25 People Who Celebrated Too Early

From athletes who thought they had the win
and got it stripped away at the last second, to blunders that cost people the victory. Join me as I show you 25 people who celebrated
too early. 25. Nailed It…Then Got Nailed… Often times, a victory celebration is warranted,
required even! After all, when you do something pretty epic
and you feel the overwhelming energy that is within you, why would you want to celebrate
it? Take for example this young kid. We’ll show you part of this gif first because
it’s really a two-part thing. As you can see here in “part one”, this kid
just made a very nice dunk that any parent would be proud of. And the kid celebrates as a result. But…
…as part two of the gif shows, the kid made such an epic dunk that it shook the basketball
net and stand loose…and caused it to conk him on the head. Spacial awareness kid! It’s important for athletes to have! 24. That Should’ve Went In! And just so you know, it’s not just regular
people who have premature celebration syndrome, it happens all the time in the major leagues
of sports from all over the world! Take for example the NBA, where one Los Angeles
Lakers player thought he had just drilled a three-pointer as he saw it “go in” to the
net. Except that it didn’t. It hit the wrong angle and the shot bounced
out. Not only does he look like a fool for doing
a pose for the shot he missed, but the shot eventually made its way to the hands of the
opposite team! So you failed to make the shot AND you look
like an idiot. That’s an 0-2 situation on this 3. 23. Too Cool…To Pay Attention
Yeah…let’s call this another of those “hard knocks” lessons. Because sometimes the idea of looking cool
after nailing something totally epic is just too much to ignore. And you plan it so well in your head that
you know it’ll look good once you land it…and it does…but there’s always a catch. For this guy, he’s got skills. Clearly he does parkour and he lands this
amazing flip with little effort and goes right into the shades put on. A classic move in every way. And if we were to stop the gif here, we’d
be good, and so would he. But…
…spacial awareness strikes again! You didn’t see the pole because you were focused
on the camera. And now you’re flat on your back. Live and learn! 22. Gloating=Losing
I felt bad for the last guy, but I do NOT feel bad for this one. Not one little bit. Because while it’s nice to know that you’ve
“won”, no one like a gloater, especially when they’re taunting the competition right before
crossing the finish line. And this guy? He went the full nine yards in order to gloat. Pointing to the crowd, skating on just one
blade, making noises…yeah, he’s an idiot. And he felt like one when the guy he thought
he “beat” was in a better skating pose and blasted right by him to get the win. You get what you deserve buddy. 21. Slide! Admit it, we’ve all done it. We’ve all slid on slick floors in order to
see how far we could go, or to trick our buddies into hurting themselves. But for this guy? Yeah, he did all the work himself. I’ll give him credit, he did commit to it,
and he did make it the first time with a little help from his buddy getting “clingy” on him
to make sure that he stayed upright. But…then he decided he wanted to go for
the double tap…and well…this happened. Accept the victory and move on man! It’s not that hard! 20. Run Faster! Alright, the first couple people I might have
been a little harsh on (some of them deserved it though), but for this lady, the only thing
I fault her for is letting off the gas a little too early. You can clearly see her looking up at either
the screen or the clock to see that she is about to win the race. And she honestly is keeping up a good pace. But, the girl behind her is so desperate to
win that she goes Beast Mode and races right by her. A classic mistake. Focus on the front, not anything else. 19. Touch All The Bases
In sports, there are a few basic lessons that you honestly should know. What not to do with other players, respect
the officials, and more. But in Baseball and Softball, there is a very
basic rule that people seem to forget at times. Watch this video and see what I mean. Yep, she forgot to touch all the bases, despite
it technically being a home run. And so, she was out. To be fair though, a lot of people were mad
about the out when it happened because it seemed like a pitiful thing to allow since
it was clearly a home run. But…that’s the rules. 18. GOOOAAALLL!!!! Sometimes, the worst times to be cocky is
when you think you nailed something so epic, and then karma just goes right around you
and bites you in the butt. You usually wouldn’t think about that happening
in soccer. But this goalie is about to change your mind. Check it out. Oops. Before we show you more celebratory goofs
and misfires, be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel. That way you don’t miss our weekly videos! 17. Up In the Air
I ALMOST feel bad for this golfer, except I’ve seen shots like his go around the rim
so many times I know to wait until it literally sinks itself in the hole. Granted, it looked like a great shot, but
that’s not enough in golf when a LOT of things can go wrong. But here’s the real question, why in the world
did he try and go for that clip club thing? What did he think that would do? Make him look cool? Because that ending definitely didn’t make
him look cool. 16. Look ma, no hands! Yeah, this is another case of a guy NOT getting
my sympathy. Because while we’ve all seen people ride their
bikes without hands and make it look easy and cool and fun, it doesn’t mean you should
always try it! Because now that guy not only has injuries,
he went from 1st place to at least 10th or more, and he only has himself to blame. Do the no-hands thing AFTER the victory is
assured! 15. No Dancing In MMA! MMA, whether it be UFC, Bellator, or whatever
brand you watch is made not only by the fights, but by the fighters who have their own personalities
that they bring into the ring. And often times they’ll show that personality
as they beat down opponents. Which for the record is fine, that’s how Connor
McGregor and others got so big. But for this guy? He had his foe on the ropes so to speak, and
busted out a dance move, which led to his opponent knocking him the heck out. You’ll be dancing in your dreams now. 14. One Yard Short
The phrase “one yard short” in the NFL usually means that a player has been tackled and stopped
JUST SHY of the endzone. Meaning that they were so close to scoring
but failed to cross the plain. Like the legendary final play of Super Bowl
34 where the Titans were literally one yard short of victory. Fast forward a few decades and you have a
Denver Broncos player getting a pass and dashing to the endzone for the score with no one close
to touching him. The problem was that he gloated so much that
he dropped the ball while gloating before he crossed into the endzone. That’s technically a fumble, and it cost the
team. Oops. 13. Spike! This is a bit of a blink and you’ll miss it
moment, so pay attention to the final volley in this game of volleyball. Yeah, it looks like the team closest to the
camera weren’t able to save it, but in fact, the opposite happened! It just didn’t look like it so the other team
celebrated, until the ball hit one of them in the head and they realized their horrible
mistake. Sorry ladies! 12. False Start
How poetic, another screw up that the Broncos committed, but this time, not by a player
per se (though they did help), but rather, by a dedicated fan! You see, there are some fans that are so in
love with the sport that they decide to get tattoos to honor certain memorable moments,
like winning the Super Bowl. And the Denver Broncos were in Super Bowl
XLVIII, and so this fan, feeling they would win, got a tattoo saying that they were the
champs. Except that they didn’t win. The Seattle Seahawks destroyed them 45-8. And that tattoo will forever remind him of
that false start. 11. Last Second Shot
Unlike like the fan from before, I’m not going to fault these kids for thinking that they
had this win in the bag. There is two seconds on the shot clock, the
kid just made the go-ahead point to take the lead, and the kid on the other team just hurls
it into the air…and sinks the shot! Yeah, last second shots happen all the time,
but this? Yeah, that’s kind of cruel. Sorry kids! 10. Missed It By That Much
Yeah…this is a picture that I think says everything I need to, don’t you? 9. Don’t Dance Yet
Hey, remember the Los Angeles Lakers player from before with his missed shot? Well, this guy from the Hornets did an even
bigger mistake. Because his shot also appeared to go in, and
he watched it “go in”, but instead of just doing a pose, he decided to break into a dance
number…while the ball bounced out of the rim and then the other players were scrambling
for it. At least the Lakers guy realized his fault
quickly. This guy? Not so much. 8. Knockout? I’m honestly not sure what happened here,
because this honestly does seem like a pretty clear cut victory for this guy. He’s WAILING away on his foe, has him on his
back, not fighting back, nothing! And yet, the ref doesn’t stop the fight. But this guy thinks that he won. And I don’t blame him! Granted, he didn’t lose like the other guy
did by taking his eye off the prize, but he was definitely confused. 7. You’re Not There Yet! Usually, this play would be honored on SportsCenter’s
Top 10 or something like that. An amazing throw, an amazing catch, and a
graceful waltz into the endzone…except the defender didn’t want that to happen. So he stays the course, trips the player up,
and no touchdown is made. And that children is why you don’t party until
AFTER you score the touchdown! 6. Dewey Beats Truman
I’m going to get political a few times this list, and there have been a lot of weird political
mishaps and screwups and premature celebrations. But without a doubt one of the most iconic
was in the election where Harry S. Truman became President. Not that the papers understood that… 5. Tattoos…again? Yes, again! But this time, it’s with the legendary New
England Patriots, who were undefeated in the regular season leading up to Super Bowl 52
and were projected to win HUGE against the New York Giants. And the fans knew it, and thus guy went BIG
on his tattoo right on his chest. The Giants won 17-14, and that fan will never
forget it. 4. The Oscars
You’d think that the Oscars are infallible, it’s the Oscars! But in one of the most insane and weird premature
celebration stories EVER, a wrong card led to the cast of La La Land thinking they won
the award for Best Picture. When in fact, it went to Moonlight. Needless to say, the Oscars made sure this
would NEVER happen again. 3. Poor Al Gore
The 2000 US election is held as one of the most controversial of all time. And it didn’t help that many news anchors
believed that Al Gore won the vote. Including this news anchor who stated that
the Supreme Court “awarded” the Presidency to George W. Bush. Because…that’s not what happened as the
graphics in this clip shows! 2. Poor Hilary Clinton
Yeah…I need to dip into the political spectrum once again. Because while that Al Gore thing was a classic
misconception, just about EVERYONE thought that Hilary Clinton was going to beat Donald
Trump for the Presidency in 2016. Including her a few weeks before the election
where she decided to post a pic of herself and stating that she was about to be President. She was ahead in the polls, everyone said
she would win… Oops. 1. The Worst Play In Football History
Ok, I’m not actually sure if that is the case here. But let’s watch this play and dissect everything
that went wrong in it, ok? The key thing here is time. Because time is what determines when a game
is over. And the opposing team let’s call them needs
the field goal. But they miss it and it’s caught by the other
team. Which means the ball is live. but they’re so happy that the other team missed
that they forget the game is still going. So they run it out of the endzone, spike the
ball…and then realize all too late what they’ve done, the opposing team gets it, and
they score. Those two kids are no doubt ridiculed for
this play constantly…and they deserve to be. Thanks for watching everyone! What did you think of these people who jumped
the gun on their celebrations? Can you believe what happened to them to cost
them the victory or win they nearly had? Which do you think is the most shocking of
the bunch? Let me know in the comments below, be sure
to subscribe, and I’ll see you next time on the channel!

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