24HRS IN MANDALAY, MYANMAR: It’s a pagoda party!

Hello from the priority pass lounge in Yangon
and we’re on our way to Mandalay now. So, I had a quick 12-hour turnaround and I can’t
believe they have such a big beautiful lounge here. I love the priority pass perk that comes
with my credit card. So next time we see you guys we’ll be in Mandalay. Ten bucks for a taxi. It’s about an hour to
town. It’s not bad. Not bad at all. You drive and it’s like there’s a stupa, there’s a stupa,
there’s a stupa, there’s so many stupas. It’s so beautiful. Made it to Mandalay. Look at that. So pretty.
And the sun is setting. I’m so tired. I’m so jet-lagged. I don’t think we’re going to
do anything exciting today, but tomorrow, sunrise to sunset, it’s going to be a pagoda
party. Good morning from the, oh no, I’m not going
to say the name right. The U Bein Bridge in outside of Mandalay. So, we woke up at 5:00
to get here for the sunrise. Pretty impressive start. Pretty impressive
start at Mandalay. I seem to have inherited some doggies. That’s fine. That’s fine. Oh,
this is stunning. All right now, have some breakfast, little
outfit change and time to explore the city. This is our driver, Mr. Take It Easy. He has
the cleanest car in Man dalay. Where are we going next? Amarapura to Inwa, Inwa to Sagaing,
Sagaing to Mingun. This is a monastery and I’m going
to have to write down here where exactly it is because I’m not good at the names, but
this one’s a different flavor. It’s all wood. Oops. I’ll figure out this thing. In some
ways, it reminds me of Angor Wat a little bit. Yeah, the detail is really amazing of
this stuff. But like this part here where the jungle is kind of taking over, but you
pretty much have to take a horse-drawn carriage to get here and I felt really guilty about
it and I didn’t know that. So, just keep that in mind. This is really so cool. It feels like running
around Angor Wat without anywhere near as many people. Gosh, so beautiful. This is really
beautiful and impressive. check it. Woah. Dang. To get your name on the wall back
in 2012 that’s how much you needed to donate, which is like 30 bucks. Hey babe, how much
is 50,000 kyat worth? Like 30 bucks? Thirty bucks. I wonder what the
going rate is now. Californians on here. Chung Trinh family. Shout out to you guys. All right. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
It’s so beautiful everywhere you go. Absolutely amazing in a way that I’ve never seen anywhere
else. Cambodia, Thailand, everywhere else in the world I’ve been. Can’t we all just
get along guys? The unfortunate thing is you have to walk barefoot and there’s a lot of
stuff like this around, so there’s something in one of my feet for sure. Feel like each
place we go looks more and more like cake, or maybe that’s just my mood.

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  1. 04:02 That building was the the only building left. All the buildings in Mandalay palace were replica reconstruction after the palace was bombed to the ground during the second world war by the British. Before, all the buildings in the palace were similar to the surviving building in Innwa in term of architectural design and Konebaung dynasty sculptural art. I could only imagine what the palace would look like back then before the bombing by the British. It is a loss of Burmese culture and art that we will never get back. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shwenandaw_Monastery

  2. Loved the sunrise timelapse at U Bein bridge and the fact that all the stupas you visited were so different. Looking forward to seeing your Bagan video.

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