242nd U.S. Independence Day Celebration

As the summer sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea, bright smiles and handshakes are welcomed at the U.S. Embassy Beirut The Embassy hosts its annual Fourth of July event honoring America’s 242nd Independence Day welcoming leaders of the Lebanese Armed Forces and government, foreign diplomats and distinguished visitors Every year, embassies around the world gather with their multinational partners and friends to celebrate Independence Day U.S. Ambassador Elizabeth Richard was joined by distinguished representatives for the President, Speaker and Prime Minister of Lebanon The event honored America’s history that celebrates the fight for democracy The partner country of Lebanon showed courage this year by holding its first elections in nine years, “I believe that as long as we share a common vision of the future The United States will continue to support the citizens of this country as they work to build a better future for Lebanon.” Reporting from the U.S. Embassy Beirut. I’m Tony Hewitt.

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