3 Baby Shark Birthday Party Games (Everyone Will LOVE)

in today’s video I have three shark
themed birthday party games for kids for you to play at their next birthday party
and this summer coming up these look like shark fins here we go
for these games you are going to need some simple supplies like this shark fin
right here that attaches to your back you are going to need an inflatable
shark face I will pop up a picture right here of what I am talking about you’re
going to need this I found this at the target dollar spot and you are gonna
need some mini plastic sea creatures like these ones I will put where I found
these and they description box down below because I bought a whole bunch of
them alright let’s get into today’s three games here we go where the first
game you are going to be you were a shark fin and this is shark red light
green light sharks are predators so we got to be sneaky when we sneak up on
predators the person who is calling out a red light green light will be wearing
as the shark fin as you can see here my son is wearing the shark fin and my
husband is trying to sneak up on him for my son says red light my husband hasn’t
stopped when my son says green light then he can walk again and the object is
not to let the shark catch you sneaking up on him if he does you are out of
course this game is better played with a lot more people than just my husband and
my son here but here we are just doing a demonstration alright moving on to game
number two forgive number two you are going to be
this awesome inflatable shark head with these little fish I bought this one at
the target dollar spot I think it was either three or five dollars super cheap
super easy to blow up and goes great with any shark themed birthday party and
here you can see we’re just trying to get the shark the fish into the shark’s
mouth and he is trying to eat up all of the fish here we had a lot of fun and
blowing these up if I can find one similar to the one that I bought at
Target then I will link it in the description box down below alright
moving on to game number three before I move on to game number three if you are
new I wanted to introduce myself hi my name is Shawn welcome to prayer lights on
this channel I do DIY party games to inspire you to have more fun
with your family because as you can see we love having fun as a family and if
you liked this video and the theme please give it a big thumbs up alright
enough of that moving on to game number three today’s last game you are going to
need a lot of cute little see plastic sea creatures and unfortunately I only
have two I’m not sure what happened to the rest of our sea creatures I had a
huge bag of them that I bought on Amazon and we are down to only two so here you
can see my son demonstrating every player needs their own set of sea
creatures and their own plastic cup and the goal is you are the shark and you
have to pick up the sea creatures using only your teeth and put them in the Cup
and whoever can get the most in the Cup in one minute wins the game alright
thanks so much for joining me in today’s video and I will see you next one bye

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