3 deadly mistakes: Exposing scammer marriage agencies in Ukraine & Russia!

– There’s no reason any normal Western man
can’t come to Ukraine and be successful marry an incredible woman beautiful
smart sexy younger of a fairly high socioeconomic class then you could back
in your country. Your chances are hundreds of times more than it is back
in your country so it’s just you gotta you gotta play it smart. You got to be
realistic and you just got to take action. The action takers get the girl!
– Action takers get your ass on a plane to Ukraine. Hello from Kiev in Ukraine so one of the questions I get asked a lot that I don’t really feel I’m
the person to really answer the question is about marriage and marriage agencies
in Ukraine so what I’ve done today for today’s video I decided bring in an
expert who has a different type of marriage agency it’s actually I would
describe as an anti-scammer agency if I may call it that Joe. This is Joe. He is
from matchguaranty.com so in today’s video we’re actually gonna answer the
three most common questions that we get on YouTube about marriage agencies and
meeting Ukrainian women . So welcome Joe! – Hey Conor! Thanks a lot. Hi guys! Привет!
Thanks for having me on your show there Conor. Really this is the three deadly
traps that yeah that trip us guys up hey guys you need to know the first thing I
was like you I was a client only two short years ago and I would came to
Ukraine looking for love you know looking for a serious woman that was
marriage-minded that really wanted me for me and I’m sure that’s what you want
too if you’re even considering going on this journey you’ve undoubtedly
discovered that these are shark-infested waters as I put it. – That would be my
impression as I said I’m not a person who’s ever frequented a marriage agency that
hasn’t been necessarily my goal in my trips my adventures here are more
about having an experience of course romance is a
lot a big part of that and dating but I’ve never come here with that specific
goal so that’s why I brought you on today because I know a lot of you write
to me and you ask me about these questions about finding a wife and etc. That’s not my specialization so Joe tell us like one of the questions that we get
a lot remember what the first question was again yeah I mean but I was gonna I
was gonna whack you here and say but you like the ladies college well I mean
that’s you could see it in my youtube channel a little bit.
Okay I finally started open up about that. It was a big secret that Conor likes
really amazing and beautiful women. No secret, of course. So basically guys what I’ll go over is the three big
traps that you guys I fell into them as well so don’t feel bad. The first one is guys ask me I’m chatting with a beautiful Slavic woman
online. Is she real? – Okay her photos are real Joe! – Is she real? is the first question
and then second question which is more important as she really into me, right? so
guys this is my big message to you if you’re chatting in the ppl world pay per
play or pay per letter write letter video chat text chat you got to know. This is a
is a scam based industry that that that is about a billion dollars a year in
annual revenue in Ukraine and Russia and these big sites they prey on
us naive a naive men. So you got to know that if your yeah if you’re paying
online you’re most likely being scammed and you need to know that could be
babushka talking to you grandma or it could be Igor or it could be a man
that’s writing a letter so my big advice to you guys don’t fall in love to a picture
okay! Get your ass on a plane and come to Ukraine.
Save your money. Just come. Grow a pair of ones and go on the street and ask girls.
– Yeah just come here and do what most of us normal guys do when we come ever
since we interact and we’re social with everybody and we go about lives
actually pretty normal ways you would back home but it happens to be in
Ukraine and that’s basically how we always have contact with with the
interesting and beautiful women that you see in in our videos. That’s basically
how it works. It’s actually interesting you bring up about the paper per play
because I actually used to see someone in Odessa you used to work for
a marriage agency that’s why I had such a negative impression of them, right? She told me
yeah I mean it’s about keeping the guys on the chat as long as possible. – Getting the hook in and then keeping them hooked and she did not even speak
English she told me she was using like Google Translate and she figured out
what expressions keep guys on the longest so basically it’s a yeah it’s an
industry-based … I mean once you’re paying for their time their objectives to keep
you there too long as many time as possible to maximize your revenues. It’s
a business you have to understand that and yeah so if you think that the
picture that’s talking back to you is really the picture then maybe it is but
I don’t think that’s how you maximize revenue. – You’re better to come here and
hey and guys some tips about how to meet women here basically try to just immerse
into society right you know take Russian lessons go dancing take dancing lessons
whatever you can go to church you know. You might find a good girl at church
try but you need to know it’s not easy because statistics are my personal
statistics is because we’ve done hundreds of interviews of Ukrainian
women on the streets in Ukraine and we asked as one of our battery of questions
would you date a foreigner and so only one in seven is our statistics would
even date a foreing man and other statistics that have come across from
guys that do statistics you know boots on the ground is 15% only of the
Ukrainian woman would date or marry a foreign man so you got to know yeah even
if you’re young and good-looking it’s not an easy task meeting them on the
streets but hey it’s better than then playing fantasy football online yeah
– That’s interesting I also did a video last summer in Odessa about what
Ukrainian go there’s a think of foreign guys and I
asked that question as part of it like would you date a foreigner would you
consider out and it was about 50/50 when I asked girls on the street myself and
we’d have a quite young demographic I think this one might be a bit more than
younger generation are more open to it but even I was surprised by 50% saying
no. I want to only date Ukrainian guys so don’t come here and think that every
Ukrainian girl is gonna throw themselves at you because you’re a foreigner it’s
gonna that it does not happen and if I may bring this up Conor who was asking
the questions. You? – I was asking the questions. – So you have definitely a bias
right because you are the guy so they you know how in Ukrainian culture they
don’t want to insult anybody so you know what you’ll have is because I’ve done
this to where I interview and it’s way higher numbers like you experienced but
you see in ours I have a Ukrainian interviewer interviewing Ukrainian girl
so I cut out the bias that way. – Very good so there you go so apparently I gave you
an over rosy picture in my video but anyways next time I will use only Ukrainian
girls to ask other Ukrainian girls that’s a good tip so that’s the first
trap that a lot of guys fall into which is they just start talking to a photo
and believe that’s the real person behind answering without any evidence
right then they basically are paying for that privilege to talk to the photo and
that’s the first thing to realize and be careful of. Now the second trap … tell us
what the second trap is Joe! – Absolutely Conor the second one it’s it’s really
the dirty little secret of this industry is that is that good girls don’t go to
marriage agencies. – Probably not that surprising if you think about it
rationally – Because what happens Conor is you know men are victims of this
industry but also the Ukrainian girl is victim of this industry what happens is
they innocently a lot of them respond to an ad on VK or various online
advertising sites in Ukraine in Russia and it offers a free photo shoot come in
and join international marriage agency so a lot of girls that are younger and
beautiful are naive about it they go in because they want the free photo shoot
because – All right so their photos get taken and they get used by the agency and
maybe not in the way that they anticipated. – Yeah identity fraud
actually happens a lot because here here is a number that I verified
that some of the big scam sites can make up to $50,000 a month on their most
beautiful youngest most beautiful girls they get selectively put to the top of
the ya-ya she don’t even really need the girl cash there she doesn’t even know
she doesn’t get paid by she came in for a free photo shoot and she doesn’t know
it so what happens is some time later month maybe year years somebody tells
her hey I saw your picture but you were photoshopped but I saw your picture on
these sites and if you do a Google image search or better a Yandex image search
you’ll shoot she then finds herself on a myriad of sites and they’re just using
her a different name different profile its identity fraud and so what happens
is basically it’s common knowledge in Ukraine that’s just a scam industry
there’s no positive result as they say there’s no foreign good foreign man
you’re gonna meet and marry as a result of going into an international marriage
agency it’s common knowledge here that’s why only the scammers go in the girls
that basically want to make money get receive gifts or presents taken out to
expensive restaurants for dinners but they’re not the serious marriage-minded
once it’s that it’s the usurious girls so it’s not the good girls they don’t go to
marriage agencies so that begs the question how do you meet a good girl in
Ukraine? – Well like you would meet a good girl anywhere I don’t think it’s not
different right you just build your social circle you partake in activities
that you have a genuine interest in and you meet like-minded people at those
kind of events absolutely that’s what I would recommend but you as you said it
you need to get your your ass on a plane and actually fly out to Ukraine and
actually come here and interact with local people it’s not really rocket
science but it isn’t – But you know Conor the thing is you and I we have free time
on our hands we can we can travel you know I live in Ukraine for the most part
so the thing is but if the guy if he has time he can come and immerse
himself into the culture into society and it can meet good girls but what
happened if a guy has two weeks on his hand vacation how do you do it really
it’s next to impossible and a two-week framework to come here and meet enough
girls that you’re gonna find somebody I mean hey guys if you’re on a budget
you can give it a go but you need to know it’s a tall order to
pull that off – So if you’re looking for a wife – Yeah yeah if you’re if you’re
looking to play you know you can you can try you can try – I think 2 weeks is enough to
have a good time in Ukraine right so one thing that interests – Well I just want to
add in so for us as a marriage agency owner okay
our hard task is the same as your hard task it’s how to find good girls to sign
up with us so the … – What do you do Joe? – What do we do? It’s a it’s a long process you
have to just wait over time and good girls come in by word-of-mouth referrals
is we have a client gets married and she then tells all her girlfriends and then
we get a spillover effect of girls that come and register with us but we can’t
advertize we’ve tried before and we just get the gold diggers that come in
the opportunists right so so it’s very important to us that Match Guaranty to
have sincere marriage minded women so it’s a slow process we have currently
about 900 ladies and we go the extra mile to vet them to make sure as best we
can that they’re sincere in their intention to look for a man for love and
family. – And how do you go about that? Do you do interview them? Do you interview
the guys who go on dates with them? – Yeah the two two keys to you know our matchmaking
success first is yeah we interview them in the office Tatyana who has a
background in psychology my partner she has a real sense to ask tricky questions
psychology based to see what why the girls coming in why she’s she’s
registering you know does she have a hidden agenda and we’ve got some some
questions that really are strong telltale signs there she has a hidden
agenda so that’s the first thing but secondly I’d be lying if I said to you
that we don’t have scammers that slip through you know and – Not that big a
surprise now – Yeah it does happen so the second component you know formula for
our success is we have unlimited coaching involved in the matchmaking
process so you have a Ukrainian woman coach and you have a Western man coach
so if we spot a girl that’s doing things that’s conducting herself that is
showing that she has ill intentions yeah the flag goes up and we take appropriate
action and we tell the client the guy listen that’s
not that’s not cool what she did yeah and we heard purge her – You remove her from
the database she can’t go out again well that seems like one strategy of
going ahead and trying to remove gold diggers from from your list as a marriage agency in Ukraine as I described this is more anti scammer kind of marriage agency which definitely different to how the business model works in the marriage agency world in
general what do you think about what you experienced cuz the question I always
get I’ve gotten quite a from quite a number of you my viewers is I am I mean
the person write to me says I am 30 I’m 40 I’m 50 what is realistic as an age
gap for me if I were to date a Ukrainian or if it turns out to be a Russian or
somewhere some are in the former the Soviet Union what’s your experience with
this? – Great segway Conor because that is my my third you know deadly trap that
guys fall into here it’s the age gap trap I call it right because let’s face
it you know us guys you know we’re not too far off a caveman okay we want to
find and conquer the beautiful girl am I wrong or am I wrong guys right we will
take we we will pursue the most beautiful girl that we think we can
catch right this that’s realistic for us and sometimes not even realistic but
guys listen if you’re seriously want to find a girl for marriage that love you
for you you need to keep your your animal in check so yeah yeah you have to
be realistic so what’s realistic in Ukraine is 10 to 15 years max age gap
and basically it’s like this if you push that boundary your chances of being
scammed or chances of getting into a use-use relationship so you’re using
her for sex she’s using you for what money I guess yeah what what what are
you going for yeah yeah so basically the more you push that age gap boundary
limit of 10 to 15 years we call zone of success the more you push that the
chances of you getting into a use-use relationship go parabolic they go much higher
and you and if you hit 20 years plus again it’s just not that it can’t be a
genuine relationship I’ve seen them but you need to know that they are rare. So just be careful I always say test test test
your relationship – And how much how specific is it – maybe the health or
looks of the guy involved like if you’re a young looking 40 year old is it more
realistic to date someone 15 20 years younger or do you say it someone is like fat 50
and bald and with bad breath teeth I would you say like 5 years max I mean
how do you approach these things it has to be a little bit like contextual it has to be personalized. – That it’s a great point Conor because as you say
you know if you’re over 50 you’re fat and you’re not so sorry guys good to look
at right it matters guys you need to know that age and your looks matters
just like we want an attractive partner they also want to feel attraction for
you now it’s true they’re not as vain in Ukraine as they are in the West you know
our women are pretty brutal they want us to be cover of GQ magazine know these
women as always you’re strong man as they call that your good provider they
can trust you they can you know they can depend on you you can get somebody more
beautiful in Ukraine bit younger I could say 10 15 years and they’re not so hung
up on looks so you’re gonna do a lot better in this department than you would
in your country – That seems more … – But you’d be realistic yeah exactly
– You have to be realistic you I mean if you it is true that Ukrainians are
probably less put a higher less priority on looks … a little bit more
on status and wealth maybe I would say maybe but I think it’s not such a big
difference I will not put it – I wouldn’t even put it on status and wealth because
really for the good girl I always talk about in Ukraine she doesn’t need you to
be she’s not looking for a rich guy but she is looking for a stable
provider dependable you’ll hear them say this all the time strong men they
call it right I can trust you I can rely on you you’re dependable and you can
solve the family problems and if you you’ve got all of that then yeah you can
get somebody a lot more beautiful younger more educated than you can back
home I mean you’ll be pinching yourself that I will say this guys
that there’s no reason any normal Western man can’t come to Ukraine and be
successful marring an incredible woman beautiful smart sexy younger of a fairly
high socioeconomic class then you could back in your country your chances are
hundreds of times more than it is back in your country so it’s just you gotta
you gotta play it smart you got to be realistic and you just got to take
action the action takers get the girl – Action takers
get your ass on a plane to Ukraine! – Yeah – Joe … – Yeah because that’s the other point just to just a bit of these girls it’s
amazing our girls pursue us right in the West
in Ireland man they they come and aggressively attack you … – Especially
after a few drinks uh-huh exactly but here they sit and
patiently wait for you to approach her she the good girls don’t approach men here you
know exactly that’s a big cultural difference there they expect men to
approach to take to lead to take initiative and they will sit there and
maybe give a very subtle signal that they’re interested but they will not
approach guys in general it’s very unusual yeah here in Ukraine Joe thanks
for outlining the three traps that a lot of guys fall into they were they were
the questions that I received that really you know since I don’t come here
with the particular goal of finding a wife right so I don’t feel that my
experience is really the pertinent one for those of you who write me those
questions and someone like Joe is a lot better qualified in order to help you
with that but that said since I’ve already looked into matchguaranty.com and Joe’s philosophy and how it’s basically an anti-scammer
marriage agency or matchmaking site there is a special offer if you go to
Joe’s site. I’m gonna link it below and you decide it’s for you then make sure
that you tell them him that you’re a friend of Conor and he even has a special discount
and you want to tell people absolutely that we’ve negotiated for those of you
write to me so unfortunate I can’t help you directly if you write to me about
matchmaking and marriage what I provide is the opportunity to have an epic
travel adventure and you will definitely just have a phenomenal time and meet
beautiful women and then you can decide if you want to go long term short term
get married whatever but specifically traveling here to find a
wife and a lifetime partner then Joe is definitely a lot better positioned to
help you with that so you want to explain to them in a little bit about
what we’ve negotiated absolutely a special Tsar discount – Yeah Conor has
negotiated hard on your behalf guys and so I’m gonna give you a skookum deal you
need to put that you’re a friend of Conor’s and when you register on our
site to get his discount otherwise you’re gonna pay more and basically what
we do to let is we let you take a test drive for free so you get to meet 10 of
our ladies choose them from match guaranty.com and
send two emails each and then you get to talk to one on skype video and that’s a
complete free matchmaking package we give the guys to check us out you know
take it for a test drive in and get a feel for how we operate as an honest
marriage agency and how good girls communicate very different than you’ve
likely encountered on the ppl sites – Yeah exactly if you’re paying to play then
yeah the interaction is gonna be very much different so yeah definitely if
that’s what you’re interested in gonna link Joe’s site below and
definitely write in that you’re a friend of mine because you get that special
let’s go how much are we talking about five hundred dollars five hundred bucks
five hundred dollars yeah that’s how much I you know if you want to give me a
little bit of a cut you’re Irish boy is not not against that no just joking. Go if that’s
really what you sincerely are interesting coming here for then Joe is
definitely the best that I’ve seen online I’ve had a little bit of
encounters because I did date someone I spent time with someone who actually
worked for what I would describe as a fantasy football that style marriage agency
a typical scam site so that was my impression with all them but I’ve looked
into how he approaches and he’s basically set his up is an anti scammer
marriage agency so if you’re interested in that then check out Joe’s site below and
that’s it from us I mean I trust that you’ve got a lot of value out of this
video and that you don’t fall into any of these terrible traps that you know
people may be good intentioned but like don’t fall into the illusion that a
photo will love you back especially if it’s 18 and looks like an Instagram
model and you’re fat 50 and bald – If it looks too good to be true in this
case it is – For sure it is even a new
creativity – Hey for you guys that have stayed until the very end listen if you’re
involved in your heart strings are attached to a girl you met online at a
PPL site you can go to mail-order bride scams.com and do yourself a favor get
an education watch that documentary film it goes undercover and reveals how these
scams work it’s a free video for you to watch there okay it’s called it’s called
love me or love me not documentary and you guys you need to get an education so
that you’re not so vulnerable so anyway best of luck that’s my little free
before you guys and one other thing we have a youtube channel called what girls
want where you can get yourself a great education because we go to the street
and we interview Ukrainian women and we ask them a battery of you know your top
burning questions and you’ll hear Ukrainian woman asking Ukrainian woman
and it’s transcribed in English so that is a huge plus for you to understand how
the Slavic mindset is a lot different right exactly – The culture is very
different here all right Joe – Okay thanks Conor – Спасибо большой sure yeah let’s even good
luck guys oh yeah comment below if you’ve dealt with a marriage agency
yourself had a good or bad experience let me all know all that good stuff and
you know we’re building a community here in general so if you write stuff in the
comment section it will help other guys or I mean if it’s a non guy related of
course topic then yeah or maybe you’re Ukrainian woman and you’ve actually been
on the other side of these marriage agencies in them drop your comments below in the comment
section because that helps a lot of the other viewers out if they get to read
your comments that’s really valuable to have this community element that’s what
I’ve been focusing a lot so obviously strike the like button if you enjoyed
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will see all of your enthusiastic and smiling faces in the next video it’s
probably going to be from here in Kiev so this до свидания and до побачення from
Kiev, Ukraine! Ciao!

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