3 Coco Halloween Projects

* we may have our differences but
nothing’s more important than family* *I’m proud of our family* My name is Donovan, I am the beardless
Man, and Pixar’s Coko is about to come out And with Halloween just having
happened and Day of the Dead just having happened and Coco about to happen I
thought it would be cool to do 3 Coco inspired projects A jar lantern, a cookie cutter, and a candy coffin For the lantern, I wanted to do the sugar skull from the Coco logo So I picked out the colors I would need And we got our craft table ready to paint The process after that was to… Well, just paint We started out by painting the skull Then adding all the colorful details and finally painting the rest of the jar black for the cookie cutter I chose to make
one that looks like Hector cause he seems like he’s gonna be the most charismatic character from the movie and probably the most recognizable So I started by tracing out the features of his face Uh, skull Whatever And then taking that drawing into Fusion and extruding the features to make the cookie cutter I then printed out the cookie cutter The first attempt… didn’t turn out So I tried again and that attempt didn’t turn out But, 3rd times a charm, I printed it out again and it turned out good The next step was to make the cookie dough Originally I had this grand idea of making the cookie and frosting it to look exactly like the
character But I wasn’t quite sure whether to cut the cookie out first and then bake it, or bake it and then cut it out So I did both and cooked them And both… Well, uh, didn’t turn out So I fail at cookies But in the end a cookie’s a cookie, so… yum? At this point I want to take a second to thank my Patreon supporters You guys help make these videos happen and as part of being a supporter, they get access to all the files I created to make these projects So if you want access to the files too to make your own projects, consider becoming a supporter The last project was by far the easiest I chose a part of the scene with the dog chasing the bone, cause… Bones Coffin Seemed like a good fit and it looks like a funny scene, so it works After creating the vector
for the dog I put it on top of the template for the coffin and then laser cut it out after that it was just a matter of
putting it all together I did get a small dowel and measured off the distance of the gap on the hinge to keep all the hinge pieces together after gluing it all together and testing out the hinges to make sure they worked ok it was done! The only thing left was to fill it with candy It’s fun to do these different projects with the same theme Trying to figure out different ways to create something from the same movie Speaking of creating things based on a theme, you should check out the Art of Geek Challenge Every month, they have a different themed challenge This month’s challenge being the Justice League correlation with the movie that just
came out So you should check them out on Instagram at @theartofgeekchallenge And you can check out my instagram for behind the scenes and other randomness Yeah, I don’t know what else to say… ok

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  1. Donovan…this is Kevin over @ tooltechandmore keep up the great work!!! Glad you kids had fun that’s what counts! Have a great day

  2. Nice projects Donovan. Glad to see I'm not the only one who sometimes has to do things three times to get it to work :p

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