3 Awesome Fun Tricks with Matches – DIY ideas with Matches

(MUISIC) (Intro playing) a plastic bottle cap Take one wooden stick and a pencil Take a sharp saw and cut the lid
on both sides only slightly on both ends. Take a sharp saw and cut the lid
on both sides only slightly on both ends. Take a sharp saw and cut the lid
on both sides only slightly on both ends. now we insert the stick into the cap to which we cut take some scissors and make a small hole Result: Use a Glue Gun to melt and add the melted glue to the stick
Add hot glue to the popsicle stick Add hot glue to the popsicle stick Place the matchbox part on hot glue. Cut the remaining pieces off. Put the popsicle stick in the lid. Take everything inside the pen out Cut the top part of the pen. Please be very careful!! Add hot glue to the bottle cap around the pen in the glue. Hold the pen firmly into hot glue until it is set. Add hot glue as a fillet round the pen. Take the end of the pen to the spring. Hot glue the end of the pen to the spring Add glue behind the tube and place inside the spring. Put this inside the pen. Slide Matchbox Stick into lid. Put a match stick inside the pen. And then insert the pen all the way. Pull Popsicle Stick out quickly. Please be careful with fire!! Cool! a little igniter there! How to use: pull the Popsicle Stick, the pull it out, Hold the pencil, and then the match comes out. Please do not try this with highly inflammable objects. yes it works You will need a fidget spinner, and a box of matches. Use glue to stick the matchsticks adjacently. Make 3 sets with around 10 matchsticks per set. Apply some glue on the inner ring of the fidget spinner Glue a set on each side of the fidget spinner. Glue on each circle. Glue a stand to the fidget spinner. This stand is made from PVC pipe and a cap. Remember to be very careful with fire!!! Last trick: Take a matchbox. Fold it in half,
cut it. Tape the two together. Wrap tape around the matchbox. Cut a piece off the side. Put the match sticks into
the side that was cut. Leave the match heads just above the cut. I hope you enjoyed the video. More here^^^

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