3 AWESOME Superhero Birthday Party Games for Kids | Part 1

Wow in today’s video you are going to
get three superhero games for your next superhero themed birthday party these
games are perfect for elementary and preschool aged children this is part one
of a two-part series so come back again on Friday for three more superhero
games for today’s video you are going to need glow sticks I got most of these
supplies at my local dollar tree you’re gonna need some glow sticks you are
going to need some lawn darts some plastic containers you are going to need
some aluminum balls which I just got aluminum foil and squished up into
aluminum balls and you are going to need red white and blue paper plates as well
as red plastic cups all right let’s get into today’s video Today’s first game is
Supergirl Supergirl is all about strength
she’s so strong and she has great balance so this is a test of strength
and balance you’re going to place a paper plate in your child’s outstretched
arms and the goal is to see how long they can hold the paper plate while you
put aluminum balls onto the paper plate yeah and these these are heavy heavy
aluminum ball to see how long they can hold the paper plate in a test of
strength this game is inspired by Hawk eye you’re going to need your lawn darts
and some chalk draw a target on the ground with your chalk and throw lawn
darts just as Hawkeye uses his bow and arrow your kids are gonna be throwing
lawn darts and see if they can actually make the target target practice with
Hawkeye before I talk about game number three I just wanted to introduce myself
hi my name is Shawn welcome to prayerlights on this channel I do DIY party games to
inspire you to have fun with your family all right
game number three game number three is inspired by Black Widow she is great
throwing her baton and hitting the target
so you’re going to stack up a bunch of a red plastic cups give your kids these
really cool baton shaped glow sticks target practice
see if they can knock down all of the cups make sure you come back
Friday for the second part of the series if you’re watching this later the second
part will be posted in the description box down below I will see you my next
video thanks for watching bye

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  1. Ahhh yay!!!! Thanks SO much for doing this video!! These are great ideas! Will definitely be using them for my daughters Supergirl party! ♥️

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