Carter and Lizzy? – [Daniel] I can’t, I can’t remember. – Let’s do that. Nothing happened
– Nothing. What if Carter and Lizzy – Do you think they switched? I can’t remember, you guys comment below if Lizzy and Carter were switched. Three, two, one, – [Daniel] There’s something on the TV. What is that? – [Rebecca] I think
that’s the mirror, Daniel that we saw earlier. – [Daniel] And what’s
it say there, it says – [Rebecca] Touch dark to the light. Light
– Light. – Daniel, we have this heart, there’s the heart out there, right, that’s right by that door. What if that heart somehow
activates that so we can escape? That must be the door to get out. – [Daniel] You’re right,
that must be it, okay. – So we need to get out of here somehow, – [Daniel] But they’re
right behind the door how do we get past them? – Think about when I took
the picture though, Daniel. The word Flash, Zamfam, flash had been a secret code before and
when I took the picture and it flashed, they stopped. – [Daniel] Oh yeah, they like froze. – So maybe if we take a photo and have the flash hit them we’ll have time to run to the door. – [Daniel] Okay, it’s a
good idea, alright, alright. – Alright you guys, Zamfam if you think this is going to work comment below, I think it will work, Daniel, do you have your phone, mine’s, okay. So we’re gonna try to use this and flash this at them so they stall
and hopefully we can escape. We need your guys’ help right now, okay, and then Daniel, my backpack is by the bed so can you grab that? – [Daniel] Yeah, I’ll grab it. – Okay, alright, I hope this works. Alright, okay you guys, smash the thumbs up button for good luck. Are you ready, you guys? Three, two, one, Go! Go go go, they’re freezing! – [Daniel] Go go go go go! – Daniel, my backpack, okay, hurry. So this is the mirror,
Daniel they’re coming! – [Daniel] What? – Three, two, one! – [Daniel] It unlocked! Go go go, wait! – Where are we, Daniel? It’s shut! It’s locked, check that one! – [Daniel] They’re all locked. – [Rebecca] Where are we right now? Hold on. – [Daniel] This is like a whole, I thought we were gonna get out. – We gotta get out! This one’s locked too. – [Daniel] Is that like a, the front? Is this the front? – [Rebecca] I don’t know! – [Daniel] Everything is pink. Everything’s pink. – Every window, we can’t get
out, everything is locked. – [Daniel] Look at all this Barbie dolls. What is this? – [Rebecca] Welcome to
the pink doll house. And look, whoa, whoa. – Rebecca, if you are seeing this, that means you’ve made it out of the Incubation Holding Room. And I’ve been able to temporarily
hack into the cameras. This was at one point my house. But the Quadrant took
it over three months ago and I have not been able to get it back. This house was designed
to be a safe house, but as you can see,
they have transformed it into a pink doll house to
keep the YouTuber clones until they are ready to be released into the real world. – So that means all of them
over there were clones, and they haven’t been
released to the real world, that’s just like what we thought. That’s why the eyes turned
red when we looked through, they were clones! – [Daniel] That’s crazy. – They plan on transporting
the real YouTubers to an unknown location and
replace them with these clones so they can take over YouTube. If you can deactivate each room within the remaining time you have left for the 24 hours challenge, you can stop the event from happening. When this video shuts off,
it will unlock one door. Complete the challenge in the room to unlock another door until
every room has been completed. The glass within this
house cannot be broken. So the only way out is to hack into the system to get out safely. The button in the lockbox will
be the key to saving YouTube. – We need the lockbox, we don’t have it! Matt has it! – Good luck, and use the skills you’ve learned in ninja training. – [Daniel] Okay well, I think we just need to take it step by step
and look for the room. – Did you hear that? – [Daniel] Yeah, maybe it’s the door over there, I’m gonna go look. – [Rebecca] Is it
unlocked? Game master said a room was gonna be unlocked. – [Daniel] No, this one isn’t. – This isn’t it, wow! – [Daniel] Look at this, what is this? – It’s like a old fashioned phone. – [Daniel] Weird. – It’s just a dial tone. – [Daniel] So it works. – [Rebecca] Whoa, so creepy. Look, I love slime. – [Daniel] I love slime, what’s that? – [Rebecca] I don’t know. – [Daniel] Well we gotta find the door. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, we
heard a door unlock. – [Daniel] Alright let’s go back. There, there, there!
– Look! Wait, wait, wait. – [Daniel] What, what, what? – We don’t know what’s in this room or what’s gonna happen when we go in. – [Daniel] Oh, you’re right, okay. – Keep your eyes open Zamfam, for any clues or riddles
that we might need to solve. Look, there’s all these
pink balloons in here. – [Daniel] This whole place is pink. – [Rebecca] No, no! Daniel look, it’s a key code. I bet we’re gonna somehow
have to figure out the code for that to get us out of this room and on to the next one. – [Daniel] I’m sure you’re right. – The game master said that we had to solve the clues in one room to unlock the door in another room. – [Daniel] What are all
these balloons in here, I mean they’re kinda
different shades of pink. – That’s true, look, what is that? I don’t know. – [Daniel] Is there something in it? – There’s definitely, look, it looks like. Do you hear that?
– Yeah, I hear it. – Something’s in it. Maybe we have to pop these, let’s keep going and see what
else we need to do. There’s nothing here, maybe this unlocks! – [Daniel] Oh yeah, try, try, try! Don’t, Rebecca look, there’s
like an alarm system. – As far as the Quadrant knows, they think we’re still
in the Incubation room so we can’t let them know we’re here. – [Daniel] What do you see? – It looks like shaving cream? – [Daniel] Shaving cream,
what do you use shaving cream? – Like, fluffy slime, but I don’t know. Maybe that’s a clue, Zamfam, comment below if you think that that’s a clue, or maybe it’s just, they just use it? I don’t know. – [Daniel] That’s a
weird place to store it. What’s that?
– What is that? Hello! – [Daniel] The door’s still locked. That was kind of creepy. – There’s like this bunny lit up. – [Daniel] What’s that? – [Rebecca] It’s like a little, like an easel, for like school. – [Daniel] Nothing written on it though? – [Rebecca] No, but I’ll
just put it over here because at this point, we don’t know what’s a clue, and what’s not. – [Daniel] Yeah, we probably
should hang on to it, but – It could be a decoy. – [Daniel] You’re right. – Okay so we need to pop these. – [Daniel] What are we
gonna pop them with? – I don’t know, I’m not that, – [Daniel] Can you step on it? – [Rebecca] Do you have anything? – [Daniel] I don’t have anything. – [Rebecca] Oh man, be careful, Daniel! Anything you have. – [Daniel] The only ninja gadget we have left is the glasses, so I don’t think that’s gonna do it. – I can try the bow. – [Daniel] Okay, maybe your bow, maybe. – Look, there’s a safety pin on this dress that they gave me. – [Daniel] Oh, cool! – Here’s one with a note. Okay, three, two, one. So loud! Here look, it’s a note! It says C, C4. Maybe if we add all of the clues up in these balloons, it’ll make
a secret code of some sort. – [Daniel] Yeah so
let’s just keep popping. – Okay! Oh my gosh! – [Daniel] I think there’s
one in here Rebecca. – This must be a clue of some sort. – [Daniel] I don’t see
any more in these ones. You got one more? – [Rebecca] It looks like there’s a bunch of different letters and numbers. – [Daniel] Alright. – [Rebecca] What do
you think we should do? – [Daniel] Let’s just lay it
out and see what they say. Oh there’s numbers on the back? – Maybe the numbers on the back are the order and then
we put them together it’ll spell something? – [Daniel] Good idea, okay, let’s do that. – Let’s see, where is one? One, one is T. Here’s two, H. – [Daniel] Two is H okay. – Three, three is E, THE! Code! The code! – [Daniel] The Code, okay. That’s an I. – This might be the code
to get us out of this room. – [Daniel] Oh, that makes sense, okay. – It looks like we’re missing something. I don’t see nine. – [Daniel] This one, that one? – [Rebecca] Oh, here’s one, okay. Oh my gosh, please say this is nine. This is nine! The Code is, okay. – [Daniel] The code is, yeah? – [Rebecca] Two, nine now this is ten, eleven is five, two five one, The code is 251. I think if we put it in that key code we should be able to
get out of here, Daniel. – [Daniel] Okay, perfect. – Zamfam, smash the
thumbs up button right now if you think 251 will
get us out of this room and onto another one. Two, five, one. – [Daniel] Oh! It opened. – [Rebecca] It worked! Wait, let’s grab this
stuff, it might be a clue. – [Daniel] You’re right. – Put it in the backpack. – [Daniel] Yeah here, put it in there. – Just in case. – [Daniel] Exactly. – We might need this for later you guys. – [Daniel] Exactly we have
no idea what’s in store. Alright let’s go. – One room down, now what? – [Daniel] Whoa, I guess
that’s our next room. Be careful. – It’s got like two twin beds. What is this? Whoa, whoa, oh my gosh! – [Daniel] It’s really dark
in here, let me get these. – [Rebecca] Is anyone out there? – [Daniel] No, nobody. Remember these are unbreakable too so we
can’t get out that way. – [Rebecca] Soundproof I think also. Daniel, look at this, you guys, look how creepy this doll is. – [Daniel] Whoa, creepy,
look, look at the eyes. They kinda follow you. I wonder if there’s a
camera hidden in there. – I have no idea, look. A mystery box. – [Daniel] Oh, cool. – [Rebecca] It looks like we need another three digit code to unbox it. – [Daniel] Oh okay. – Oh look!
– Hey! Oh it’s like in the other room! – Yeah, I think we might
need this for later, can you put this is the backpack, Daniel? – [Daniel] I’ll put it
in the backpack later, I’ll just put it in my pocket right now. – See, oh look, there’s a mirror. Okay, sometimes if you
like, look at a mirror, you look that way, – [Daniel] Wait, wait look. – [Rebecca] There’s a ball. – [Daniel] Was that here before? – [Rebecca] What? Oh my gosh. – [Daniel] What is this? – [Rebecca] I think It shocks you! – [Daniel] It shocked you? – Yeah, wait, oh look
they’re different colors! I’m gonna try to catch one this. Oh, grab it grab it! – [Daniel] Okay, I got it, I got it! Okay, it’s pink yeah, I got it. Let me try and catch it. Pink, pink, I got it, I got the pink. – [Rebecca] Yellow, don’t touch
the yellow, they shock you. Oh! There it is, there it is! – [Daniel] Grab it, grab
it! I got it, I got it. – Do not touch the yellow ones. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh,
they’re still coming? Is there any more is that it? – I think that’s it. Oh my gosh! – [Daniel] Okay, okay. – That has to be some
part of the challenge. – [Daniel] That really kinda shocked me. – It shocks you, the yellow shocks you. That’s why I had this blanket. Let me see them. So we have three, three pink ones. – [Daniel] Three, where did you see – Three, three, there
was a three digit code for that pink box, these are pink balls. A one, three, and a four. – [Daniel] One, three, four, okay. – How do we know what the order is? – [Daniel] I guess you
just gotta keep trying? – Is there anything else
on this ball, Zamfam, do you see it? There’s dots. That one, there’s two on this one. Is there any on here? There’s one. – [Daniel] One, oh so that’s the order. – Maybe, maybe one is this, three. Second is one, the
third one would be four. – [Daniel] The third, the
one with three dots is four. – [Rebecca] Yeah, it’s
four, so three, one, four. Alright, I need you guys to smash the thumbs up button right now, ’cause this is really
important, I hope we get this. Three, one, four, it worked. It worked. Okay, whoa. – [Daniel] What’s that? Is this like more spy gadgets or? – This looks like glue. And we had shaving cream. – [Daniel] So that would mean what? – Maybe slime? I don’t know, that’s the only thing I can think of with glue, but I guess all we
would need is activator. – [Daniel] Slime like you
made in the tiny space in your 24 hour challenge. – Yes, and the RZ twin,
I switched containers, and she took the blue slime, Zamfam, do you remember that, instead of the mixture that the game master gave us. Okay, let’s put that in the backpack too. – [Daniel] Okay, got that too. – Look, Hatchimals. You remember when the game master had us do spy ninja training, he had me drop the giant
Hatchimals from 45 feet. Maybe there’s something in here. This might have a clue. So the Hatchimals, there’s different ways that you can do it, like I remember we were holding them, but
maybe we just have to drop it. And we’re running out of time and the 24 hour challenge is about to be over, and we need to stop the event, so alright Zamfam, let’s see what happens. – [Daniel] Oh good, the light works. – Yeah, it was starting to get dark. Alright, Zamfam, wish me luck. I’m just gonna throw these down. I know we’re supposed to hatch them, but we don’t have time, three, two, one Look! – [Daniel] Oh, it opened, great. – [Rebecca] Okay, here
let’s throw all of them. – [Daniel] Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, just break them all, break them all. – [Rebecca] Okay, let’s grab them. – [Daniel] Okay, here’s one. Remember how you like, you hold it, you like warm it up and then, I don’t know what would happen. – One, one, one
– What? – One, one, one, – One? – [Daniel] Did you hear that? Is there somebody else in here with us? – I have no idea. Okay, we need to go fast. Alright, let’s check this one Zamfam. – Five, five, five, – Five? – It’s saying five
– Five, okay. – Three, three, three,
– Three, three! Okay. And then, okay, and then this one is – Two, two, two, – Two. So, how do we know, oh look! Look, this is the order! So here, one. – [Daniel] Wait, wait,
what are you looking at? Oh I see, numbers on the bottom! – [Rebecca] So that’s the order, let me try this one again. – Three. – Five. – This is the third one, so – Two, two, two
– Two. – One, one, one
– One! – [Daniel] Three, five, two, one. – Three, five, two, one, must be the code to deactivate this room! – [Daniel] There’s no keypad
like in the last room. – No, there’s no key code at all. – [Daniel] How do we get out? – Are we missing something? – [Daniel] We must be missing something, okay, let me look. – [Rebecca] Look, hey the briefcase! It said knock. Knock.
– Knock. Do you remember when the game master had me take lie detector potion? – [Daniel] Right, right right right. – Yeah, yeah, and I had
to knock to get Matt out. – [Daniel] In the Zen Room. – What if, what if that does it? Zamfam, if you think this is gonna work, smash the thumbs up,
three, five, two, one. Okay, now five, one,
two, three, four, five. – Now two
– Two. One, two. – Just one
– One. Alright Zamfam. – [Daniel] I hope this works. – Wish us luck. – [Daniel] Oh, great! – We made it, we’ve done that room. We’ve done that room, it’s that room. – [Daniel] This is it,
okay, be careful again. – This looks like the biggest escape room in real life so far in this house. – [Daniel] It does, yeah. – This giant doll house. Every time!
– Every time! We should know that it
happens but every time. – Yeah, you guys comment below that scares me too, if
that has startled you every time it shuts. We’re running out of time though, Daniel. Let’s look around. Daniel, it’s getting late, and I do not wanna be here overnight. – [Daniel] Yeah, I don’t
wanna be here at 3 am, do you? – I definitely do not want
to be here at 3 am, look. – [Daniel] It says, only choose two. But there’s three. – So what do you think happens if we choose the wrong two? – [Daniel] I have no idea. – The game master had us
do so much ninja training, it’s for this, these are all challenges that he has had us do, because he knew this is what we were gonna have to do to defeat the Quadrant. – [Daniel] Well do you remember when I picked the wrong Hatchimal? We broke the truth serum. – That’s so right, Zamfam, comment below which one you think we
should choose first. One, two, or three? Okay, so you guys all put
your comments down below of one, two, or three, I think, I think I’m gonna pick two. Yeah, I don’t know, it’s in the middle so, Whoa, it’s like a giant egg. – [Daniel] Yeah, like a mirror. – It doesn’t feel heavy. This is pretty light. – [Daniel] Be careful,
don’t shake it too much. – Okay, yeah you’re right, okay. Three, two, one! – [Daniel] Open it! Nothing. – Nothing’s inside. – [Daniel] Wait. – Do you hear that? Daniel, look, look, there’s smoke. There’s smoke coming from here! – [Daniel] Oh no, oh no, oh no! – So, okay Zamfam, we have to hurry! One, we already did two,
that wasn’t a good idea. – [Daniel] Yeah, that was not a good idea. – I’m gonna do three. Okay, feels a little heavier. Okay, three, two, one! – [Daniel] What is that? – Wait, this might be the activator for the slime, look, the smoke stopped! It’s just a little bit,
so maybe it’s okay. We just have to get
out of the room in time so that more doesn’t come in. – [Daniel] Yeah, we
definitely have limited time. – For sure, okay, I think
this might be activator, Daniel, can you put this in the bag? – [Daniel] I’ll take it. – Okay, we need to look for clues. – [Daniel] Look, this spotlight is illuminating this Barbie right here. Maybe it’s a clue? – Are there any more Barbies in the room? – [Daniel] Oh hey look, there’s one. – [Rebecca] Let me see! – [Daniel] I’m gonna set it right here next to the other one. – Here’s one right here! Look, there’s like
something on their wrists. Are there anymore, maybe under? – [Daniel] Nothing under the bed. – [Rebecca] There’s another
one on this window sill. – [Daniel] So that’s four. – [Rebecca] Four, yeah. – [Daniel] One, two, three, four colors. – I think you figured it out, look. Look at their hands, they
have these pieces of tape. What if the dolls correlate to that? Like the pink one and pink. – [Daniel] The pink color on their hands, matches the pink color on the wall? – I have an idea, Zamfam comment below, if you think this might work. What if we put the dolls, up to where the pieces of paper are that match? – [Daniel] That’s a great idea. – It has to, I’ve done these color challenges before in escape rooms. Maybe if we just sit them on their color. – [Daniel] Oh, I see. – Alright, do you guys
think this is going to work? I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Alright, three, two, one Did you hear that? – [Daniel] I did, where
did that come from? Did it come from like over near there? – Look!
– Oh a mystery box! – It’s unlocked! Maybe
that unlocked the latch! It’s like the one we were in, I saw the real ghost, do you remember the clue that was hidden
in that mirror box? – [Daniel] In your room, yeah! – It’s like a tea pot,
and then look, colors! I think this definitely has to do with making slime, it has to. Can you put this in the backpack? – [Daniel] Yeah, let me take that too. – Teapot? Look! – [Daniel] Oh, it’s like a little like it’s like a tea party, hey look! Right there! – [Rebecca] Oh another one! Oh my gosh! – [Daniel] What do you think these mean? – I don’t know, we might
need to use those later. I think it might be something that we need to use to stop the event. We don’t know yet, we
just are gonna collect all the clues and riddles right now because it might help stop the event, we just don’t know. This is like the tea party that I had with Ro, and Carter, and Kurt. It looks like these go on like that. So if I put this on it,
maybe it’ll do something. – [Daniel] Let me see, no. It’s still locked, it’s still locked. – Okay, what are we missing,
we’re missing something. Check this paper for all of the things, it’s all lined up. – [Daniel] So there’s different Disney Princesses on it right? – You know what I just realized, this is Belle, do you remember when I transformed Ro into
a giant princess cake, and it was a Belle cake? – [Daniel] Oh right! – But then this one is
Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Wait, what is this one? This one is Belle, this one is Little Mermaid and Cinderella. – [Daniel] Maybe the Belle cup has to go with the Belle dish. – Exactly, so we just have to switch them! Okay, Cinderella and Ariel go here. This is Belle. Snow White and then I
think that’s Rapunzel and that would go there. Ready? It unlocked! It unlocked, Zamfam! We made it, we did all
three of the escape rooms! And this is where we came from, so wait, you saw that door
over on the other side. – [Daniel] Exactly. – Wait that’s shhhhh! Do you guys hear that? I don’t know. My heart’s racing. I think that’s someone in the Quadrant. They’re in there. Let’s go that way. Matt!
– Matt? – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh,
what are you doing? – You guys are here? – Oh my gosh, I thought you
were someone from the Quadrant. They trapped us in a doll house! We got out, there’s the incubate, we’re in here now, we have to figure out how to get in there. – Okay, but I came to try
to get into this room. Have you guys got in yet,
it’s the control room. – It is? How do you know? – I have the blueprints. – You do, of this house? – This entire house. We need to find a key to get in here. You guys seen any keys? – No, we just got through
three of the rooms, the game master said we
had to go through each room to get into another room and
we unlocked the third room, but no door unlocked. Maybe we’re missing something? – [Daniel] Should we check
all the clues that we got? – [Matt] Oh, I’m so
happy to find you guys. What is this? What does that mean? – [Rebecca] I don’t know, but look. It looks like ingredients
to make slime or something, because this is glue, shaving cream, and then there was some food coloring. Look, there’s three of them. We found them in each of the rooms. And then we have these dyes, so look. – Wait, hold on, there’s
one more right here. – [Rebecca] Okay, four! – [Daniel] So we have four of those. Okay, you said something
about these, making slime. These are ingredients for slime, right? – Wait, there’s a sign that
said I love slime here. Look, I love slime. There’s a heart, here’s
a heart, it’s underlined. What if we have to make slime? We have all the slime ingredients, look. – [Daniel] Oh yeah, okay. – Look, there’s a bowl. – [Matt] You just made slime. – I have to do it right, okay. This looks like glue, clear glue. – [Daniel] Hey guys look,
there’s also a heart right there near the door. So a heart there, and then a heart there. So maybe you’re on the right track. – We’re on the right track, maybe we like put it in a
heart shape or something? I don’t know. – [Matt] What color are
you gonna make this? – I don’t know, we found
yellow, blue, purple, red. – [Daniel] Yeah, I don’t know what color. – Wait, think pink. Matt, do you remember the secret meeting? – Yes.
– They said think pink. – [Matt] I attended the
secret meeting with a mask on. – So wait, we don’t have pink dye, but you guys comment below,
what color would make pink if we have red, yellow, blue, and purple? – And you have white slime. – And I have white slime. – I think I know what makes pink. – What?
– Pretty sure. Isn’t it red and white? – Red and white? So do you guys think I should put this? – Just a little bit. – Just a little? – It’s a dominant color too. That’s one, that’s two! – I’m not good at that! It’s gonna be okay, don’t worry. I have saved slime many a time. That’s alright, but guess what you guys, we are running out of time. – Stop rhyming! – But seriously, we’re
running out of time, look, it’s dark outside! – [Matt] It is, it was
dark when I came here. Well, the event’s supposed
to be happening today. I mean, that’s why I’m here. I’m here to stop the event. – This is all leading up to the event, that’s why the RZ Twin is out right now. The RZ Twin is my clone, we
saw a ton of other clones. – What? – They’re cloning YouTubers. – [Daniel] They’re starting to replace real YouTubers with clones. – How, like what? – In the Incubation Room,
so it wasn’t just us that were locked up, there was Ro Pansino, Carter Sharer, and Kurt Huge Schneider. But it wasn’t them, it was
their clones right Zamfam? Let’s keep going. – We need to stop the event so. – Yes, we need to get
into the control room look, I’ve made the slime,
look how good this slime is. – Why are you making slime? We need to get into the control room. – No, this is a clue I think. – [Daniel] So you have pink slime. We saw that we have to, maybe it has something to do with this heart dish? – So maybe I need to
put the slime into here? – [Daniel] Yeah, give it a thumb’s up if you think that’s right? – Here, nothing. – I told you guys. – No, wait, hold on, what if, – [Matt] You’re just making slime for fun. – What if we do this, hold on. – [Daniel] Oh, we gotta shape it. – The phone is ringing. – [Daniel] Answer it. – Hello? – [Man] Put in the four digit code. – What’s it say? – It says, put in the four digit code. – Four digit code? – Put in the four digit code. Do you guys have a four digit code? – No, but look, look, there’s a key. There’s a key hooked on to here. – What’s that key go to? – Here? No, what about here? – It’s a flashlight! – Black light! – It’s a black light! Where would we use a black light? – [Daniel] Maybe on the
door? Try on the door. Is there anything on the door? – [Matt] I don’t see anything. – The easel things, the chalk boards! – [Daniel] Oh right, and
there’s four of them! – If you think we’ll
find the four digit code on these four things right now, comment the black light will work. Look, nine, – [Matt] Hold on, let
me turn off the light. You can hardly see it. – [Rebecca] Nine, two, zero, five. Enter nine, two, zero, five! Try it! – Nine, two, zero, five. – [Man] Access denied,
you have two more tries. – Access denied, we have two more tries. – Two more tries? How are you
supposed to know the order? We must have missed it,
should we check the back? Look we missed it! Two, one, four. – [Matt] Okay, so this is the first one. – [Rebecca] How do we know? – [Matt] It says one! Now we gotta put them
one, two, three, four. – [Rebecca] Put in One, two, three, four! That’s two, yeah, one, two, three, four! – Are you sure?
– Yeah! – Okay, we only have two more tries. – It’s okay! – One, two, three, four. – [Man] Access denied,
you have one more try. – One more try, what? – I thought it was! – [Matt] What if you flip it over? – [Rebecca] Oh, okay, so one is this. – Which is? – One is two. And then two is five, three is zero, four is nine. – [Matt] Two five zero nine! Okay, smash the thumbs up button if you think this is right,
we only have one more try. If we don’t get this right,
we can’t stop the event. – No, we can’t get into the control room, so it has to work, I’m
so nervous right now. – Two, five, zero, nine. – [Man] Access granted. – We got it, we got into the control room! Look! – Be careful. – The Quadrant, this
is their control room. We did it! – This is like cloning, this
is what I was talking about. – Touch this here. – [Daniel] Whoa, it changed. – That’s the doll house! That we were trapped in and put in. That’s the Incubator Room, Matt. – You mean that’s Ro, and
Kurt, and Carter Sharer, – [Rebecca] No, that’s their clone. That’s not the real them. What is that? – You hear that?
– Yeah. What is that, Daniel? – [Daniel] I have no idea. – [Matt] Pull it, here
we go, three, two, one. – Matt, the game master said that whatever was in the lockbox would be what we needed to stop the event. – I brought the lockbox with me. – [Rebecca] Can you grab it? – I got it! – While Matt does that, I’m
gonna look back on the computer. While Matt goes and gets the lock box, I just wanna see. – [Daniel] Hey, that’s the
RZ Twin at your LA House. – What? She’s filming herself. Is she pretending to be me? Is she going on my social media, and people think that she’s me. That’s not, that’s not me! – I’ve got it right here. I guess this is where you put it right? – It looks like it, Zamfam,
do you guys think this is it? We have to hurry though. – [Daniel] So what happens
if you push the button? – We think it will stop the event. – It’s locked in place. – Three, two, one. – [Rebecca] Look, the
clones are deactivating. – [Daniel] Did it work? – [Matt] The timer stopped! – [Rebecca] Did we stop the – [Daniel] It’s so loud, it’s so loud. – [Rebecca] We need to get out of here. – [Daniel] There’s a door
right there, there’s an exit. – Look, LOL Doll! – [Daniel] What did they have that for? – I don’t know, let’s take it! Come on Daniel! Matt, come on! Did we just stop the event? We stopped the event! We did it Zamfam! Okay Zamfam, so we just got
done dropping off Daniel and I just wanted to thank you guys so much for helping us stop the event. It’s the game master. – Congrats on stopping
the event from happening and defeating the Quadrant. Now the YouTubers will not
be replaced by their clones. – We did it. – RZ was the first, and now the only clone to make it into the real world. I will be contacting you
when I need your help again. But for now you can go back
to doing your fun videos. – Does that mean we get to go back to doing fun videos again? – Yes, we do! – But RZ Twin is still out there. – The game master said
he’s gonna find her. Everything is gonna be just fine. – Okay, this is amazing! We defeated the Quadrant
with your guys’ help! Thank you, Zamfam, so much! Smash the thumbs up button you guys, because we stopped the Quadrant! I cannot believe it and I guess we’ll see you guys in our
next video for a fun video! Oh my gosh I can’t believe it!

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