25th Anniversary of Springwater Township

I think it’s really important for people
to know where we were with Springwater Township
you know just years ago We had to amalgamate and so that first
half of this Township was just a ton of work for all those people Hello my name is Tony Guergis. My name
is Linda Collins. I’m Bill French. My name is Don Allen and I get to be the Mayor
of Springwater from 2018 to 2022 Initially it was because of the rapid
growth that was taking place and to me the lack of preparedness by the township
at the time we had been newly amalgamated and I could see that the
council of the day was just working diligently on trying to bring together
the amalgamation just wanted to get involved to make sure we had plans that
made us prepared for well actually i was tapped on the shoulder by Ron and Helen
Coutts I’ve always been a strong volunteer I was encouraged by the
council of the day and the mayor of the day to get involved with the Recreation
Service Board in Grenfel and one of them suggested one
day well if you think you could do a better job maybe you should consider running for
office and I said that’s not a bad idea My wife and I had been involved in very busy careers and so we wanted to take a bit of a different approach and try to give back to the community more things that were accomplished during my involvement of Township I think they
fall into the key areas Grenfel Recreation Service Board, building the
first pavilion, and after that pavilions in Minesing, Hillsdale and Midhurst. Moving on the committee of adjustment dealing with surplus farm dwellings it was a very
confusing issue people are trying to expand their farms but they’re stuck
with these houses they clarified that building this beautiful building where I
ran this is a LEED certified building and it really sent a strong message to
anybody moving here or building here or wanting to do business with Springwater
Township that we were very environmentally conscious. Managing the
growth pressures that have come to Springwater. Midhurst is obviously
proceeding faster you can’t stop growth in a settlement
area the best you can do is manage it and so we we had lengthy consultations
we made sure that the development would come to us in phases one of the pillars
certainly was just getting more signage out there there are a lot of
different programs in different parts of the township and it will have
significant impact in the future and will bring a lot more enjoyment and a
lot more economic development into the community there will be a new hub that
will develop in the south end likely in the Midhurst area you’ll have more affordable
housing by that I mean young families that can afford to have houses you’ll
have seniors living farming will continue to be a prime sector in the
township you’ll get consolidation of farms you’ll
get more Agri tourism, transit will continue to grow. The one word I would
choose to describe Springwater is idyllic I think of it as beautiful, rural, unspoiled. Potential. It’s agriculture, it’s rural, i’ts urban communities. A lot of the
families have been there for generations and they know each other
Springwater Township will continue to be the beautiful geographic location that
we all love to live work and play in we’re just really well located so I
think the uniqueness of Springwater is first of all its geography and its
opportunities but also and with that obviously its community mindedness and
its resonance. What makes Springwater a special place today is the fabric of the
people and their nature to be welcoming to volunteer, to help build a community, to take an interest in the community when you mix the nine settlement areas
that exist in Springwater together with that rural landscape a lot of natural
landscape and natural heritage and Minesing Wetlands and all those things
you have such a diverse municipality that’s very positive. The leaders of the
time had good forethought in making that happen I think it resulted in good
synergies, good economies of scale, good infrastructure development. There was
just so much hard work done by the previous councils under Mayor Helen
Coutts in John Brown and the administrative staff was fantastic and
especially the clerk’s office under Eleanor Rath and Carrie deGorter they
did so much good work sure that we had everything done right. I
think it brought communities together it certainly brought a more efficient
government. This was a place that was being built correctly a community that
came together after amalgamation and really found a path forward and that is a
special thing. My best day as mayor was Election Day Election Day I was
successful I was hopeful I’m gonna build a team I’m gonna make a difference that
was my best day because hope floats my best day is mayor I think is when we opened this building we had Jason McCoy and his band sing here we were tenants in the county
building for a long time we didn’t grill in that space and staff were scattered
all over and it was nice to see the team come together and work here. Saving Elmvale District High School by the township investing in its
renovation and expansion we didn’t do it just for the education we did it to
actually save the community of Elmvale the Canada 150 celebrations that were
fantastic the way people were brought together from all around the community
to celebrate their friendship good food rides it was really a lot of fun really
brought together the fabric of Springwater. Happy 25 years Springwater
Township. Happy Silver Anniversary to Springwater. Happy 25th anniversary
Springwater and may you have many many more. Happy birthday Springwater 25th
birthday it’s a great celebration a great event

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