3 Birthday Party Games for Kids They’ve Never Played

Hello friends! In today’s video, I have
three party games for you that would be great for a birthday party or a family
gathering or just good old-fashioned fun. If we are meeting for the first time, hi
my name is Shawn. I’m a mom of two who had a full time job planning fun events for kids. And now I get to have fun with my family at home and create party ideas like this
for you twice week. All right let’s jump into today’s video. Here we go. This first game I found on Playtivities. I will link them down below but it’s called the donut game. You’re going to need some cardboard and some colored pencils. And that’s it. This is a great game for two or more players. Cut out cardboard in the shape of a donut. Decorate it to look like a donut and then put colored pencils in the center. And you take turns pulling a colored pencil out and whoever causes the cardboard to touch the table loses the game. Going on to game number two. Number two was is inspired by this game that I saw on The Ellen Show so I
modified it a bit to fit into my home. What you’re going to need is some kind
of stretchy fabric. I used a tablecloth here and you’re going to need some balloons and two laundry baskets. The object is to get all of your
balloons from your basket, stuff into a tablecloth, and deliver them to your opponent’s basket. And whoever’s basket is empty is the winner. This tablecloth only lasted us playing this game three times before it got super stretchy. I will post a link to that tablecloth down below. I just cut a hole in it but if you want an
alternative, I will post this really stretchy band that I found on Amazon. that I think would also work. I’ll post a link to that as well in the description box down below. Moving on to game number three. For game number three you’re going to need these sticky hands. I will post where I got mine from in the link below. Blow up your balloons. The object of the game is to see how many balloons you can pick up with your sticky hand and then put into your basket. So you gotta catch them and then fling that sticky hand and catch those balloons and then you take it off the sticky hand, put it in the laundry basket and whoever catches the most balloons wins the game. So where all the balloons are gone how many balloons you have that
determines the winner. A thumbs up is the best compliment you can give me. Subscribe if you want to see more party ideas like this or just want to see my family and I
having some fun. And I will see you in my next video. Thanks for watching. bye bye

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