25th Anniversary 1994 Northridge Earthquake

[music]. SFX [rumbling ]. Structures up north and structures down south were damaged and a lot of them in between are perfectly, okay. It just doesn’t make sense the way the earth moves and that’s the engineering problem. We we do everything we can to make them safe but we can’t beat mother nature. Reporter: First of all. an update on your situation within Caltrans. Caltrans: Basically, what we’re looking at is, you know, we did suffer some damage on the system yesterday. Specifically six different locations where we had severe damage, of course. the major problems are the the i-10 section of the Santa Monica freeway west of downtown the. 5/14 interchange out in the San Fernando Valley. Also another section just a little bit north of the 14 interchange and then two locations along the 118 out in the San Fernando Valley. Caltrans: You can see it’s a pretty tedious work. It’s really. Nothing spectacular, like maybe anybody thought there’s no dynamite or anything like that. So we’re just going to continue chipping away at this. And we’re gonna go as fast as we can so we can get the road back open so we can get it cleared up. VO: This demolition will take about a week. But then comes rebuilding and that could take up to a year to repair and open the Santa Monica freeway. Workers today began tearing down the overpass that collapsed onto the I-5 freeway in the Newhall pass. Crews say we’ll take five days. just to clear all the damage which is blocking LA’s main route to Northern, California. Pilot: In about 15 or 20 seconds, we got a one-minute warning about 35 or 40 seconds – there it goes. Down. Blew those stanchions right out from under right down on the old road. This is between Calgrove and where the 14 hits the 5, where the 5 goes right over the old road. They just blew it, blew out the stanchions and the columns underneath. SFX [explosions].

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  1. I remember being a young boy when this quake struck. I was sleeping on the floor at a friends house, shook so violently that it brought me to my feet.

  2. I was ten, and living in San Diego county when this happened. Scared the crap out of me, and the aftershocks, which were strong, didn't help calm me down.

  3. It's going to take years or even decades to rebuild next time. Seems like all they do is run the sweepers and trim trees over and over in the same areas. I-5 sucks all the way from ca 99 to ca 91. The recent patches disintegrated in the rain.

  4. I had the pleasure to meet, (Hurricane Hugo), 4 hrs inland, that was not fun, tree's, wind and flooding. Then I had the experience of, the Northridge quake a 100 miles from the epi-center, now I frigging live at the bottom of tornado alley. I seen 6 tornado's in the last 6 years, sucks . Would like to see snow.

  5. How long did it take until the I-5 / CA-14 interchange and points north were we rebuilt and accessible to cars? I mean, the I-5 corridor is essential for goods and services, it would have been a nightmare getting around all that while they were repairing it! 😯😯😯

  6. My mom was VERY pregnant with at the time, I was born the very next day. We lived in Pomona at the time. Luckily i haven’t experienced an earthquake this big in my life. When I feel a 2.0 earthquake I have a mini heart attack so i can’t NOT imagine how everyone who experienced this must have felt. R.i.P to the ones who passed from this disaster 🙏🏽

  7. I was 5 at the time and all I remember is that everything was moving sideways and one of my lamps knocked off from my bedside.

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