2nd Birthday Present Haul/Gift Ideas [CC]

– Hello, my name’s Sarah and today I’m making a video all
about the gifts that we’ve got for our
daughter’s second birthday. (upbeat music) The first gift that we have
got her is this pony toy. We actually got this awhile
back in a sale at Sainsbury’s. I think we paid £1.25 for it. The next gift that we got
her, she’s already got one of these and we’re lucky enough
to be sent both of these. So we’re gonna give her
this one for her birthday. And it’s one of these little toys. The next present that we got
her is from the Disney Store. We don’t generally buy her
cuddly toys cause she doesn’t seem interested in playing
with them, but when I saw that they had an offer where
these were £12.50 instead of £22,
I thought that I just had to jump at the chance. So we
picked her up this Daisy Duck. And if you look at her foot
it’s actually personalised. The next item it was kindly sent to us as well for testing out by a PR. And this is a Duplo set and
it’s a little birthday set. So it comes with a birthday
cake and it’s got a seesaw, a tree, a squirrel, and some balloons. And she loves playing
with this with her dad so I know that she’ll just
absolutely adore this set. The next one thing we
got for her are these Animals of All Kinds flash
cards. Now she already owns quite a few sets of flash cards and
she really enjoys using them. She already knows how to say
like her colours and her shapes from using flash cards, and she can say most of the ones
from the alphabet ones. She loves animals so I think that she’ll just really enjoy these. We love wooden toys and if you
saw my “Toy Declutter” video you will see that she’s got
quite a few wooden toys. So, I think it was about a
year ago I saw the next gift in a sale in Sainsbury’s
and I picked it up then even though I knew she
wouldn’t actually have it until now, her second birthday. And it’s this wooden toolbox.
So it just looks like this. And inside it’s obviously
got lots of different tools for her to play with. The next thing that I picked
up is from Orchard Toys. And I actually got this
from a car boot fair and paid 50p for it. And
it’s just this Post Box Game. Now we love Orchard Toys. We
actually are a reviewer for them and review quite a few of their toys. So we actually buy the toys ourselves too. The next gift is also from
Orchard Toys and it’s this Penguin Pairs matching
game. It’s a mini game. The last Orchard Toys
thing was kindly sent to us to give to Elise for her birthday
and include in this haul. And this is the Smelly
Wellies monster game. This was actually on her wishlist. We put it on there for somebody
else to buy her, so when they said they would like to
send it we were really excited. But this basically has
different monsters, and it’s like a puzzle where you have
to match their wellies and put them on. So I think
she’ll really like that. The last toy that I’ve got
to show you is this set from Magformers, and they were kind
enough to send this to us. I will be reviewing this
on my blog once she’s played with it for awhile but it is a… Oh, I’m sorry, wrong
way, it looks like this. She does have one more toy
gift that was sent to us by Little Tike’s to try
out but it’s in a huge box and I’m making a whole
separate video on it. But it is the Little
Tike’s Princess Carriage. I’ll insert a picture so that you can see what it looks like. But
we’re gonna build that and have it out for her on
her birthday, so when she comes down in the morning
it’s already set up. And then we’re gonna go out
and film her using it and stuff so that will be another
video that you get to see. And we’re really excited
for that cause we think that she’s gonna absolutely love it. The last items that we
got for her birthday are not very exciting for
children but they’re exciting for me, so I’m giving to her
for her birthday as gifts because she’ll enjoy wearing
them… but they’re clothes, and no two year old wants
clothes. These are all from GAP. So, the first item is just
this really nice fox tunic top. The next one which is also
two years is this really nice pink jumper. And it’s
got these little flowers on with GAP written in kind of
like a rose gold sparkly print. And also I’m not sure if
you’ll be able to see but it’s got little ruffles on
the shoulders here as well. This jacket is a reversible
jacket and I got it in 18-24 months cause she’s still
wearing 12 to 18 at the moment. And it’s just this little kinda hoodie. It’s got little bear ears
and it’s reversible so you can have either this print
or the striped print inside. And then the next item I
also got in two years and it’s just this really
cute kind of creamy white coloured top with flowers on. This is in two years and it’s
just this really lightweight denim top and it like sort
of flares out at the bottom. Then I got in size two
again this pink jumper which has this little cat
print on the front pocket. Now this just looks so
cosy for the winter! And the last item I got are these jeans, which I got in age two.
These are just this mint colour. So that’s everything that
she’s getting for her birthday from me and her Dad. If you did enjoy this video
please remember to give me a thumbs up and subscribe,
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disability and things ,because I’ve got epilepsy and so
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videos on it and I think this could be quite an interesting
topic to a lot of people. Thank you so much for
watching and I hope to speak to you again soon. Bye! (upbeat music)

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  1. My favorite toy when I was her age was a toy called a Sit N' Spin. I used it until one day I accidentally broke it by sitting on the middle handle that turned it. Asked mom to get me a new one and she told me I was too big to get another one. 🙂

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